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🤷 Who’s
Father 🤷

By: Racheal Dennis.

Chapter 2🍎

🤴Prince Harry’s POV 🤴

I step down from the plane. I look around and smiled, I’m finally back to my country. Been away for such a long time was torture.

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw it’s my personal guard, Mark. Mark has been with me since childhood, he goes everywhere with me and he never fails to protect me, but I don’t see him as my guard, he is more like a brother to me.

I smile at him and raise my eyebrows teasingly.

“Your highness, I don’t feel comfortable in this tuxedo, can I take it off?” He asked.

I set my lips on thin lines. And frown a little.

“First, I’ve told you plenty of time, don’t act do formal with me, call me Harry. Second, you look good in this tuxedo, look how those girls are drooling over you” I points towards a group of girls.

Mark look at them and roll his eyes.

“Your highness, they’re clearly drooling over you” he said tugging the tuxedo.

I bite my tongue to stop laughing. Mark don’t like jackets or tuxedos, he’s better off with a t-shirt and jeans trousers.

“Don’t disgrace me here, Mark. Please wait, when we get to the palace you’ll change” I told him.

He simply nod. I looked at my wrist watch, it’s already 1:50pm. My grandma ought to have been here with the car, she volunteered herself to come pick me up.

“Why isn’t grandma here yet?” I grumbled.

“Calm down my prince, maybe she got delayed by something”

Right at that moment, my phone starts ringing. It’s my grandma, I quickly press the answer button and bring it closer to my ear.

“Grandma, good afternoon ma” I greet her.

My grandma loves anyone that’s respectful.

“Harry, my boy. I’m sorry I can’t pick you up, so I’m afraid you’ll have to take a cab” she said.

” Grandma, you just broke my heart”

She laughs.

” Don’t be so dramatic, catch a cab and get your butts back home” she ordered.

” Alright, alright. I’ll do that” I said and hang up.

I nod at Mark that we should start moving. Mark carries my luggage and we head towards a cab. I was about talking with the cab driver, when I suddenly see a bullet fly straight for me.

Mark was very fast, he pushed me out of the way and we both bend down. The bullet flies through our heads, my eyes grow wide in fear. Who could be playing with gun in an airport.

The bullet hits an old woman and she falls down and died instantly. Mark tap my shoulder to get my attention.

“Your highness, we need to get out of here immediately. You are the target and besides we can’t fight back here, too many innocent people will suffer” he told me.

I nod my head. I take the luggage from him, and abandon it there.

“Let’s go” I said.

Mark leads the way as we run towards the exit of the airport. I turned and see three men in suits running after us, I knew they are the men who shot that gun. But who’d want me dead?.

After running for some time, Mark and I managed to create a large space between us, we could barely see the men. We run into a dark alley, from there we see the men run past in full speed.

“Your highness, I think we need a disguise or we’ll be caught” Mark said.

” You’re right” I replied.

We step out of the alley and see a boutique right in front of us. We quickly run into the boutique, thankfully, it’s a men’s boutique.

Mark and I quickly pick out some clothes and changed into them. Mine is a white pair of trousers and a white T-shirt, then I put on a white face cap to compliment it. I looked down at my feet and notice I’m still on my oxfords, I quickly change them to white sneakers.

Then I head to the cashier and paid for them. Mark and I step out.

“Your highness, should we take a cab?”

I shake my head.

” No, let’s stroll for a while” I answered.

We begin to stroll around. Just then we came to a main road, the road is kinda busy, but I can’t say it’s the busiest roads I’ve ever seen. Right across the road I see people gather around something, I couldn’t see it clearly from here, so I become curious as to what is happening there.

“Mark, let’s go over there”

“But your highness, your grandma is waiting for you” he said.

” Let her wait for a while, we won’t spend much time there” I told him.

“B-but.. but… ”

” Come on, don’t be a killjoy” I said and pull him along.

We cross to the other side and we move closer to the crowd. There I see a girl singing and dancing, her back is facing me. But the voice I’m hearing sounds so melodious, it’s as if an angel is singing.

Then she turned around and WOW!! Beauty isn’t word enough to describe her magnificent looks. She’s gorgeous even in her pauper clothes. I’m mesmerized by her beauty, And for the first time ever, my heart skip a bit.

I feel like I should reach out and take her into my arms. An unconscious smile crept in my face.

Mark poke my rib, I look around and noticed that people have gone. I see her bending over to pick up something, I step forward and wait for her to stand up. But when she stands up and turn around, she collide into me and we both find ourselves in the ground.

She’s on top of me. Looking at my face with mouth open. My eyes move to her lips, they look so soft and alluring me to kiss them. I feel her reach out and touch my cheek, I smiled. Her touch is Soooo soft and addicting. I really love our position like this.

Then it click on my head, that she might have break something.

“Miss, are you ok?” I asked her.

She looked down and seem to notice our position, her cheeks turned red. Then she quickly stands up. Mark also helped me up.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to crash into you. You know, my aunt always scold me for my clumsiness, but it’s not my fault right? Sometimes I do things before knowing what I’m actually doing. Ok, I’m talking too much now” she blabbed.

I laugh a little because I find her talkative self cute. Her cheeks redness increases.

Her eyes shift to my clothes, ten she reaches out and start wiping my clothes.

