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🌳🥀{ Meeting Her Was A Coincidence }🌳🥀

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.

Chapter 25

~ Moon Walker Pack😈😈😈😈 ~

Writer ✓

A young handsome man is seen in a dark corner smoking with his focus in another man who was obviously older than the first man.

The first man had his legs cross on each other and the second man started feeling uncomfortable on a spot, he finally talked when he couldn’t take the silent anymore.

“You called me here, my Lord” the first man remained silent with his focus still on the second man

“My Lord? ” the second man called again.

“What is this I’m feeling Marl????” The first man finally talk.

“Ella has not being responding to our calls, my Lord. ” Marl who was the second man said.

“Why???” The first man asked while picking up a pen knife from the breakfast table in his front.

“I don’t know, your high……” Marl was immediately cut short by the Highness.

He stucked the pen knife into the other man’s shoulder, piercing it deep.

“Ah!!!!!” He cried in agony.

“How the hell can you tell me that Ella is not replying your calls and you have the fucking gut to say that to my face?” the first man yelled angrily at Marl.

Marl removed the knife and his wound close up back immediately.

“I’m sorry your Highness. ” he said staring at his feet as if it was the most interesting thing to do at the moment.

There was silence between them for some minutes.

“Send two of the warriors to find out what is wrong with her, Marl and if I’m unable to know what happen to her before this time tomorrow, just consider yourself dead. ” He threatened.

“Okay Master” Marl said and left the master’s presence immediately.

The Master who was the famous Victor of the Moon Walker Pack was boiling in anger that he kicked the glass cup from the breakfast table in his front so hard that it got broken into pieces.

~ Trainers Camp ~

Mrs Johnson pov ✓

“I have sent the letters, Mr Agent. ” I informed him.

“That’s great. When are we expecting their reply????” He asked.

“I don’t know when but I know it’s soon. ”

“How soon???”

” Not quite sure of how soon but, I’m pretty sure it’s a Very soon. ” I said, stressing on the last two words.

“Alright” he said with a nod.

“I have gather the trainers together. ” Ashley said while joining Agent and I with Loreen trailing behind her.

Ashley looked so frustrated.

“Are you okay Ashley???” Agent, her father asked her before I could.

“Of course she is” Loreen answered for her before she can answer too. She rolled her eyes at Loreen.

“I’m not okay dad, this guy here is making everything difficult for me. You could have ask him to do your portion. ”

“But I didn’t make anything hard, I actually made it easier for you remember? I mean, I controlled their minds for you and make all of them to go to the training field by themselves so that you won’t have to stress yourself in calling everybody one after the other. ” Loreen whined.

Gosh!!! Love can make someone so impossible. The Almighty Hale Loreen the BILLIONAIRE ALPHA got whipped by just an ordinary human girl, wow!!! Just Wow!!!

“I and Agent will go on to the training field right now, and you both should go and rest in the room especially you Ashley. ”

“Okay Mrs Johnson” Ashley said.

“Hey, see to it that she rest okay??!”

“Okay Mr Agent, I’ll see to it that she sleeps too. ” Agent nodded his head and we both left the two of them together.

~ Loreen’s pov. ~

“You see your dad said that I should help you to sleep. ”

” Hey, dad didn’t say that, you were the one who said so. ” She pointed her first finger at me.

I chuckled, scoffing. ” That doesn’t matter. Anyway come on let’s go to your room already. ”

We both headed for her room, I’ll so make her sleep today. When we got to her room, I made her laid down.

“What do you like in me Loreen. ” she asked closing her eyes.

“Nothing. ” she quickly opened her eyes back.

“What???” She stared annoyed at him.

“I like nothing in you Ashley but I can swear to you with my life that I love everything in you. ” I told her with all emotions in me.

I don’t know what this girl did to me that make me love her so much.

“I’m so happy Loreen” she looked relieved.

“Of course you should be. Who will not be happy to date someone like me??” I boasted. She laughed.

“Enough of the laugher, go to sleep” slow she drifted to sleep and then at that moment, I started feeling strange.

“What’s happening to me???” I questioned myself.

What really is going on with me??


To Be Continued…


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