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🤷 Who’s
Father 🤷

By: Racheal Dennis.

Chapter 3 🍎

🌞 Elena’s POV 🌞

The next morning…..

I’m done performing. Right now, I’m talking with that handsome, gentlemen from yesterday.

“So… Miss. You promised to make it up to me yesterday for staining my shirt, how do you intend to do that?” He asked me, his lip quirk in a smile.

I think about it for a moment. I’m not sure what he’ll like, and besides I can’t afford much, so the best I can do is take him somewhere to eat and pay for his meal.

“About I take you somewhere, my treat”

He stays silent and nod.

I look around and noticed that his friend from yesterday isn’t in sight.

“Where’s your friend?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s busy” he answered.

I take his hand.

” Ok, let’s go” I said and starts to pull him with me.

After walking for a few minutes, we arrived at my favorite restaurant.

“We are here” I said.

He looked around the restaurant and shuddered a little, I guess he’s not use to places like this.

I laughed at his expression.

“Don’t judge this place by its look” I lead us to a table. “The place looks shabby, but I promise you will love the food they serve here”

“Ok, since you say so. I’ll like to taste their food now” he said.

I wave a waiter over. I told the waiter to bring my favorite, which is rice and gravy.

The waiter brought the food and placed it on our table in no time.

“Ok, I pray it’s as delicious as its looks”

“I bet my life on this. It’s superb” I told.

Then we dig in. I watch as he puts a spoonful in his mouth and closed his eyes, moaning as he eat.

“This is the best rice and gravy I’ve ever had!” He testified.

I giggle. Didn’t take long for us to finish the food. He leans forward on the table and puts his hands on his chin.

“We’ve been talking for some time now, and you even brought me here to eat. But I still don’t know your name, now can I have the honor of knowing who this beautiful dancer is?”

I cleared throat.

“Yeah, you’re right. Well, my name is Elena and I live with my aunt. I dance and sing to make money, and don’t ask about my education cause I’m not educated” I told him.

I winked at him and we both laughed briefly.

” Now your turn. Who are you?” I asked.

He does a little thinking.

“I’m Harry and I work as a plumber, I’m not educated too” he said.

So he’s like me. No wonder it’s so easy for us to get along.

Just then his friend from yesterday enters the restaurant, and whispers something in his ears. Then Harry stands up quickly.

“Elena, I’m sorry but I’ll have to take my leave now. I hope to see you tomorrow” he said.

I nod.

“No problem”

” Can I have your number?” He asked.

I blush from embarrassment and bend my head looking downwards. I shake my head.

“I don’t have a cell phone” I replied.

He doesn’t say anything for a while, he sets his lips on thin lines.

“That’s ok. I’ll meet you when you’re performing tomorrow” he said and left with his friend.

I paid for our food and head out too.

😈 Unknown POV 😈

I wait impatiently for the spy I sent to monitor Harry’s every move, I’m not going to let any chance to get rid of slip away.

The spy walks in and bow before me.

“Sire, prince Harry didn’t do anything special today. But I saw him with a girl” he said.

” A girl?” I asked.

” Yes sire, and they seem pretty close. The way prince Harry talked with her, it seems he has a thing for her”

I smirked. How can Harry be so foolish as to get close to a girl?

” Alright, you can go and continue with your assignment” I dismiss him.

I know what to do to get Harry. I’ll so use this girl as a weapon against him.

🌞 Elena’s POV 🌞

I reach home and meets my aunt sitting in the living. She’s knitting a dress, that’s what she does for a living.

“Aunt, I’m home” I said.

“Oh, you came back at the right time. Come on, join me”

I pick up the knitting needles and sit next to her. I take another dress and start knitting it.

“Why are we doing this now? You know how I hate doing this” I whine.

My aunt simply smiles.

“Your parents death anniversary is fast approaching, we need to get some fruits from the market soon” she told me calmly.

I nod in understanding and continue in silence.

“Oh, right. Some people came asking about you” she said.

To be continued

Who do you think is asking about Elena?? 🤔🤔🤔


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