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SHE WAS NAUGHTY … (18+) … Part 2


I was happy on hearing this and decided to shoot my shot but she said she’s just crushing on me but not wishing to have me as her guy because she already got one.
I wasn’t ready to back out, so I proposed to her that she become my bestie which she accepted happily.
Our chats started getting intensed as she already know everything about me, even some secrets my parents or friends doesn’t know, I told her and she also did the same.
After there was no secret to share again, we started chatting like we’ve known ourselves for a long time and we started chatting naughty.

She would sometimes teased me that my d–k can’t satisfy her in bed because she’s had a lot more bigger than mine, sometimes we sex chat and the only thing I didn’t ask her to send me was her nude tho I was sure she would send it if I asked.
I was getting her attention more than her so called boyfriend and I was enjoying it.
I was always looking forward to chatting with her everyday. I always feel incomplete whenever I’ve not chat or talked with her on phone.
We graduated from sex chat to sex talk through WhatsApp call.
Then it happened that the country suffered an epidemic attack and all schools was asked to shut down and every students was asked to return to their various houses.

I was very happy because I’ll finally get to see the one who has occupied my heart.
We continued talking after I returned home and I was always pestering her to come see me but she couldn’t because her parents are always at home and wouldn’t let her go anywhere . I even asked her to lie that she’s going to visit one of her female friends but it didn’t work as her parents was afraid of anyone contracting the virus in the atmosphere.
Mom was focusing on her vocation while dad and I run his pharmacy along with his employees.
I was very delighted the afternoon Sarah informed me that she’s going to visit me the next day because her parents got a compulsory outing which they can’t miss.
I joked with her about how she’s going to see the wrath of my d–k which she always ridicule and she joked that I’ll be the one to be disgraced at the end.
Before going home with dad that day, I made sure to snuck a viagra, a drug that enhance sex performance.

The next morning, I feigned to be slightly ill and dad was left with no option than to let me stay at home.
I made sure the house was kempt as I await her arrival.
Our fridge was always stuffed with fruit juice and pet drinks and kitchen with foodstuffs so I had no trouble in entertaining her when she arrive.
I waited for her arrival as Christian await the second coming of Jesus christ.
She wasn’t online and her number wasn’t going through.
I already started having second thought when it was some minutes past twelve before my phone rang and it was a call from her.
She told me she’s already at Olodo bus stop and wanted me to direct her on the rest of the journey.

I asked to stay where she was and swiftly got dressed up and took a bike from my house to the bus stop to get her.
When I alighted from the bike, I saw a girl wearing a blue short gown and she looked more like her but more beautiful than she was in her dp.
I concluded she wasn’t the one and brought out my phone to call her number and to my surprise, it was the girl’s phone that rang.
We hugged eachother and the bike that conveyed me to the place took us back home.
She was sort of shy at the beginning but after few minutes, my real Sarah was back.
I offered her fruit juice as I prepared noodle and egg for her.
We discussed, joked and laughed together after she was through with her meal.
We’re sitting together on the big sofa inside the living room and her hand was placed on my lap as we even continued talking dirty.
I swiftly excused myself and took two tablet of the drug I brought from my dad’s shop and returned to meet her.
We continued talking as I wait for the drug to kickstart its action.

I was ready to show her that she’s wrong about me and I am more active than the guys she’s always proud of.
I started feeling my d–k getting erected and my brain fading away.
I made attempt to kiss her but she pushed me back asking me what I’m trying to do.
” what we should be doing na ” I replied her as I placed my hand on her thigh .
” and what’s that ” she asked looking innocent.
” having sex ” I replied her blatantly.
” what ” she exclaimed.
” you’re my friend, and I trusted you ” she said with a surprised countenance.
” please don’t friendzone me, I’m way more than your friend ” I said as I felt my hormones heating up.

” you must be high on something ” she said as she tried to get up but I pulled her back to the sofa as I got on top of her.
” leave me ” she screamed as she tried to get herself freed from my hold but I was more stronger than her.
I pinned her two hands to the sofa as I raised her gown up.
” please let me go ” she pleaded as she gave up on trying to free herself because it was a futile effort.
” keep quiet, I’m going to prove to you that I’m more than capable than those guys you always tease me with ” I said to her as I battled with making sure I got her underwear from her body.
” please, I’m just feigning to be naughty, I’m a virgin, please don’t do this ” she pleaded with me but all her plea fell on deaf ear as I was already lost to reason with whatever she was saying.

She cried and screamed when I tried to penetrate her, I couldn’t do that easily but with a lot of strength I was able to do that, she screamed more loudly as tears dropped from her eye profusely.
I had to gag her in order to stop her from screaming.
When I was finally through with my objective and gotten the thick water flushed out my system into hers, I rolled away from her body.
She was sobbing but I didn’t care as I head to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up.
On returning to the living room, she was no longer crying, her eye was shut and she wasn’t moving.

I moved closer to her and that was when I noticed that the sofa was smeared with blood and it was blod from her private part. She was still bleeding from there and that was when my faded brain started returning to me.
I tapped her and she opened her eye weakly before she shut it back.
I tapped her again but she didn’t respond this time.
” mogbe ” I screamed as I swiftly got a bucket of water and poured it on her head not minding if I turn the living room to a pool.

She didn’t respond and that was when I knew I was in trouble.
She was still bleeding from her private part and I didn’t know what to do about it.
I swiftly cleaned her up a bit and made sure that her cloth was on her body before I carried her out, stopped a bike and placed her on it.
I ordered the bikeman to take us to the closest hospital.
On getting there, I forgot to pay him as I rushed her into the hospital.
She was admitted into the emergency ward where a doctor attended to her.
The doctor later got out of the ward and asked me how I was related to her and I told him I was her friend, a fact I had rejected few minutes before.
The doctor didn’t say anything as he returned to his office and before I knew what was happening, I saw policemen entering the hospital, the doctor came out to welcome them and pointed at me and that was how I was arrested.

I later found out that she bled to death from brutal force on her hymen.
And ever since then, the only time I was on road was to visit the court where my case was always postponed until today when I was finally graced with the profit of what I did with a lifetime imprisonment .
My future was now a ruin in front of me and there was nothing I could do about it.
I wished I could turn back the hand of time, then I would have done things differently.
But honestly, I thought she was naughty.

This short story is just a fiction created from my mind to pass along a tangible message to everyone.
Please share this post to enlightened the rest.
Horluwap1 wrote it.


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