SEXY TEACHER … (18+) … Part 1

⭕Sexy Teacher 🍑💦

😍His Daughter’s favourite ❤️

A romance suspense story


Anticipate 😘😍

Giovanni a young man in his late twenties suddenly finds a six years old girl at his door steps who claim to be his daughter ….

He his a rich billionaire who doesn’t have time for his daughter Jasmine nor any other lady …..

Jasmine is a smart little girl who loves he class teacher a lot ….

Melanie is a school teacher who finds out Jasmine is facing some problems at home and she promised to help .
She stays and teaches Jasmine from Monday to Saturday and she meets her arrogant father

However some obstacles come her way and she had to come live in the billionaire’s house

What happens when the proud and arrogant billionaire falls in love with a sexy, clumsy and Brilliant teacher …..

©️ Amethirex 🖋️


📍Giovanni 📍

I finished having sex with Ellen minutes ago ,I can’t believe she gave me her virginity I promise to be with her all my life.

I carried her to the bathroom and I gave her a hot bath ,she was really weak …

After bringing her back into the room I wore her one of my shirt that looked so big on her

I went downstairs to get an energy drink alongside with a pain killer to make her feel better.

She slept off after using the painkillers .

In the evening she told me she had to go home ,I drove her to her house and she gave me a lovely kiss ….

Little I didn’t know that was our departing kiss

The next day I went to Ellen’s house and I was told the house had been sold …I called all her numbers but they weren’t reachable … I tried every means to speak to her but I didn’t get the chance ..

I was deeply troubled ….I went to her friend’s house who told me she doesn’t know where Ellen is …

I returned back home to see a letter at my door

“Dear Giovanni
If you are seeing this letter I would be far from here, I love you and that is why I gave you my virginity
I have been betrothed to a rich Billionaire’s who wants me to live with him …
I love you so much
Ellen ”

I squeezed the letter in my hands in tears ..

I promised never to fall in love with anything in skirt … Ellen broke my heart ,she ruined me but I have to accept my faith.

💎 Melanie 💎

“Get out of my house you clumsy idiot ” my stepmom said throw out my bags ….

My stepsister Alessia kept laughing …. She succeeded in throwing me out of my father’s house …

I walked to the street with my bags. The account my dad gave to me had a lot of money in it.

I must not let the world discourage me I will become a successful teacher

“What could a poor 18 years old girl do ” I asked my self .

I lodged into a hotel that night I had to make my dreams come true …

I took the scholarship examination into Oxford …

I got the scholarship and my fees were paid by the school …

Four years in the school where my greatest achievement ..I became the best student when I graduated and a lot of school wanted me to be a staff …..

I got employed into Amethirex school where I taught the children between the ages of 5 -6

I loved every of my pupils …

I totally forgot about my stepmom and sister ..

💍 Ellen 💍

My mum is the cause of all this …she owes a billionaire and she’s giving me in the exchange for her debt ….I don’t know how my life will be without Giovanni

I really love him .He has been everything to me and he took care of me like his wife ..

I can’t ask for his forgiveness he won’t forgive me

I hope I am not carrying his baby

I travelled to Italy to the so called billionaire

I became a full house wife who did nothing but cook and satisfy his sexual desire …

I live a miserable life

Giovanni I miss you so much

💄Alessia 💄

My boss is really handsome and cool ….He just doesn’t notice I give him side glances …I want to marry him and make him the man of my dreams

My mom wants me to be with a very rich man and I must make sure I marry my boss …

I wore a make up and I dressed my self properly …

I waved to my mum and I went to work …

I was driving to work when something caught my attention

Guess what I saw ?


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