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Episode 5


Jayden moved toward her with a smile on his face, though she can’t see his face because he was putting on a mask.

The mask fell from his face when he was about to help Karen up and Karen quickly covered her face with her handkerchief.

“Oh my Goodness, my idol” she muttered and presenters rushed to the scene.

Karen stood up from the ground and ran off. One of her slippers fell and the presenters block Jayden’s views.

“Mr Jayden who is she? Is she one of your mistress?” One of the presenters asks.

“Mistress!” Jayden said with a smile and Justin rushed to the scene with the guards.

They cleared the road and Jayden rushed to pick up Karen’s slippers.

“She ran away with one shoe, is that not wonderful,” Jayden said with a smile.

“Mr. Smith, you smiled, is it what I am thinking?” Justin ask.

“Mr. Justin you better don’t think anything” Jayden replied still smiling.

“I love seeing you like this” Justin said. “Really?” Jayden asked and Justin nod his head.

“That lady can you get her for me?” Jayden asked.

“I don’t think I can, because we don’t even know her name,” Justin said.

“She ran off, she didn’t wait for me to introduce myself, she even covered her face immediately she saw my face, so smart,” Jayden said.

“Wow I think I know why she covered her face, she doesn’t want the presenters to capture her face with yours,” Justin said.

“Now you know dûmmy, anyway I will find her,” Jayden said and Justin clear his throat.

Jayden gave him a weird look and he left out a nervous smile.


Did I just see my idol, no I think it’s an impersonator, or I am dreaming I pinched myself to be sure I am not dreaming, then I realized I am still on the road waiting for a cab. I stopped a cab and the driver stop immediately.

I gave him my house address before rushing to the back seat.

We spent five minutes on the road before finally getting to my location.

I rushed down and paid the driver off before rushing inside the house.

“Mum” I shouted, I was surprised when I saw mum watching her favorite show.

“Darling what happened to you? Who’s after you?” Mum ask immediately she saw me.

I moved closer to her and check out her body for any Injury but I found none and I released the breathe I have been holding.

“Mum are you fine?” I asked and Sky burst into laughter.

“Why are you crying?” I asked with a frown.

“I am hungry, what are we going to eat tonight?” Sky asked. “what the hèck! Don’t tell me you lied to me?” I asked and placed my hand on my waist.

“isn’t it obvious dûmmy?” Sky asked with a smirk.

“Mum I am sure going to kîll your son today,” I said.

“He’s your brother do anything you like to him” Mum replied.

“I know you don’t love me before,” Sky said. “Good thing you know” Mum replied.

“Mum I know what to do, we will go out now to eat and we won’t take Sky with us,” I said and mum nodded her head in support.

“You can’t do this to me,” Sky said with a pout. “That’s your pûnishment for lying to your sister” mum replied and I stick out my tongue at him.

“I know you will always be by her side,” Sky said.

“Karen” mum called with her eyes widely open. “Yes, mum” I replied with a smile.

“What happened to your second shoe? Did you fîght with anyone?” Mum asked.

“Yes she did, one mothèrfûcker slapped her today” Sky replied. “How my goodness! Did she fight you? Who’s she?” Mum asked and moved closer to me.

“She’s Luna walker, the popular popstar” I replied.

“Oh my goodness! What did you do to her?” Mum asked.

“She asked me to seduce her fiance and I refuse” I replied.

“Is she okay? How will she ask you to seduce her fiance?” Mum said.

“Come have your sit, I’ll explain everything to you,” I said and mum sat down immediately.

“She’s dàft, what did you call her name?” Sky asked immediately I finished narrating everything to them.

“Luna walker” I replied and Sky burst into laughter. “She will soon walk out of her relationship, how will she ask a beautiful lady like my sister to seduce her boyfriend, I don’t even know her boyfriend, but I heard he’s heartlèss, someone said he’s also a celebrity, but I am very sure you can do it,” Sky said with a smile. “And have you suddenly turned to a Cinderella, why will you forget one leg of your slippers?” Sky said and burst into another hèll of laughter.

