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(He’s Trap In love) ?

Written by Aishat Kemisola (Three stars)

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Episode 4


“What the hèck? Mum, what did I do to deserve this slap?” Jayden asked calmly, but his voice carry so much anger.

“Are you raising your voice at me? Did you wanna beàt me?” Mrs. Smith asked angrily.

“Mum you and I know I can’t beat you, but I still need to know what I did to deserve this slap, because this is so unfair,” Jayden said.

“Why did you bèat up your fiance? Did I raise you up to become a woman bèater? Your father has never raised his hand on me before, how dare you raise your hand on your fiance” Mrs. Smith shouted.

“Did Luna tell you I bèat her up?” Jayden asked with a scoff.

“You still have the effrontery to ask me sîlly question?” Mrs. Smith yelled and Mr. Smith come out of his room with a magazine in his hand.

“Good evening Dad” Jayden greets and Mr. Smith rolls his eyes at him.

“Why did you bèat up your fiance?” Mr. Smith asked. “I didn’t bèat Luna,” Jayden replied. “I knew you will lie, you have never said the truth before,” Mr. Smith said.

“I think I am out of here because I don’t know why you guys believe an outsider than your own child” Jayden said.

“Did you just call Luna an outsider?” Mrs. Smith said and made to slap Jayden again.

Justin holds her hand and leaves it hanging in the air. “Did you just stop me from slapping my son my own son?” Mrs. Smith yelled emphasing on the word son.

“I am sorry, I have to do it, Mr. Jayden is a model, and his face matters a lot to me,” Justin said and Mrs. Smith burst into laughter.

“His face matters a lot to you, did I look like I care?” Mrs. Smith yelled.

“You don’t care if you damage my face with your hand?” Jayden asked.

“I don’t care, maybe you will have time to take care of the family business If I damage your face,” Mrs. Smith said.

“Justin let’s go!” Jayden said and walked out. “Did you just walk out of me” Mrs. Smith yelled.

She sat on the floor and dangling her leg in the air.

“This boy is a bàstard no doubt, he’s not my son a nurse must have replaced him in the hospital” Mrs. Smith shouted.

She stood up from the ground when her husband didn’t say anything and moved closer to him with a frown.

“Didn’t you see what your son did?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“He’s also your son, but why did you wanna damage his face? Your know damaging his face means damaging his career, it’s not fair, in as much as I don’t like his career, I won’t like it if you destroy the career he has been building for years” Mr. Smith replied.

“Don’t tell me you’re on Jayden’s side” Mrs. Smith said.

“No I am not, you’re my wife and Jayden is also our son, so I must tell you the truth,” Mr. Smith said.

“Very good, I know what to do,” Mrs. Smith said and rushed inside her room.

“Thanks for standing up for me back there,” Jayden said with a smile.

“Anything for you sir, hope you aren’t feeling bad?” Justin ask.

“No I am not, but I don’t really know if I am my mother child or Luna, mum has changed ever since she came across that girl called Luna, Luna is a curse to my family,” Jayden said.

“No she’s not a curse, maybe you should try moving close to Luna, you know just to make your mum happy since that’s what she wants” Justin replied.

“I don’t think I can, I have tried but I can’t just love her,” Jayden said.

“You will I know what to do boss,” Justin said. “You can’t force me,” Jayden said.

“Yeah I know, I didn’t say I will force you” Jayden replied.

“Alright let go, mum just ruin my mood,” Jayden said.

“Stop me in any close by Mall I need to get something for Mrs pricy” Jayden said. “Alright sir” the driver replied.


“I need you to seduce my fiance” she replied and I burst into laughter.

“This is funny, like how can you ask me to seduce your fiance? Did you wanna lose your fiance? Are you that daft?” I asked with a frown because I don’t know why a woman like me will ask me to seduce her fiance.

“Do as I said, I am Luna walker, I am not daft, I’ll pay you handsomely, and as I said earlier, I can destroy your life if you refuse to work for me” she said with her leg crossed.

“I can see you’re insane, you can’t force me to work for you,” I said and she moved closer to me before landing a heavy slap on my cheek.

“You slapped me!” I yelled and hold my cheek in pain.

She moved closer to me and kick me hard and I fall down flatly on the floor.

Someone came down from a bike and moved closer to Luna. The person slapped Luna hard on her two cheeks.

the person, he’s a he because I am only seeing his back view.

This person looks like the Sky but I don’t wanna conclude yet.

“How dare you lay your filthy hand on my sister” Sky growled.

Oh, my goodness what’s he doing here.

He moved closer to Luna and lift her up with her hair and four Guards came out from nowhere.

“You guys wanna bèat me? You wanna bèat me because I bèat your boss? Come closer I am ready for you all” Sky yelled.

I have never seen him this angry before. I guess the guards are scared and surprised by his outburst.

“Let him be!” Luna said and stop the guards.

I rushed to the sky and dragged him away from Luna.

“How did you know I am here? What are you doing here?” I asked him with a frown

. He dusts his hand on his chest and rolls his eyes at Luna.

“Hey If I ever see you near my sister again, i swear with my father’s grave I will kîll you, don’t dare me,” Sky said and Luna clap her hands.

“I am more dangerous than you think, and you,” she said and face me.

“I give you three days, just three days I will start by making sure you lose your job I’ll also deal with your brother for laying his hands on me,” she said and I hug Sky to myself.

“You can’t do anything,” Sky said and I cover his mouth with my hand.

“Bye Sky we will meet again,” Luna said and walked inside his car before driving off.

“Hey remove your hand,” Sky said.

“Thank you for fighting for me,” I said.

“Fight for you? Who told you I fought for you, I only fought for the money in your pocket, because I know tha killing you means no money and I am not ready to work” Sky said and walked to the bike.

Where did he even get the bike from. “Be more careful next time and I don’t even know when you turn into a dummy, because the Karen I know is a nonsense” he said and drove off.

He’s right, I choose to keep quiet because she mentioned mum, I don’t want her to hurt my mum.

I need to get something for Sky he has been begging me to get underwear for him.

My phone ring out loud on getting inside the Mall.

I brought out my phone and sky name flashed on my screensaver.

Why’s he calling me now? I picked it up immediately because I don’t know why he was calling me. “Hello Karen, mu….. Come fast” he said and end the call immediately.


Karen rushed out of the mall, she collided with Jayden that was just coming out of the Mall and fall on her bûtt and Jayden’s phone also fall from his hand.


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