SAINTS, SINNERS AND STAG…..(18+)…..Part 42


Derin! Derin!’ yelled Segi as she walked into the bedroom, in a fit of rage. How dare Derin and his girlfriend send love notes to each other as though she, Segilola was non existent?
‘Yes dear, what is it?’ he answered, moving quickly towards the door, worried that something really bad had happened ‘Are you okay? what happened?’ he asked, his concern evident in his voice.
As Segi saw him heading towards her, for some reason, her heart melted for he really looked worried.
‘Derin, we have a problem. We need to go to Oyinda’s house right now’ Segi heard herself saying to him, not as vehement as she’d initially intended to be.
‘Oyinda’s house? Why? How come?’ he asked, perplexed
‘She knows you are married, why should she be sending you unsealed love notes? How do you expect me to feel when I read these notes?’ asked Segi in an unusually quiet tone.
‘What note?’ asked Derin, confused
‘This’ said Segi as she pressed the small piece of paper into his hand. Derin opened the piece of paper and read it quickly.
‘I want us to go to her, Derin. I think it is necessary that I speak with her’ she said ‘She is a woman too, and hopefully she will understand when I tell her that we need to set clear boundaries. I need to appeal to her because I want peace in my house and because I do not want a repeat of this mess’ Segi found herself saying.
‘Wait, Segi. We just resolved all our differences before I came into the bedroom, didn’t we?’ asked a weary Derin. ‘Let’s rationalise something here’ he started
‘Derin, I don’t want to rationalise with you’ said Segi ‘I want to go to this B***h’s house and resolve this issue once and for all’ she said ‘This has gotten out of hand. What kind of rubbish is this?’ she asked, getting heated up, but she noticed that Derin was quiet.
‘SH, wait! First and foremost, I will not allow you to go to her house because it can be misread as you looking for trouble. I would really like to avoid a situation where you get confrontational with anybody in their own home. It reeks of bad manners. Please’ he said, appealing to his wife
‘You have every right to be mad, but think about it, this has nothing to do with me.
I didn’t ask her to write me that note and I have done nothing to encourage it. So, if I found out that a guy was interested in you, would you expect me to do what you are doing right now? Wouldn’t you expect me to trust you enough to know right from wrong? Please Segi, lets not fight over this. Believe me, Trust me enough to address it. Please’ begged Derin
Okay, I won’t go to their house, but I want you to call her right now and warn her ‘ she said as she began to leave the room, but she suddenly turned back and said ‘In fact, I want to hear that conversation right now! This has got to stop immediately!’ said Segilola
‘SH, you need to take it easy’ said Derin
‘Ok, I’m taking it easy, but call her now’ said Segi
‘Will that change what she has written?’ he asked
‘Derin, just call her. I want to hear you warn her to desist’ Segi insisted.
‘Okay’ said Derin who pulled out his phone and dialled a number.
‘Put it on speaker phone, Derin’ Segi insisted and Derin complied. He really did not want issues with his wife. He was tired of the fights, however, his heart was in his mouth because if he knew Oyinda, this was just one of her jokes which had unfortunately fallen into the wrong hands. How was his wife ever to understand this? He had only tried to settle all their differences just this morning, less than an hour ago and for the first time, they had actually been in a good place. Now this!
Derin was relieved when there seemed to be a network problem because the number did not go through. ‘See, Segi?” said Derin, secretly triumphant
‘Try again, keep trying. Call her, Derin’ repeated Segi. Call her if you aren’t hiding anything’ she challenged
‘I will. I just cannot believe that you neither trust nor believe me, SH’ said Derin. Segilola eyed him and folded her arms across her chest, a sign that she was not willing to relent on her request.

Derin picked up his phone again with a thumping heart, hoping against hope that Oyinda would be unable to pick the call.
Adesua looked at their surroundings and knew that she had never been here before. She knew this was the Ikeja area, but she’d never had cause to be on this street. She wondered what Charles was up to now. He’d had that crazy look in his eyes this morning when he told her to freshen up because they were going out and she’d known better than to ask him questions. Things had gotten considerably frosty at home since the day she had refused to serve him meat.
He had questioned her and had refused to eat another meal in the house because according to him, he could not operate in a house where another man was lord and master. Anyone who heard the way Charles spoke would think she and Pastor Derin were having a full blown affair and that Derin was the one directing her every move, they would not know she was only being obedient to the servant of God.
Anyway, she’d been sufficiently tired of rehashing the ‘no meat’ issue with Charles and had decided to serve him what he wanted, she had even made isiewu, a dish of goat head, for him and he’s shunned it saying she was being sarcastic and rude. At that point, she had given up on him while he had continued sulking and snapping at every chance he’d gotten.
She was fed up of his behaviour and things had come to a head when she’d yelled at him last night, telling him to act his age.
He had almost gotten physical with her, but for some strange reason, had held himself back. Adesua had been surprised, it was almost as though she had wanted him to hit her because that was usually the end of their fights, he would hit her and apologise, then they would have considerable peace for a stretch, she knew his sulking was leading somewhere, but the thing was she did not have a clue what he had planned.
So, when he had looked at her with angry eyes that morning and had ordered that she should get into the car, she had complied because she’d wanted peace. Of course, he had been locked in his head, uncommunicative and she’d held her peace until now when they parked their car.
‘Where is this?’ she asked
‘Your husband’s house’ he responded sarcastically.
‘What husband? Is this your house or what?” she asked, completely confused, but now sure that her husband was up to no good.
‘You will see’ he said. ‘Get down’ he directed and she complied, still looking confused. Adesua followed him into a four flat apartment building, with her heart in her mouth, wondering what his man sought to do with her.
She watched as he rapped on a door which was promptly opened by a good looking young man. It was not until she head her husband request for Derin Hughes that she knew what this was about. She was so embarrassed! How could he? This man was too damn petty! How had she married him when she’d had other more mature suitors? She was so angry, her ears were ringing!
She could hear the young man respond in the affirmative that they were indeed at the right place as he invited them into the cute flat.
At first sight, there wasn’t much to the apartment, but there was something here, a very positive aura which radiated a feeling of warmth and calm that made her relax and momentarily forget her burning anger. She looked at her husband, and wondered if he felt the aura too, but she guessed not because his face was still set in stone, like a concrete slab.
‘Charles, you didn’t have to do this’ she whispered to him
‘I did! This will serve as a deterrent to the both of you in future’ he said in a loud voice, unbothered about possible eaves droppers. ‘Nobody should control my house’ he said


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