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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

ROYAL LOVE – Episode 44



( in the night.)

Moon had sneak in again, however couldn’t take a step forward because Diane was sitting outside

Why’s this lady not leaving?

What the heck?

It’s been more than 30 minutes

If she didn’t leave, he would have no other choice but to reveal himself to her

However, seems God answered his prayer after Diane stood up and was soon out of sight

She finally went to sleep,good

He didn’t waste time to get in front of Irene door, swung the door open and enter hurriedly

Irene was surprised to see him, she didn’t believe he will come back again

“Don’t worry, Diane didn’t see me, I dodged her well.” He said and sat on her bed

He didn’t quite understand why he had to play hide and seek game anyway.

“Don’t you think you should be practicing and improving on your sword fighting.” Irene suggested

Shouldn’t he be working more on his skills

“Seems you really doubt my skills, while you’re very confident of Max.”

“No it’s not that wayway, I really don’t want you to underestimate him that’s why I kept reminding you.” She explained.

“I told you I will always be one step ahead, didn’t I won him in archery, don’t you have faith in me at all.”

She shook her head. “I do.”

“Anyway, what are you doing now..? ” He asked

“I wanted to take my night bath and sleep.” She replied

“How about you come sleep over at my place.” His words made Irene stunned.

“Sleep over at your place.” She repeated to be sure she heard him right

Moon laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re having dirty thought in that little mind of yours, do you think I will do anything to you.”

She then calmed down. ” But what do you mean then…? ”

“Irene, I want to stay by your side tonight, but your bed is small and we cannot be comfortable, so that’s why I want you to come to my room instead.”He explained

” But it doesn’t seem right, How am I going to return back tomorrow, i can’t do that. ” She hesitated

“Don’t worry, you will return very early, no one will notice, please.” He pleaded.

“What about Diane…? ”

“She already went to sleep, you will come back before she wakes up.” He said.

“But it’s not appropriate for a single maiden to sleep in a guy room.” She was still very reluctant

“Do you care about such rules.” Moon scoffed.

She’s not sure she want to do this

“I’ve not had my bath.”

“You will in there, you will feel even more comfortable there, If you are afraid I will do anything, I promised I will behave.” He said

“Okay.” She agreed, even though she was still a little bit reluctant

“Let’s go.” He smiled, and both of them goes out sneaking out.

Immediately Moon got to his door steps, his guards there bowed. ” Your Majesty.”

They stares at Irene with awkward eyes, and she couldn’t help but be embarrased.

Will they think she’s going in to dirty things with him

Moon didn’t even responds to their greetings and just go in, holding Irene hands

The guards stares at themselves after they walked in

They couldn’t believe the king didn’t waste time to sneak in one of the princesses.

Damien would have been there, but Moon had a room prepared for him, so he’concluded ng in a separate room

After Irene entered, she couldn’t help but admire his room

They carefully decorated the room specially for him

Yeah, he’s the king

Only rooms like this would suit his taste.

Moon sat on the bed and gazed at Irene looking around

“You can go have your bath, I will wait for you here, so we can sleep.” He said and Irene nodded.

She entered the large beautiful bathroom, and closed the door

She began to take off her clothes, before entering the large bath tub, enjoying the water penetrating into her body

Moon shook his head when she closed the door, does she think he will go in and peep at her

So funny..

