SHE DEFILED ME…(18+)…Part 1

“This school belongs to us and I there is nothing
anyone can do about it” Dickson said.
“We determine who stays or leaves in this
campus” Donald said.
“Exactly guys, we run and make things happen
in this school and anyone who refuses to
cooperate with us will definitely smell hell”
Derrick said.
“I heard that there is this new guy in school”
Dickson disclosed.
“Meeen that guy is fuckingly full of himself and
arrogant” Donald said.
“In this our school?” Derrick doubtfully asked.
“Don’t you know him?” Dickson asked.
“No ,what is his name?” Derrick curiously asked.
“I heard his name is Richard Dominic” Dickson
“Richard Dominic? In what department?”Derrick
” business admin”Dickson replied.
“When did he resume?”
“Few weeks ago” Donald replied.
“He just came few weeks ago and he is already
feeling stubborn” Dickson said.
“We need to pay him a visit. We have to let him
know that he can’t behave the way he likes in
this campus because there are people who owns
it” Derrick said.
“That’s for sure” Dickson agreed.
“And we have to teach him a lesson if he fails to
comply with us” Donald said.

Derrick, Dickson and Donald are three tight
friends. They were popularly known as the D3
guys in campus. The name D3 was derived
based on the first letter of there names. They
were the most dangerous and heartless guys in
campus. People tremble at the mention of their
names especially that of Derrick.
They commit all sorts of atrocities in campus
and get away with it and not even the school
authorities would do anything about it.
They were bad guys in school. They molest
students and beats anyone who refused to
subdue to them.
No student had ever challenged them as the
whole students were afraid of them.
For so many years, they had been in that school
molesting and intimidating students and no
single person had ever stood up to them.
Derrick quickly stood up while the other two
boys followed him.
“Where can we find him?” Derrick asked.
“I’ve seen him severally sitting under that big
tree behind that house” Donald said pointing at
a particular direction.
Sitting on a seat under a very big tree,Richard a
guy in his twenties bent over his books. He was
reading his book when three guys walked up to
He noticed they were looking for him but he
decided to ignore them.
“Are you blind?” Dickson asked the guy who was
obviously trying to avoid them.

After Dickson had finished talking,they thought
that the guy sitting in front of them would at
least raise his head to look at them but he did
not. Instead he turned to another page of the
book he was holding and continued reading.
“Just as expected” Derrick said as he let out a
wicked smile.
“Are you deaf?” Donald shouted at the guy but
still Richard refuse to look at them and that
annoyed them so much.
“We are talking to you and you’re here reading
this useless book, are you stupid? Who do you
think you are?” Derrick angrily asked as he
knocked of the book from Richard’s hands.
Richard had been cool and gentle since he came
into that school.
He never wanted to mingle with anyone and so
he stays alone all the time.
He keeps his distance from everyone.
He never had a single friend and he never cried
to have. He had been like that all his life. Right
from when he was 5 years. When he was
forcefully separated from his mother. He had
cried nonstop but his father never cared about
his emotions as a child.
His mother was accused of infidelity and that
led to the divorce of she and her husband.
After the divorce, Richard’s mother became
emotionally depressed which later resulted into
a mental illnesses.
Richard had no siblings, he had been lonely all
his days and he cursed the day he came into
this world.
Due to how his father, Mr Roderigo Dominic
treated him he ended up despising his father.
Not only his father but humans!


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