“Mum what did you think?” I asked her because she’s my best friend anything she said is final.

“So my advice isn’t good?” Sky asked with a scoff.

“I am not in support, what If you later fall in love with him, I don’t want anyone to toy with your hèart,” Mum said and Sky burst into laughter.

“Did she even have a heart? Someone that has never fallen in love before, this is a golden opportunity you better accept and I am very sure, the money will change our lives, Luna Walker can do and undo, did you want her to spoil your career?” Sky asked.

“Which career did you give me?” I asked with a frown.

“I know you’ll ever agree you have a career that’s your own problem not mine, thou, my own problem is to eat” Sky said.

“Mum I’ll call her now and tell her I am not interested,” I said and brought y my phone and the cards she gave me earlier.

I dialed her number and she picked up immediately as if she has been waiting for my call.

“Hey, dear Karen,” she said from the other end of the call, how did she even know I am the one calling?.

“I know you’re surprised how I know you’re the one calling, I have my ways, anyway what can I do for you?” She asked.

“I called to tell you I am not interested, I’ll advise you to look for someone else,” I said and she burst into laughter.

“Alright undear Karen just know this is the beginning of your downfall, you’ll have no choice than to accept, bye for now,” she said and end the call.

“Hope she’s not planning something bad?” I asked no one in particular and chuckled lightly.

“Karen what did she say?” Mum asked.

“Mum she was just speaking gibberish” I replied and mum frowned at me.

“Are you sure she’s just speaking gibberish as you said?” Mum asked and I nod my head.

“let’s go eat!” I said and Sky stood up.

“I guess you’re going to your room right?” I asked.

“No I am going to eat with you guys” he replied with a smile.

“I have told you that there’s no food for you Tonight” I replied him and mum stood up immediately.

“The food will come out from you guys ànus if you eat without me” he said. “You’re dàft, the food will come out of our ànus even before you say it,” I said and stick out my tongue at him.


“How dare Jayden smile at a girl!” Luna yelled and throw her laptop away angrily and Mandy rushed inside Luna’s room.

“Luna, what’s the problem?” Mandy asked. “Jayden smiled at another woman, something he hasn’t done it for me before” Luna shouted.

“Maybe you should try telling Mrs. Smith,” Mandy said.

“Jayden will come up with an excuse that he’s only smiling at her because he’s a public figure, and to crown it all that F00L refuses to work for me,” Luna said.

“You mean Karen?” Mandy asked.

“Yes Karen, she refused” Luna replied.

“Maybe we should get someone else,” Mandy said.

“No she’s the one I want, I’ll make her come to me by force,” Luna said with a devilish smile.

“I trust you,” Mandy said. “You will help you out,” Luna said. “I am always ready for you” Mandy replied.

The next day

“Karen I need to get something down the street can you kindly help me attend to the customer in table 5 I’ll be right back,” Derrick said.

“You know that’s not part of my work, what if the manager gets angry?” Karen asked.

“He can’t, I have told him you’re gonna help me, moreover he was the one that sent me to get something for him down the street” Derrick replied.

“Alright anything for you, but don’t take long please, you know I’ll soon be going to the pizza shop,,” Karen said.

“Yeah I’ll be right back” Derrick replied and peck her cheek before running out.

“Good afternoon Ms what will you like to take?” Karen asked with a polite smile.

“Chicken soup” The customer replied.

“Alright I’ll be right back ma” Karen replied and walked to the kitchen.

She came back some minutes later and placed the chicken soup on the table.

The customer purposely hit her leg on the table and the chicken soup pours on her dress. “Whàt the fûck! Why did you push the table?” The customer asked.

“I am sorry ma, I didn’t push the table” Karen replied. “So you mean I am lying? Where’s your manager?” The customer yelled.

“I am very sorry ma, it’s not up to that” Karen replied. The customer moved closer to Karen and slapped her.

“I need your manager right this minute!” The customer yelled again.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.