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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

ROYAL LOVE – Episode 43



Irene who’s on her way to her quarter, stopped when she heard someone tapped her from behind

She turned back, to see a lady in front of her

“I’ve been running after you telling you to wait, but you didn’t answer me.” The lady said

“I didn’t hear.” Irene said.

She’s walking but her mind is elsewhere

“Oh! So you’re Princess Irene.” The lady asked

“Yeah.. What can I do for you. ” Irene questioned curiously

What does this lady want from her?

” I’m Lena by the way, I came here with the king of Terra, who’s my close friend.” The lady smiled.

“Good!.. And what does it have to do with me.” Irene questioned, awaiting a explanation

“I can see why he’s so in love with you, your beauty is enough to win him over.” She scoffed

“Beg your pardon, what do you mean..?” Irene had started to feel uncomfortable with this lady

“You will know soon.” The lady said, and walked away

What gibberish is she saying..?

Irene finds herself disliking her instantly

She decided to ignore the lady as she continue retracing her steps to her quarter

Moon breathes in deeply as he stares at Irene room

It’s time to reveal himself to her

He had no desire to wait for long

They’ve been separated a long time already

Since he’s live here before, it’s not too difficult for him to sneak in

He’s all so confident while coming but now he couldn’t help but be a little nervous

How’s she going to receive him

Irene back was facing the door when she felt footsteps approaching

“Diane, are you back.” She turned her head, but was stunned to see another person

Moon halted his steps seeing that she already saw him

Irene started to shiver

The masked king

How did he get in here?

What is he going to do to her?

“Irene, don’t be scared, it’s me.” He said, removing the mask, showing the face Irene had not seen for a long time

Irene was shocked beyond words.” How, how could it be you…? ”

She’s never expected this turn of events

“Can, can I explain.”

“Explain.” She frowned. ” What do you have to explain…? You already left so you and I are total strangers.”

“It wasn’t like that, I left because I was frustrated, I literally had nowhere in mind to go, I had even wanted to come back, but then someone found me, he’s been my private guard and also a close friend, I was still suffering from memory loss then, he told me I’m the crown prince of Terra and they’ve been looking for me so hard, I have to return back with him, but when we return, everywhere is already in chaos, my father brother who was the one behind my earlier predicament had started a treason and about to seize the throne, I have to gather our army and we later defeated him, but it’s actually with a lot of bloodshed, Irene, I lost my dad, and even Calla who’s nothing but an innocent lady had to die, by shielding me with her body when I was about to get stabbed by her dad, it was even there I remember my memories, after everything was resolved, there’s a lot of things I have to put back in place together after I was crowned king, it was after everything have settled down I have to come back for you, Irene, you may not know how deep your love is rooted in my heart, there’s not a day I don’t think about you, that’s why I didn’t waste time to come for you, but I know you may not feel the same about me, but you can at least tried… ” He explained himself patiently, but all he got was a silent Irene who kept a straight face at him, and didn’t feel moved by what he said.

He knew it, she never wanted him around

He loved her but cannot force her if she’s unwilling to accept his love for him

He turned back, and wanted to walk back, but stopped when he heard her say. ” Fool, you’re really going to leave.”

He turned around again, and there was Irene standing on her two feets

He was confused.”Didn’t you wanted me to leave.”

“The only problem i’ve got with you is you’re fast to conclude things, you concluded i wanted you to leave, you concluded i don’t love you, when did i ever said that..?”

Moon eyes began to lit up. ” Does that mean you love me.”

“Do you know how hard it’s been for me too, how hard to pretend i was okay even when i was not, how i longed for you every day, how i terribly missed you but you, you gave up way too easily, imagine you’re going to leave like that.” She confessed, pouring out her feelings at once

She can’t believe he will really leave like that

Moon couldn’t belive what he just heard

Irene had loved him all these while

He’s not dreaming right

“Why then, why did you accept to be Max fiancee, even accepting his ring.” He wouldn’t deny the fact that this kept crepting into his mind ever since he learnt of it

“Because i was frustrated. I thought you’re never going to come back again, i had thought i will forget you if he stays by my side.” She revealed

She wanted to use Max to forget him

Though she feel sorry to Max

But love is something you just cannot force

No matter how she tried, the only one guy on her mind is the guy standing in front of her right now

She doesn’t even know he’s gonna come back

Meanwhile, Moon felt butterflies in his tummies, after everything he had just heard

She loved him! She feels the same way!

This is the best feeling ever

He had not feel this way a long time ago

He pulled her into his arms that moment. ” I’m back for real now, i will never leave again, i will only be by your side.”

