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SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 2


Clarice Turner
” Ma’am there are few patients waiting for you at the lobby.” My assistant said immediately I stepped into my office.
“Okay send the first person in.” I said and wore my glasses ready for work.

I was busy checking some files of my patients when I heard the door opened.
” Good day I’m doctor Clarice. Kindly tell me about you.” I said not looking at him.
” Hi doc I’m Kain ,erm I was told you’re the best sex therapist in town.” He said Calmly.

” Well mister Kain you came to the right person then.” I said and close the file before raising my head up .
WTF this dude is freaky handsome. Looks like I just got win a jackpot.

Am gonna make him my regular patient. News flash am addicted to cute boys.
“I don’t really know what’s wrong with me doc I think I’ve low sperm count.” He lamented.
” I think I know what your problem is.” I smirked.
” You do?” His face lightened up.

” Yeah kindly step on the bed for testing.” I said gesturing to the bed I use in examine my patients.
He laid flat on the bed with his eyes on.
I ran my hand around his torso and paid more attention to his zipper.

“Am gonna do some test to confirm what you just said. You’ll have to unzipped your trouser let me examine your c**k. ” I said nonchalantly.
” Huh? ” He raised his eyebrows.
“Yes Mr Kain in order for me to find out what’s wrong I’ll have to test it myself. ” I said professionally.

He shrugged and unzipped his zipper.
Wow the size of his c***k is massive.

I trailed my fingers around it trying to get him hard.
I grabbed hold of his joystick and stroke it gently.
He closed his eyes trying to suppress the urge to moan.
” Are you feeling anything from here?” I asked trying to act all professional.

” Erm..yes..no. ” he stammered.
I pushed my hair back and bent over slightly as I took all of his c***k into my mouth and suck on it pretty good.
He bit his lips trying to hold back his moan.

I deep throat suck him as he held on to my hair trying to guide me.
He eventually stopped suppressing his moans.
“Are you feeling something now?” I smirked.

“Yes… Please don’t stop. ” He mumbled.
I ran my fingers through my body as I suck on his d**k. I sneaked my fingers under my skirt and slide it into my honey pot and finger myself pretty good.
I sucked him till he cummed massively.

Now that’s interesting.
I swallowed it all and cleaned myself.
He zipped his trouser and came back to his seat.
A knock landed on my door immediately.

” Ma’am the next patient is ready.” Lia my assistant announced.

“One minute.” I muttered.
“Thanks doc.” He said and handed a cheque.
“Anything Mr Kain. Whenever you’re having Issues with yourself you know where to come. ” I winked at him.

” I’ll keep that in mind bye.” He chuckled and left.


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