S.S.3 STUDENTS EXCURSION…..(18+)…..Part 17


“Circle” Henry repeated moving forward and looking at his fellow students. “We are moving in circle” he looked at Mary. “Can you recite the bird song again?”
“Umm.. i don’t think so” Mary replied then Henry hurriedly shook her shoulders vehemently with all seriousness.
“Try and remember! That’s the only way we can get out of here. The bird was an angel sent to us by God! So you need to remember!” he freed her.
“Okay okay okay” Mary placed a hand on her head as if to recall the song. She suddenly looked up at Henry then began, “A circle is a circle..”
“Yes? We are moving in circle” Henry interrupted by explaining it.
“..the sun and the moon are in circle. A light is a light and the sun and the moon gives the light. The earth is a circle controls by the sunlight. A power is a power but the sun has the greatest power” Mary concluded.
“Oh my God!” Henry looked up. “The meaning is clear. There is a power that is making us walk in circle and only the sun which is also in circle and has the greatest power can lead us home” he moved to an open area. “The sun rises from due east and set at due West” he looked at his fellow students with a smile. “Come on guys, the sun gonna take us home”
Nobody doubted him. Those that did didn’t have any other choice but to believe him. As all wanted to move out from the river, the goddess came out in flesh and blood looking extremely beautiful in white gown. She dragged the nearest girl to her into the river and it was no other person but Joyce who began to shout, “Help me!”
Other students looked back to see her struggling with the goddess. Some ran away while some stood still but Mary, Ruddy and Henry want to go help her. Before they reach there, Jerry had already jumped inside the water hitting the goddess with the walking stick thus making her release Joyce and grabbed him into the inner part of the river.
“Jerry!” Joyce shouted at the bank of the river seeing how the water gradually began to drawn him.
“Run my love!” Jerry concluded and drawn in the river.
“No!” Joyce cried in a loud voice wanting to go into the river but Ruddy and Henry held her tightly and dragging her backward.
Suddenly, they heard the grasses quivering from a distant-those were lions.
“Run!” Ruddy shouted.
Danny was the first to take on his heels. As he ran, he shouted, “Where is the direction of the sun?!”
“This way!” Henry replied and he ran back following his friends.

After several hours of running none stop following the direction of the sun as always instructed by Henry, the students gathered at a spot to recover their strength gasping and panting heavily. Their population became 14 because the lions caught several people.
Joyce fell on the ground crying seriously with Mary beside her coz she knew how much she loved Jerry.
Henry on the other hand leaned on a tree shedding tears seriously for the loss of his friends. “God why?” he began to cry. “Why must it be Jerry? I never got the chance to tell him how much i appropriate his friendship”
Hearing his voice, Mary began to cry too. Regina and Hannah were also in tears, even Danny and Ruddy who stood up instantly.
“We need to start going”
“Mehn, allow us to breathe” Danny opposed.
“Another thing might happen to us if we linger” he looked at Henry. “Which way?”
Henry looked at the sun. “West” he replied.
The students began their journey again but sluggishly. They looked tired, frustrated and dirty with bruises all over their bodies. Some had pulled off their shoes while some preferred wearing them. Henry occasionally looked at the sun as they walked to see it following them from behind.
Before the sun began to set for the day, One of the male students said, “Wait”
All looked at him.
“Can you hear that?” he asked.
“Yes, that sounds like moving vehicles” Regina replied.
“That means we are home!” Danny shouted and knelt down with hands up. “God i thank you, but bring in the souls of my dead friends in heaven coz that’s the only way my joy will be in full”
Henry suddenly took a deep breathe and sat down on the floor. The only singlet and trouser he wore had torn at several parts.
Mary met him. “It’s over now” she began to dust out dirt from his head but Ruddy came around and dragged her up.
“What’s it? Get your hands off me!” Mary tried to drag off her hand but couldn’t.
“You must not stay with him again!” Ruddy began to drag her out but Henry’s Voice interrupted him.
“Let her go”
“And if i don’t?”
“Either you kill me or i kill u” Henry replied while Ruddy got ready for a fight thereby tearing Mary’s shirt trying to naked her and eventually rape her. Though he knew that Henry will prevent him but was ready to beat him to death.
“I said let her go!!” Henry shouted running to him for a fight even when he knew that he wasn’t a good fighter..


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