Immediately Irene stepped out, Moon who had been waiting for her on the bed couldn’t help but stare

She’s only on her inner wears so her body is slightly visible

She’s blessed with such a stunning body and amazing skin

The upper part of her perfectly curved breast were showing

Her laps down to her leg were visible

Due to the big dresses she use to wear which covers her body shape

He never knew she had such an amazing body

He couldn’t take his lustful eyes off her

Irene shivered, gazing at Moon who’s staring at her like his prey

She stay frozen in her position, afraid to move to the bed

She doubt those lustful eyes looking at her will let her go if she go any closer

Suddenly Moon who’s just sitting and looking at her stood up and move towards her

Before she could take a step, she felt two hands grabbed her from behind, hugging her tightly

The fear in her increases more

“What, what are you doing.” She stuttered, as he started to kiss her neck, hugging her tightly

“Irene, i want you.” He said, still tracing kisses on her neck

Yeah, he promised her he’s not going to do anything

But he just cannot help it

He’s a man and have sexual desires too

Just staring at her right now, is making him go crazy

“No we can’t do this, you promise to behave.” Irene protested, as he started to move towards the bed with her, still kissing her neck and hugging her

He stopped kissing her and placed his head on her shoulder

“Does it matter, we are getting married very soon.”

He was still hugging her very tightly


“Irene, don’t you love me.” Moon cut in, leaving her to stop halfway

“You don’t want me.” He whispered in her earlobe

She heaves a sigh as he resumed his kissing which is starting to have effect on her

He doesn’t ñot look like he’s going to stop

He looks like a hungry lion, she has never seen him this way before

Her heart started beating uncontrollably

Her heart started beating uncontrollably

She raised her head. ” You.”

He turned her around and locked his lips onto hers giving her no chance to escape.

She was utterly lost in his kiss.

She didn’t resist this time

She missed him so much, and loved him too

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as well

She never knew she could be this fierce and bold

She was shy and bold at the same time

His kiss was truly enamored, as he locked his lips intimately onto hers, leaving her no chance to breathe.

Kisses were not enough to satisfy him. He planted his kiss on her tender neck, then to her waist and finally traced down along her body.

He could no longer suppress his desire.

“Baby, i want you.” He spoke softly in her ear with a hoarse whisper

Irene face was completely reddened

Should she be doing this

She quickly pushed him away and tried to free herself from his arms. Instead he seized the moment and pulled her even closer, so she couldn’t possibly escape

His lips were already kissing her breasts, which were the most sensitive part of her body.

No one had ever touched her on that particular spot

He’s kissing her breast with her night transparent gown still on

He stopped and stares at her for a while

He then moved her and made her lie on the bed gently

He removed his robe, leaving only his trouser on his body

His chest were in full display

He placed half of his body on top of her and resumed kissing her

Irene traced her hands up and down his chest, admíring his displayed manly chest

“You’re not allowed to show this to any other person.” Her voice made him paused his kissings as he gives her an adorable smile

“Yes my lady, it’s only yours to see.”

He slowly placed his hand on her robe and loosen it gently

Moments later, her b**bs is in full display for him to see

She’s only putting on skirt now

She was shy as he looks at her body

Moon noticed her shyness and smiled

He resumed kissing her neck, placing his hands on her breast and pressing it softly

Irene couldn’t believe they are really going to do this tonight

But she do not think she’s ready yet

However, he had not proceed further when they started hearing voices

More of an argument

A lady voice could be heard. “Ryan it’s me, they’re stopping me from seeing you, i really need to.”

That’s Lena

Confused Moon got down from the bed instantly, move to the door and swung it open

There he saw the guards dragging Lena to leave

But she stubbornly refused

They left her and bow immediately they saw him.” Your Majesty.”

“What’s happening.” His eyes were asking for explanation

“She suddenly came and request to see you but we let her know that won’t be possible now, however, she refused to leave.” One of them explained as Moon swept his eyes accross Lena

“Lena, what’s the meaning of this? What do you want to see me for that can’t wait till tomorrow That you have to disturb the peace of my guards and me.”

Lena who’s been staring at him with eyes full of drool kept a straight face after he threw the question at her

She ‘s never seen him shirtless

Now that she do, she couldn’t help but admire him more

This man should be hers alone

Only for her

“I had a bad dream and i’m very scared, seems that room is full of evil spirit, can i sleep in your room instead.” she muttered looking pitiful like a child

“You can’t sleep in my room, drink hot tea, and you will be able to sleep.” Moon said

“Okay, can you escort me to my room, I’m afraid to go alone.” She muttered.