Irene smiled, she doesn’t want to deny herself the feelings she had craved for any longer

She doesn’t care about any other thing again, she just want to be with him

“Why did you make such a ridiculous suggestion for you and Max to have a match.” she couldn’t help but ask.

It makes her feel somewhat guilty to Max

He have the determination to win by all means for her but she doesn’t even care if he does

“That’s the only way i can get him to stay away from you.” He responded.

“How are you so sure you will win.. Don’t understimate Max, he’s really very good in sword fighting. ”

She knew Moon will have skills but doesn’t want him to be too confident

Max is a really good fighter

She’s aware of how good he is

He had even taken five men down

All alone, all by himself

“Are you doubting my skills, don’t worry, you will see, no matter how good he is, i will always be one step ahead him. And even so, he started this, he’s the one who brought the suggestion before, he told me that day when i was held captive in the cell, if he win, i should leave the palace away from your side, so I’m only using his words against him ” He muttered

He cannot wait to see Max reaction if he knew, he’s the guy he’s always hated

Irene was surprised Max said that to Moon before

“So.. ” Irene wanted to say when she heard footsteps approaching

Diane, that must be Diane

She pulled free from Moon immediately

“You have to hide, Diane is on her way.” she whispered in a low tone

“But why do i have to hide, what if she sees me.” he whispered back..

“Listen, just hide for now.” She already began to push him before he knew it

“Quick, hide under the bed.” She whispered, and he did reluctantly.

Just then, Diane entered.

“Hey, you’re back.” Irene said, keeping a straight face

“Yes, is someone in here with you, like I’m hearing you talking to someone.” Diane said looking around

Irene widen her eyes. ” That’s nonsense, I’m the only one here.”

Diane had already taken two steps further taking a mask from the floor. “Who owns this.”

Oh shit! That’s Moon mask

She’s forgotten to pick it from the floor

She snatched it from Diane. ” It’s nothing, i bought it.”

Hm! When did she started liking such mask

“Diane, get me food from the kitchen, I’m hungry. ” She said keeping the mask behind her

“Uh, but you ate an hour ago.” Diane widen her eyes

“Ah yes! But I’m hungry again, so hurry and get me food.” She said and Diane stares at her suspiciously

The Princess behaviour is somehow odd

“Okay! I will be back.” Diane said, and goes out to bring the food

Moon hurriedly came out from under the bed, breathing heavily

“I don’t understand why i have to hide like this.”

“I just don’t want Diane to see you now.” She said

“She will soon be back, you should leave now.” She added and Moon frowned

He doesn’t want to leave now, they just reunited and wanted to stay by her side

“But i don’t want to leave.”

She sighed.”You have to. ”

She gave him back the mask. ” I don’t know why you came with a mask in the first place.”

“I have that thought at the last minute, i wanted you to see me first and if i didn’t wear it, how would i have watch all these drama unfolding.” He winked and Irene laughed

Kira will die from anger if she knew who he is

“She will soon be back, you have to leave now.” She reminded.

” Do you want me to leave that much.” He frowned.

“I don’t but no choice now and remember you made the rule neither you nor Max will stay close to me untill you win the match.”

“Oh that, do you think i care about such rule, i made it because i don’t want him close to you, it doesn’t mean i can’t be.”He revealed

“You deceived him.” she said and he winked. “I told you i will always be one step ahead.”

“Okay sir but you have to leave now.”

“Okay okay, i will but will soon be back.” He said and goes out and was soon out of sight.

It’s not long Diane returned.

Thank God Moon left already.

“This is the food.” She said, placing the wrapped up food on the table

“Oh! I don’t have appetite again, take it away.” She said and Diane shouted. “What…?”

“Hey wait.” Kira shouted behind Lena, who stopped and turned around

“What do you want..? Why are you disturbing my peace…?. ” Lena frowned, as Kira scurried towards her

She’s been looking forward to talk to her privately and here is the best place

Kira smirked. “Disturbing your Peace, didn’t you use to be my maid.”

This lady have some gut now

“So, do you still see me as your maid, you’re really crazy.” Lena shook her head.

“So you’re actually a spy who came to find things out about us, you’re really good in acting.. Tell me what lies did you feed the king.”

Lena laughed. So this arrongant Princess thought she’s a spy, but since she had the thought, she is not going to deny it

She’s been feeling angry anyway, now there’s someone to vent it on

“Yeah, I only tells the king the kind of demon you are, are you expecting me to tell him how good of an angel you are, despicable.” She hissed and was pleased to see the look on her face

She didn’t even wait for a reply before leaving her alone.


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