SHE IS A SL_UT … (18+) … Part 1


“I might be your personal slut, just here to satisfy your desires but I have my own choices so go to hell ” she spat angrily, took her bag and headed for the door.
I pulled her back forcefully and gently pushed her to the wall then slammed my lips on her while I caress her hips.
“you clotpole this is rape ” she struggled to get loose from my hold.
I carried her making her wrap her legs around my torso and I laid her in the bed with me hovering over her.
“let me go you idiot ” she tried to slap me but I held her hand down making my hand pull her hair and I was shocked to see she wore a wig.
I blinked rapidly not believing my eyes as her real identity laid in front of me.
.So what if she’s a slut? A stripper?
What if you pay her just to have her body? Just to have her in your bed?
Doesn’t she deserve a Prince Charming who will cherish her and give her a better life?
Oya hold it
Who do you think she is?
What’s gonna happen?
Does she really deserve a better life?

Andrea’s P. O. V
My eyes flee open and met with the wall clock
making me sprang up.
“you bitch, why didn’t you wake me up ” I yelled at Lillie who was seated on the one person couch, hitting her with my pillow.
“why should I, when I know you’ll go strip” she seethed and eased.
“bitch ” I cussed.
“like you ” she said and I rolled my eyes and dropped the pillow then headed to the shower.
I came back, pick up the pillow and hit her head with it then ran into the shower .
“bitch “I heard her say.
I freshened up, wore a very short strapless black gown that stopped below my butt.
It’s just the perfect dress coz it bright out my curves.
I applied my make up, put on my black wig covering my brunette hair coz I prefer hiding my identity when I strip.
I put on my black wage heel then looked myself in the mirror.
I smiled as I was satisfied with my looks, sexy as hell.
I took my purse and rolled my eyes at Lillie then sent out.
It’s already 22:31.
I just hope those bitches haven’t taken all my customers.
I arrived at the club, paid the cab man and went into the club.
“gosh she’s here ” I heard Vania, one of the strippers say.
“now she gonna have all the customers to herself ” another one said and I smiled.
We sighted a guy walk in and they rushed to him, pressing themselves on him.
Fools! That’s why I’m the best.
I might be a slut but I don’t throw myself at men, I seduce them and they come to me themselves.
“oh gosh, you’re so hot ” Vania said as she caressed the guy.
He was blonde, pretty cute and hot and seems rich.
“so which room ” she asked and the guy smiled at her making the other girls back off since Vania already has him.
But he’ll no! He’s for me.
“tch! Choosing a girl with flat bum and boob sure is fun ” I said as Vania and the guy walk past me making then stop.
“what did you say ” Vania asked, glaring at me.
“oops! Did I say something ” I asked trying to hold in the laughter as I already have him to myself coz I could see the way he’s checking me out.
“let’s go ” Vania said but the blonde guy didn’t bulge.
I chuckled as the guys removed his hand from hers and came to my front.
“mind if I taste you tonight ” he asked and I chuckled looking at Vania and the other girls that are throwing me glares.
I stretched out my hand to him and he took it then kissed and we headed for the stairs.
The bell at the entrance of the club jingled, meaning someone just entered as all our [ slut] eyes drifted to look at the person.
Holy Virgin Mary! This is a Greek god.
He’s so hot, sexy, cute, handsome, pretty, name it all.
“hey ” the blonde guy beside me shook me as I stopped walking and focus on the Greek god that just entered.
I flared up as Vania and the other girls threw themselves at him.
“common ” the blonde guy said but I was still lost in the world of the other guy that just entered.
“uhm sorry, I’m no more interested ” o said and ran to the other guy.
“back off I’ll have him ” I said and pushed Vania off then held the guy’s arm.
I couldn’t help but blush as I noticed him checking me out.
“bitch ” Vania cussed.
“we all are ” I said back and took hold of the “Greek god ” hand and took him upstairs walking pass the blonde guy.
“so which room ” I asked as we stood at the corridor with connected doors.
“14” he breathed out as his eyes were still on my body.
We went to room 14 and he opened it then we entered.
I went to the table close to the bed and poured myself water.
I felt warm arms wrapped around my waist from behind and I smiled.
“common ” he breathed on my neck and I felt a tingling sensation as my back press against his front.
I chuckled as I noticed he’s already hard.
“I will just take a quick shower ” I said and he tightened his grip around my waist.
“no, I want you now ” he said huskily.
He trailed kisses down my neck to my shoulder then my back as he caressed my hip earning a moan from my lips.
He turned me to face him as he took my lips in his, devouring it like and hungry lion
He teased my tongue, gently pushing me backward until my leg touched the bed then he made lie down with him hovering over me.
He kissed my cleavages, gently bit my ear lobe making me moan.
After hours of having sex or should I say making love coz he was different.

I’ve never felt this way before.
His touch make me go gaga.
We laid beside each other panting heavily.
I made an attempt to get up but he held me down.
“don’t leave ” he whispered.
Was I really gonna leave when he hasn’t paid?
“I just wanna freshen up ” I said and got up then entered the shower.
I freshened up, put on my clothes and sat on the bed as we stared at each other.
“cash ” I said like a question and he sighed.
“how much ” he asked and I chuckled.
“stay a little while and I’ll add to your pay ” he said and I smiled cunningly.
I laid beside him in the bed as he stared at me.
“it’s already 5, I have to leave now ” I said and he nodded.
“my wallet is in the back pocket of my pant ” he said and I went to get it.
I opened it and my eyes widened as there was a lot of money inside.
A thousand dollars, a hundred dollars.
Just notes.
I took all and closed it then reopened it and dropped $100.
“bye ” I said and hurried out..
“hey bitch, wake up ” Lillie yelled, slapping me with the pillow.
“go away, let me rest ” I muttered.
“I said get up ” she ordered.
“and I say bounce out ” I ordered back and she left and I heaved a sigh of relief.
I felt something very cold OK my cheek and I jerked up making Lillie burst out laughing.
“get up or I’ll put you this chilled water ”
“OK fine ” I said and lazily got down from the bed then gave her a “what’s next ” look.
“go freshen up ” and said and I rolled my eyes then went to freshen up.
I came out and Lillie gave me a cup of tea.
“so I found you a job and you’re going for the interview, no argument ” she said and went to my wardrobe then sigh when she didn’t see any decent clothes.
She opened hers and threw me a white button up shirt and a black pencil skirt.
I took it, wore it and also wore my back wig but she yanked it off revealing my brunette hair.
“no need to hide your identity coz you aren’t going there to strip ” she said and I rolled my eyes.
She packed my hair in a pony tail, applied a light makeup and made me look at myself in the mirror.
Wow I look different and decent but I’m a bad girl.
“here’s the address and your requirements ” she said handing me some files.
I rolled my eyes and went out.
I got down from the cab, paid the cab man and stood at the front of the paradise knows as company.
I sighed and went for the door bumping into someone that was coming our.
“this is the exit not the entry bitch ” the girl I bumped into cussed but as I squat to pick up my files.
I entered and the secretary asked me to sit and wait.
After some mins, I was ushered into the CEO’s office.
I opened the door to the CEO’s office to go in but I tripped and fell.
Good! I’m not only a bitch but also clumsy.
I got up, dust myself, picked up my files and looked up to the CEO.
I gasped and shrugged as my eyes met his.
Please don’t tell me this is the Greek god that made me go gaga last night.


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