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🤷 Who’s
Father 🤷

By: Racheal Dennis.

Episode 4 🍎

🌞 Elena’s POV 🌞

I look at my aunt strangely.

“Some people came looking for me?” I asked her the question back.

She nods.

“Did they say who they are?” I asked again.

“No. They don’t look familiar too” she pause and does a little bit of thinking. “And they kinda look rich” she said.

Rich? I don’t know anyone that’s rich. My aunt gasped loudly and drops the dress and knitting needle on the table and holds my hand.

“Maybe they want to propose marriage!”

I roll my eyes and shake my head.

“What if they’re killers, aunt”

” Shhh” she hushed me. “Please God, forgive her foolishness. Elena, you need to stay positive always” she scolds me.

“Fine” I said. “But did you tell them anything useful about me?”

“No. But I told them I know you, and you’re a singer and dancer” she said.

Ugh! My aunt is really impossible.

I didn’t say anything more. We just continue knitting in silence.

🤴 Prince Harry’s POV 🤴

I left the restaurant in a hurry, as soon as Mark told me that my grandma called and said she’s sick. I’m currently on my way to her mansion, we all have our own mansion in the palace.

Almost at the door, I see my brother, stephano, coming out from my grandma’s mansion. I increased my pace to catch up with him.

“Hey, Stephano!” I greet him.

He scoffed and looked ahead of him.

“I didn’t see you in the palace yesterday when I got back” I said.

“Really?” He asks.

“Yeah! I thought you’d be happy that I came back, you know, I missed you guys a lot” I said.

He hum, then said.

“Well, you’re back now. I’ll make sure you don’t miss me…..again” then he continues to walk away.

I think I see something like a smirk on his lips, but then again, my eyes might be deceiving me.

“Your highness, I’d advise you to be cautious around your brother” mark said.


“Well, I think he doesn’t like you that much. And besides, you being the crown prince is a big blow to him, he would do anything to take the crown from you”.

I smiled and tap his shoulder gently.

“My brother isn’t like that, he would risk his life for me” I told him.


“Mark, if anything happens, I have you by my side to protect me, right?” He nods. “Then we don’t have to fear Stephano” I said.

I enter my grandma’s mansion and see her sitting in the living room, looking at a picture. She raised her head, and immediately she sees me, she puts the picture away.

“Harry, you’re finally here” she said.

I quickly take a sit next to her. I rest my head on her shoulder as she pats my back.

“You wanted to talk to me about something, grandma”

” Ah, yes” she push my head from her shoulder and clears her throat. “You know you just got back, and you don’t know anyone around here. And you are at the age of getting married…” She looks at me with a warm smile.

“So…?” I urge her to continue even though I already know what she’s going to say.

“So, I took matters in my hands and find the perfect girl for you” she said.

I laughed.

“Ok, grandma. You did a great job and all, but I’m not ready to get married yet” I said.

Then Elena’s face flashed in my mind, even if I wanna marry someone, it’d be her. She doesn’t know I’m the crown prince, but she still treats me right. Which means she’s got a caring nature.

“What do you mean you’re not ready to get married? Your grandfather, oh God bless his soul in heaven, he got married when he was just 20″ she said.

” Really? How old were you then?” I asked.

“I was 16” she said with a happy smile.

My jaw fell to the ground.

“That’s child abuse” I told her.

“No it’s not. Your father got married to your mother when he’s 22, you’re 26 already and you said you’re not ready?”

I sigh. I know she won’t stop her nagging if I don’t come up with something, or give in to her.

“But grandma, I can’t just marry someone I don’t know” I said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to know her better. She’s coming to my birthday party next week, I’ll arrange for you and her to meet after my birthday party”

No. I can’t let that happen, I’ll only marry Elena, she’s got all I want in a woman.

“But I already have someone in mind” I told her.

“I know, I know. If you meet with this woman I choose and you still don’t like her, then I can let you introduce the one you like to me” she said.

I think about it. I think it’s a fair idea, so I nod.

“Alright, grandma” I said.

After all she won’t be there to supervise us, I can just show the girl some attitude and she’ll be the one to tell grandma that I don’t like her.

Hehehehehe. I laughed wickedly in my head.

To Be Continued…

Could it be prince Harry and his grandmother are talking about the same girl 🤔🤔



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