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🌳🥀{ Meeting Her Was A Coincidence }🌳🥀

Written by: Crisa. H.

Chapter 26

~ Loreen pov ~

What’s this I’m feeling??? Wolves are coming here??? For what?? I needed to inform Mrs Johnson and Mr Agent.

I stood up from Ashley’s bed wanting to leave her but stopped, I can’t leave Ashley either.

Gosh! This is so confusing. I walked back to Ashley and made her sleep deeper, I then left her room while shutting her room door closely.

I literary appeared to Mrs Johnson and Mr Agent where they are lecturing the trainers.

“That’s a problem” I told them

“What is the problem, Loreen???” Mr Agent asked

“Some wolves, they are heading to the camp here. ”

“Continue the training trainers, we will be right back” Mrs Johnson told the trainers and we moved away from them.

“So, what do you mean???”

“Some wolves are approaching the camp” I repeated

“What??? How do you know???” Mr Agent asked again

“You keep on forgetting that he is a wolf, not even an ordinary wolf but an alpha wolf… Me Agent. ”

“Oh!! Now I remember” Mr Agent said “but still I want to know how you know. ”

“Okay, I can feel their heartbeats coming closer to this place. ”

“And that answer your question, Mr Agent. ” I just keep loving Mrs Johnson for that.

“Yeah sure … whatever” Mrs Johnson rolled her eyes dramatically.

“What are we gonna do when they arrive Loreen??” Mrs Johnson asked me.

“Actually I feel they are two, so we are just going to treat them the way they present themselves. Like if they come here with war, we are going to welcome them with war and if they come with peace, we will then welcome them with peace. But just so you know, don’t forget not to think of something that can be implicating so that they won’t know our plan”

“Yes, we know that already” they both answered

“And not to worry too much, the security here is tight now, so if its war they want then we will give it to them in ten folds, thank God they are just two” Mr Agent said

“How do you make the security more tighter???” I required

“The fence that’s surrounding the camp in now electrocuted”

“Oh really??” I asked unbelievably.

“Yes” Mrs Johnson supported Mr Agent statement.

“Okay then” I moved closer to the fence and touched it with my wolf strength, I was electrocuted but not much to weaken me. ” Ouch. ”

” Mr Hale, did you just said ouch? ” Mrs Johnson asked, surprised as it had no much effect on me.

“It can only weaken a chicken wolf not a warrior wolf or alpha, Mr Agent” I told them “but not to worry, it’s still useful” I quickly added.

We moved away from the fence when a guard came to meet us.

“We are having a visitor, Mrs Johnson” he informed.

“What did he want???”

“He never mention it to me, he just required your presence. ”

“Okay then” we followed the guard behind, we got to the parking lot and saw just one person there.

“Why is it just one person?? I thought they are two” Mrs Johnson’s thought just came to my mind without wanting to read her mind, I know it’s my Wolf’s doing since it knows that her thought might be implicating.

“Control your thought Mrs Johnson” I told her whispering.

“Oh okay, I’m sorry” she quickly apologized whispering back.

“Hi” Mrs Johnson greeted the wolf.

He looked up and smiled at Mrs Johnson and Mr Agent but immediately his glance met mine, his smile vanished and he shivered in fear.

He quickly look away from me and fake a smile again so that Mrs Johnson and Mr Agent will not notice his scared face but he was too late, they noticed already.

“He….hel… Uhm I mean hello Mr and Mrs” he shuttered

“How can we help you??”

“Actually, I’m here to see my sister”


“Ella” he waved a smile.

“Ella??? Nobody’s answering that name here” Mr Agent said framing a confused look.

“Oh!!” He laughed nervously and scattered his hair “I don’t mean Ella, I mean Pamela”

“Wow!! One minute there, I thought Ella is a second name for one of our student here I didn’t know that it was just a missed up” Mr Agent said and laughed too. Gosh, the man can easily go for an actor but where the hell is his second??? I’m still feeling two heartbeats, well no one is inside to be hurt .”Ashley” my wolf whispered, uhn Ashley, realisation hit me, Ashley is inside sleeping

I quickly face Mr Agent, he seems to know this game more

I quickly face Mr Agent, he seems to know this game more than Mrs Johnson”I need to check on Ashley but make sure that you convince him to go with you to the wolf torture room, okay sir???”

“Yeah I understand” he whispered back. I turned to go “say hi to your friend for me, okay” Mr Agent said after me, I looked back at him and he winked at me, I understood him immediately

“Alright, I’ll just take me car key in the sitting room” he nodded his head and faced the wolf back

I smiled to myself, this man surely knows how to play the game very well, he said all those so that the wolf guy will not suspect a thing and will think that I’m going home, I smiled again

I headed for Ashley’s room, the closer I am to her room, the scarier I became. I tried opening her door the moment I got to her door post but damn it! I can’t, it was like it was locked from inside, I started hearing her voice like she’s crying and at that moment, I know that I can kill any body.

My wolf took over me and I kicked the door opened and an heartbroken scene was been displayed life in my presence, anger surged through me, I quickly bounced on the stupid wolf and gave him the beating of his life


To Be Continued…


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