He eyed one of the guards. ” Give me your robe.”

The guard looked lost.” Uh.”

“Oh yes.” He started to loosen it seeing Moon mean stare

He then gave it to Moon who put it on his shirtless body

Now it’s the guard who’s shirtless

“Let’s go.” He said to her and soon, they began walking away

After escorting Lena to her room, he came back to see Irene sleeping on the bed, she already put on her night robe back, and covered herself with the blanket

He couldn’t believe he almost forced himself on her

It’s something he would never do in a sane mind

He can always wait for her to be ready, he couldn’t believe he almost allowed his lust control him

He started patting her hair softly. “Pretending to be sleeping.”

He actually knew she pretended to be asleep, she couldn’t have fallen deep asleep so soon

Irene realizing she was caught then sat up on the bed, giving Moon a mean stare

Moon shivered, seeing her mean look

She must be angry, he tried forcing her earlier

“Irene, I’m sorry.. I didn’t know what came over me.” He pleaded with guilt in his eyes

Does he think she’s angry because of that.

“You love her, don’t you.” She said, staring intently at him

“Who..?”. Moon was lost

“The lady who came just now.”

“Uh, you mean Lena, she’s just a friend, I do not love her.”Moon frowned

What does she mean?

He only loved his Irene

“I don’t believe something is not going between the two of you, coming in here by this time of the night and even wanted to sleep in your room, if it’s not been going that way before, she would never say that.” She said with all seriousness

She’s even more angry when Moon escorts her, not reprimanding her behaviour

That lady even came to speak gibberish with her earlier

Now she knew why she did that, she’s also in love with him

“Irene, are you jealous right now.” Moon laughed.

He couldn’t believe she could be this jealous.

He took her hand, place it on his, rubbing it gently. “Don’t worry okay, she’s just a friend.”

Irene anger multiples seeing Moon laughing casually, not taking her word serious

Does she think she’s joking right now

“You’re telling me if I eventually married you, that’s how she will knock on the door in the middle of the night, and you will be okay with it, just because she’s a friend.” She angrily withdrawed her hand from him

“You see, it’s not like I don’t want to reprimand her, it’s just that I do not want to hurt her feelings.” He added, trying to resolve the issue

Irene smirked. ” You do not want to hurt her feelings but you can hurt mine, you’re aware she loved you right.”

“Yes.” He nodded, after a long while

“But it’s not like that, I didn’t complete my story from the other time, when i said my private guard came to find me, he didn’t come alone, she came with him, she ran away from home to find me, she did a lot for me that I really appreciates but it’s just I do not love her, I only see as a friend, and I do not want to be too mean to her, and hurt her feelings, but with time, I know she will give up on me.” He explained

“Good that you appreciate what she did for you but you still have to let her know her ground, if you do not want to hurt her feelings, then you should have marry her then, you don’t need to come back for me, because that will even hurt her more. It’s the excuse that you do not want to hurt her that you will keep using to heed to her, she came with you, you agreed to let her come because you do not want to hurt her, she came here by this time of the night, you didn’t reprimand her, you even escorted her, she will keep doing more.”

If he didn’t let her know her ground now, she will think she have a place in her heart and will not want to give up

“You are making a big deal out of this, we just reunited, do we have to quarell again. ” He was tired of this argument

Irene felt as if her blood is boiling in anger

“Sorry for barking like a dog, goodbye, I will be going to my room.” She stood up, and didn’t even turn back leaving

Moon was speechless!

Is it up to this, he sighed placing his hand on his head.

He’s so happy they reunited, but then, this have to happen again

Irene who’s already out was disappointed he didn’t even run after her

The guards seeing she was out bowed immediately.

She eyed them, and left still boiling in anger

She’s never been this angry.


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