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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 1

She’s a player
{ Virgin slut }

Clarice’s POV

It was dawn and everyone was yet to wake up.
I won’t risk going through the front door so I sneaked through the rooftop and got into my room through the window…
Last night party was the bomb tho I made lots of contacts.
I opened the window carefully and tiptoe to my room.
“Honey wake up already.” I heard mom’s voice.

I quickly got into bed and covered myself with the duvet acting like I was actually sleeping.
She opened my room door and got in.

“Aww my princess is still sleeping. Wake up sleepy head or you gonna be late for work.” She mumbled as she peeked my forehead.

I moan softly and rolled over.
” Good morning Mom.” I grumbled as I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palm.
” Morning sweetie how was your night?”

” It was okay..” I stood up and raced into the bathroom.
Gosh am so late for work.
” Breakfast is served sweetie make sure you come downstairs.” She said and left my room.
Ptweew that was a relief.
I pulled off my PJs and stepped into the bathtub.

I’m Clarice Turner age 25 I’m a beautiful chick with the body of a freaky goddess.

Folks call me Nicki Minaj. I love playing with guys.
I Rock em put them in the mood them bail on them.
Seriously am so scared of having sex so am just gonna keep bailing on them.

I’m a sex therapist but still a virgin. Funny right?
That’s enough info for now.
I took my bath and stepped outta the bathroom with a towel around my chest and my hair dripping wet.

I Walked towards my closet and picked out a white top , black mini skirt and pink blazer alongside pink heels.

I descended from the stairs and walked towards the dinner area.
The family was seated already having breakfast.
“Good morning family.” I greeted and took my seat in between Heather and Lucas my younger siblings.

” Morning dear how was your night?” Dad asked.
” It was fine thanks.”
” Morning sister.” Both Heather and Lucas chorus.
” Morning muchachos.” I ruffle their hair as they giggled .
I glanced at my wrist watch. I have just ten minutes to get to the clinic.

“Bye Everyone.” I said and grabbed my egg sandwich.
I walked hastily to my car and drove outta the house..


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