SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 45


Casper looked around and knew that even though he was going to pay dearly for the time he had decided to take out for this trip, it was beginning to seem like a very good idea. He had never been to the Motherland and well, this was a good opportunity as any to be here.
He looked around and was surprised for it was nothing like what often aired on television or the description he’d heard from people. It was in fact, the opposite. The thought crossed his mind as he stepped outside the terminal building, put on his sunglasses and embraced the heat. The people here seemed genuinely friendly and most importantly, the bitches here were very fashionable and had really hot, s*xy** bodies. He made a mental note to check them out once he was properly rested and had sorted out the business side of things.
Right now, he was fagged out because it had been a very long trip. He had travelled with the United Arab Emirates and even though it was almost the equivalent of travelling around the globe, he could not complain because the in flight services for the business class he had travelled in had been top notch and he had been very comfortable.
He suspected that it was the long flight hours and jet lag that had gotten him so tired. However, he had learnt, in the few years that he had spent in jail, how to master his body and he knew that he would easily beat this too.
There was business to be concluded and that came first.
When the Boss had made enquiries about the West African connect and he had not been forthcoming with anything concrete, he’d been asked to come over to sort it out by himself. Time was of the essence and if he allowed Oyinda to continue with the delay, this show would never get on the road. He was desperate to make quick bucks because he also wanted to live the good life – he longed to also fly in private jets and to host private parties.
Getting here had been a lot easier than people described. The Immigration had been easy, especially as their main source in the motherland was a high ranking immigration boss. In fact it had been a walk in the park for them to use their connection to get the Nigerian Visa, so easy, that he wondered now why Nigerians were full of complaints about their immigration processes and officers.
Casper leaned back in the back seat of the heavily tinted Range Rover that had come to pick him up. He’d been surprised to see that he had a police escort who had stood outside the airport with his name on a placard. He had felt like an important dignitary, because no one had ever met him with such flair at any airport in the world.
Hi, I’m Casper’ he’d said as he walked up to the uniformed man with an outstretched hand

Oh, welcome sir, welcome oga’ said the officer, who had bowed in respect as he took Casper’s hand in both of his, with a warm smile. Casper was surprised, but impressed at the respect bestowed upon him. Man, it felt strange, but not bad. One could very easily get used to this.
‘Let me take your bag sir’ said the officer who promptly removed the backpack off Casper’s back before he’d even had a chance to give a go ahead or reject. So, he’d walked behind the police man, so that if the man dared to make any wrong move or take off with his bag, he would get him very easily. After all, his street instincts remained sharp.
He was surprised that they did not walk to a parking lot, rather they were picked up in an area that was obviously cordoned off against pick up or drop off activities, but his escort seemed to know the army officers who had been hired to guard the area, for he greeted them in a very familiar way, asking after their wives and kids. They had gotten into the waiting vehicle and within a few minutes, had sped away into Lagos.
‘My name is Bassey sir’ piped the driver. ‘You are welcome sir’ Bassey said happily.
‘Thanks, I’m Casper’ said Casper
‘How is the family? The wife and children?’ asked Bassey
Casper held his breath for a moment, was it possible that there had been a mix up? Were they perhaps expecting someone else?
‘Uh, I ain’t gat wife and kids yet. Were you expecting someone with a family?’ he asked, thoroughly confused.
‘Ah no, oga. All na greeting sir’ responded Bassey jovially
‘Uh’ said Casper who was thoroughly confused because he didn’t understand how those could be passed off as mere greetings.
‘I will be the one to take you around town, so if there is anything you have in mind or people you want to meet, I can arrange everything for you’ said the driver
‘Ah, thats nice of you’ responded Casper
‘I have been in this business for thirteen years and I know this city like the back of my hand’ continued the talkative man
‘Uh great.’ murmured Casper who really longed for some peace and quiet. It seemed however, that he was stuck with a chatty driver.


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