“Oh no! I’ve cause your clothes to get stained” she complained and continue to wipe on my shirt.

I see mark take a step forward, but I spoke eye language with him and he step back.

The stain doesn’t get off, rather it keeps getting worse. She huffed frustratingly and I smile. I hold her hand.

“Don’t stress yourself. It’s not that bad”

“No it’s bad. If you could come with me, I’ll wash it off and give it back to you” she said.

I would really love to follow her and know where she lives. But I need to get home asap.

“Don’t worry about it, Miss” I told her.

She nods sadly.

” Thanks” she said.

” You sang beautifully just now”

She blushed.

” Oh, that? I was just doing my best” she did a double take at me. “Is this your first time watching me sing? Cause I haven’t seen your face here before” she said.

” Yeah, it’s my first time. I was just passing by”

” Well I perform here everyday, you can come tomorrow and watch me, that’s if you like”

I think about it, and I smile. I don’t know if this is love at first sight, but I swear I feel happy talking with her. And I even feel happier when I know I’ll get to see her tomorrow.

“Ok! I’ll be here” I told her.

She looks at the clouds.

“Shoot! I have to go now, my aunt is waiting for me” she turned to leave.

But stop like she suddenly remembered something.

” You didn’t tip me” she said pouting.

I swear her pouty lips are doing something to me. I laugh and take out my wallet.

“Close your eyes first” I said.

She narrowed her eyes at me.

” Are you trying to cheat me?” She asks.

” Nope. I just feel shy at the amount I wanna put in”

” Oh, I see” then she closed her eyes.

I take out 50dollars and put it under the other monies in her cap.

“Alright open up” I said.

She smiled.

“Thanks, I have to go. Bye!” With that she runs off.

She’s so cute and simple, just the kind of girl my grandma would want me to marry.

Wait… Why am I thinking of marriage?

I turned to Mark, who had his arms crossed across his chest and looking around, I guess he’s checking if there are any threats.

“Mark, you have to chill sometimes you know”

“We were almost killed just a few minutes ago, your highness” Mark said.

I roll my eyes.

” Stop a cab, let’s go home” I said.

He nods. It didn’t take long for him to get a cab, we entered and drive straight to the palace.

We made it to the palace in no time. Mark and I enter the palace/court.

My father sits on his throne, my mother sits next to him. My grandma sits in her own space and my sister stands next to her. I look around but I didn’t see my step brother, stephano.

The officials all stand in attention at my presence.

“Welcome back, your highness!” They greet me bowing, I hate this I swear.

“Please rise up” I told them.

“Greetings, father, mother” I greeted them, bowing.

Mark follow suit and bow too.

My dad laughs.

“Don’t be so formal with us son. Stand up and come over here” he said.

I step forward and knees in front of him, he pat my back.

“Welcome home, son” he said.

“Oh, my baby boy! It’s been such a long time, come and hug your mother” my mom said, opening her arms for me to come in.

I quickly go to her and let her wrap me with her arms. She kissed my forehead and said.

“My baby boy”

“Mom, I’m not a baby anymore” I grumbled.

She glares at me and pull my cheek.

” Of course you are. You’ll always be my baby boy” she said.

And everyone laughed.

” Alright, I have to hold my grandson too” my grandma whined.

I laugh but rushed to her anyway. I rest my head on her lap and she pats my back.

“You are beautiful now”

“Grandma, I’m not beautiful, I’m handsome” I corrected her.

” Oh, shut up boy. I say you are beautiful” she said, her voice challenging me to correct her one more time.

I stand up and raise my hands in surrender.

“You are correct, ma’am”

My sister rushes to my side and holds my arm.

“Hey, little Gabrielle” I pull her nose softly.

She giggled and pulled my ear.

“I’m not so little anymore, soon I’ll have suitors coming for me” she told me.

I smiled and raffle her hair.

” Right”

I’m kinda feeling tired, so I turned back to my father.

” Father, can I please be excused? My trip back was very tiring, I need some rest” I said.

” Go on, son. You need all the rest you can get” he said.

” And I have something to discuss with you later, Harry” grandma said.

I roll my eyes, cause I already know what she wants to talk about. But I said yes anyway.

I nod at Mark and we head out.

😈 Unknown POV 😈

“Why is Harry still alive?!” I asked angrily.

“Sire, the operation failed”

I turned and faced the idiot that said that. I stand up from my chair and kicked him in the stomach. He falls to the ground, groaning in pain and holding onto his stomach.

“How can you and your men be so incompetent! You couldn’t even do a task as simple as that, do you know how much effort I spent to get my father to send him out of this country?” I roared.

I’m supposed to be the crown prince, not that stupid Harry. I’m the oldest of us two, so why was he made the crown prince.

“We are sorry, sire. Give us another chance and I promise we won’t fail” he begged.

But it’s too late, I don’t keep people like him around. I bring out my pistol from my pocket and shot him straight in the forehead, I did the same to the remaining two.

I nod at my guards to take them out.

“Bury them somewhere far from the palace”

” Yes, sire” they answered and take out the bodies through the secret passage in my room.

I know that one day, I’ll bury Harry’s body like these guy’s.

To be continued

Nawa oooo, this guy wicked ok



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