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The beauty that lies within 💗

💙 Korean Highschool romance story 💜

Episode 50

By Anita øgheneyole

What I should go for an abortion I screamed in total horror .

Babe just do it, I swear I would forget this ever happened he said camly .

I felt tears come from my eyes I couldn’t believe the fact that his asking me to go for an abortion .

I can bring a doctor to do it myself he said.

No way ian I would never go for abortion no matter the circumstance I screamed at him angrily.

I know you where not gonna do it that’s how much you love him huh he asked moving backwards.

Ian please understand me,this baby is yours please don’t push me away I said hugging him crying .

You liar that thing in there can never be my child,over my dead body would I be the father of that child he screamed and pushed me away .

Please I cried .

I gave you an opportunity and you wasted it jenice,let’s not ever cross paths in life again,this is the last time you would ever show your Disgusting face to me,this is a warning now get out he said pionting at the door .

No Ian please you can’t do this to me I cried standing up but he held me roughly and dragged me out .

Bastard he cursed and lock the door .

I sniffle silently,I think I lost him already.

Ian .

I sat down in the chair in my office .

I didn’t feel any sign of remorse for what I did to jenice .

Like seriously that girl is a pretender and a good actor at that she wants me to forgive her as if nothing happened ungrateful bitch .

If she ever come any closer to me I swear I would skin her alive .

My phone vibrated and I picked it up from my pocket and it was my mom .

I walked out of the office and when I saw Nia standing there a smile crept to my face .

Ian baby,your mom told me everything that happened,I can’t believe that bitch cheated on you after everything you did for her, baby am here for you to make you happy just give me a chance, please she said pressing her boobs closer to my chest giving me those seductive looks but instead it got me angry and irritated.

Nia you Disgust me I said and pushed her away .

Ian she cheated on you but you still love her she yelled .

Nia, jenice might have done something really bad to me,but trust me when I say she has a special place in my heart unlike you, Remerber what you did to me,I can’t believe you begging the poor church rat.

You can go ahead and go naked but your nude won’t move me one bit, I rather die than put my dick into that stinky hole in-between your legs you call a pussy and cover those damn boobs they look Disgusting and irritating I said and turned away angrily,I could see the priceless look on her face,bit I don’t give a damn .

Nia .

I sat on the flour crying my eyes out .

Those words he said really got to me,how could he say I got a stinky pussy .

Most guys are dying to have just my contact but here I am begging a guy that dosen’t wants to see my face alone .

Ian you are the only guy that I had ever loved and don’t think am giving up anytime soon.

Ian mom .

I had really been happy this past few days .

My plans had really been going as planned .

Mom I heard Ian call and I raised my head to see Ian walking into the house .

Baby what’s wrong I asked Rushing to meet him .

Mom should I let her go she hurt me so much,mom I had told her to go an abortion but she refused,mom What if the child is mine he cried .

Ian Don’t be stupid,the guy that got her pregenant had come to meet me that he wants his wife and jenice had agreed to go with him I lied .

Ok mom,I know she no longer wants me,am sorry ,I can’t believe I took side with that girl,I know you had my best interest at heart and I know you won’t do anything to hurt me right mom he asked .

Yes son I said and glumped .

On mom he said.

Ian what about you get married to Nia that girl is really nice I said hoping he agrees.

Mom don’t even go there I would never have anything to do with that bitch he said and started walking towards his room .

Jenice uncle .

Dad mom why don’t you guys help jenice Katrine said entering our room. .

Sometimes I wonder if am really your father, that bastard Should go to hell for all I care,I heard she’s pregnant I wish she died with that pregenacy I said.

She’s hasn’t seen anything yet this is just the beginning my wife said.

Dad is totally unfair she yelled hut I don’t care .

Two.months later .

Jenice .

With the graduation gown I wore my baby plump was still showing .

Finally am Graduating from highschool .

Dethro carrim and Jeremy had been making sure that I lack nothing but I think that’s enough,I have to fend for myself and my siblings.

I could still remember the exictment on my siblings face when they found out I was having a baby .

All my things had already been neatly arranged am gonna meet Ian today after the graduation and if he dosen’t forgive me,I think am living this country for good .

Baby if he doesn’t forgive us we are leaving him for good I said rubbing my baby plump.

It’s okay let’s go Jeremy said wrapping his hands around me .

Jeremy you startled me i screamed.

Let’s go you don’t wanna be late for your last day in highschool he said .

I smiled and walked out I hope it goes great .

Tbc .

So what’s your say on this .

Since jenice can’t have Ian no one else would have him😪😪.

Nia oh 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

So what do you think is gonna happen next.


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