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🌳🥀{ Meeting Her Was A Coincidence }🌳🥀

Written by: Cisca. H.

Chapter 27:

~ Loreen pov ~

I bounced on the foolish wolf who tried to hurt Ashley, he was fucking pressing hard on her neck.

I groaned when I didn’t get satisfied while hitting him with my fist, I took him from the floor wanting to throw him across the room but stopped when I heard Ashley’s voice.

“Loreen” I turned back to look at her and saw her face filled with tears. My anger soften immediately, I dropped the fool in my hand and ran to her side.

“Are you okay, babe???” I questioned while she cried. I hugged her to myself.

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry babe, I’m so sorry” I kept on apologising.

“It’s not your fault. ”

No, it’s mine. It’s my fault if something bad happens to her.

” No it’s mine, I should have know that something isn’t right, I’m sorry Ashley. ” she nodded her head.

“Go to sleep, I have some things to deal with. ” I used my power on her so that she’ll sleep, I laid her back on the bed gently.

I went back to the fool on the floor, I checked if he was still breathing and saw that he still was even though it was very faintly.

I took him out of the room to Mrs Johnson’s office since that’s the only place I know very well in this camp, I locked the door before walking out of the office trying to locate Mr Agent and Mrs Johnson.

~ Mr Agent pov ~

When Loreen left, I faced the wolf back with Johnson still beside me, the wolf heaved a sigh, “is that a sigh of relief????” I wondered Anyway, let’s try to fool a wolf, shall we????

“So Sir and Madam, where is Pamela???” The wolf asked.

“Johnson while not allow us to go to your office and talk??? After all he is one of us now since he is Pamela’s brother. ”

“Oh my gosh!!! My mom used to tell me that I’m not hospitable, now I believe her” Johnson said in fake self pity.

” Come on it’s too late to cry. ”

“Please come with us, Mr…. ” I told him and stopped my sentence halfway when I realized that I didn’t know his name.

” Andrew, my name is Andrew. ” he told me

“Oh yea Mr Andrew” I said with a forced chuckle “please come with us. ” I told him

“Why???” He required

“You want to see your sister and moreover, we have to know if you’re truly her brother, so come with us if you were here because of Pamela. ” he quickly followed us from behind , we led him to the wolf torture room.


Writer ✓


As Andrew was being led to the room, his wolf was telling him to back off but he ignored thinking that they don’t know him and he was at the same time wondering where his friend wolf was.

Mr Agent opened the room and Andrew hesitated to enter at first but he can’t go back home without knowing Ella’s ware fare, he don’t want the master to get angry or enraged, so he entered the room with Mr Agent and Mrs Johnson.

Immediately he entered, he felt empty and powerless but didn’t showed it, all he wanted was that moment was that he should do whatever he was there for and get out of the camp but as Mr Agent had planned for him, Mr Agent brought out an electric hand shock which he used in the wolf.

Andrew cried in pain and fell on his kneels, Mrs Johnson then went out to get some guards who will help them to tie Andrew down.

Mr Agent squatted beside the wolf with the electric hand shock still in hand “why are you here Andrew??”

Andrew was very weak but managed to talk “I’m here for my sister, Pamela Mr. ” Mr Agent laughed and stood up from his side.

“It seems you don’t understand my words but don’t worry, I’ll repeat myself. Why are you here, Andrew? ”

“I bet you’ll regret ever laying your hand on me when I’m done with your daughter”.

And of course, he knows about Ashley, the wolves where told what they needed to know about the camp and how things are done there before coming, so they know about Ashley, one of the reasons that made them to think of hurting or killing her.

“What the hell! So you mean that you’ll hurt my daughter???” Andrew laughed maliciously.

“You’ll soon understand what a wolf can do that’s beyond Humans knowledge. ”

“What the hell are you saying????” I held his collar getting scared. The door opened at the time and Loreen entered, immediately Andrew saw him, he was scared again.

“Do you see Ashley???”

” Yeah, I made sure I broke a nose and removed some teeth from the mouth of the stupid wolf which tried to hurt her and relax Mr Agent, she’s still sleeping now. ” Immediately Andrew heard that, he knew that he was tricked and doomed.


To Be Continued…


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