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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

ROYAL LOVE – Episode 42



Royal’s Love

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Episode 42

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Being close to him, she started to perceive his scent

“My King, this is a toast to you to welcome you to my kingdom once again.” The king of rithfold raised his glass cup

Moon raised his cup too and Irene had to carry the wine filling it for him

After she did, they both drank and complete their toast

Afterwards, the minsiters started to toast with him too

“Don’t pour the wine, pour the tea instead. I have enough of the wine.” Moon said to Irene, after accepting a toast from the fourth person

Irene dropped the wine jug and picked up tea instead

She cursed him in her heart angrily

He dares to order her around

She started pouring it into his cup, even after it’s been filled up

The tea started to pour on his hand, she’s actullay doing it intentionally

She shows a panicked face and bowed.” I’m sorry my king, i was lost.”

The tea is actually hot, so he will surely feel pain as the hot tea came in contact with his skin

Everyone turn to stare at them, getting hint of the situation, as the masked king was still holding the overfilled tea

Oh God! The Princess is doomed today

She can never escape punishment

Even Kira was happy

Wasn’t she enjoying all the attention now look what befalls her

“What’s wrong with you, do you have to be so clumsy.” The Queen, scolded Irene.

She then face the king. “Very sorry, my king, she last the proper etiquette of a princess, her mother was a maid who died during her birth, so she have no one to teach her, I hope you will be lenient with your punishment.” The Queen pleaded with a pity face

On the surface, she appears to be pleading on her behalf, however, taking a closer look at it, she doesn’t waste time to reveal her status as a princess

She’s happy an opportunity came for her to reveal it to the king, will he still want her close to him after that

Definetely lost

Moon dropped the cup and bring out an handkerchief

” I never asked for your opinion, did i. ” Moon said, and gave Irene the handkerchief

The Queen stammered. ” Uh, Yes, Sorry My king.”

Small whispers of laughter could be heard again.

Once again, this king embarrassed the Queen

It was the princess at first and now the Queen

Irene didn’t understand why he gave her an handkerchief, but she did when she stretched out his hand

He wanted her to wipe it for him

She started to wipe the tea off him, a scar as a result of the hot tea was visible on his finger

She started to feel guilty, she had did it intentionally

Even she was feeling sorry for him, the tea was really hot

He will have to blow some air unto it before drinking, but she pour it on his hand like that

He didn’t even act like it pains him, doesn’t even punish her

Why’s he treating her this way

After she was done, he took back the handkerchief

“I’m full already, will you mind to take me around the palace.” Moon said to the hearing of everyone

“My leg aches, I have to rest.” She declined immediately.

She doesn’t want to stay any longer by his side

He stood up from his seat, and move in front of her

He bent down and tries to touch her leg ” Where does it hurt.”

Before his hand came into contact with her leg, she moved back instantly

What?? Is he trying to raised up her skirt right now

This King is a pervert

Every other person were stunned and have the same thought

Max couldn’t take it anymore

He stood up from his seat and walked up to them instantly

“Forgive me your majesty, I want to have a word with her right now, privately.” He said the moment he got to their side.

Moon stood up from his bending position and turn to face Max

It’s this guy again

“Who are you to her.” He asked, as they both gazed at each other

“She’s my Fiancee.” Max revealed, and others stares at him in amazement

When did she become his fiancee?

Didn’t he just broke marriage with Princess Kira

Today is really full of drama

Moon was calm as he kept gazing at Max indifferently

What the hell is he saying.?

“Aren’t you already married to her.” He pointed his head to Kira

They all received another round of shock.

How did the king know they were married?

“Yes we were once married, but we already seperated.” Max revealed.

“Yes my king, the marriage was an arranged one, with no love present, so my father, the king broke it up for us.” Kira didn’t waste time to join in

She’s getting it now

The reason he’s hostile with her was because he thought she’s still married

Turn out the king had investigated before coming

Her mind drifted off to Lena instantly

She must be the one

She’s actually a spy who came to study everything

Shit, she has made a lot of mistakes

She turned to Lena and gave her hostile looks

So she’s actually a pretender not a maid at all

She’s a fool, she should have known the moment she saw her fine skin

Which maid will have such fine skin

Meanwhile there’s somwthing Moon is not getting

He knew Kira loved Max so much

And even played all types of dirty tricks to marry Max

But now, what does she mean by no love between them

He should have get it when they didn’t sit down besides themselves

And when Kira shows up like a unmarried maiden

(A married lady looks different from a single maiden)

Now that he’s no longer married, he’s having eyes on Irene again

He’s not gotten over his feelings

Why do the two of them always have to be rivals everytime they meet

“Are you really his fiancee.” He turn to Irene instead

“Yes.” Irene nodded.

Max was happy she didn’t deny him

He took out a hairpin.” This is a token of our love to each other, she gave me this hairpin and i gave her the ring on my finger.”

Moon stares at her hand, ans there was really a ring

But then his eyes caught something else

On her wrist, there was that bracelet

The bracelet they shared together

She’s still wearing it

That warm his heart instantly

“Well, i actually came for her hand in marriage.” Moon revealed his intention and there was dropped silence in the room

They were all stunned. No one expect this turn of event

So he already had the one he wanted on his mind

Who would believe it’s the low ranked Princess

Princess Kira felt as if a thunderbolt had struck her

It must beLena

He must have told him Irene is better

So he started to have interest in her instead

If she had known, she wouldn’t have heed to her mother advice

She would have stay tight with Max

Now she lost Max and cannot even get the king

Why does Irene have to be the lucky one all the time

“However, since you claim she’s your fiancee, i will suggest we have a match duet in three days, if i win, you’re to stay away and i can shoot my shot peacefully, but if you do, i will stay away” He suggested.

” Do you agree, if you don’t , it also means you’re no longer her fiance and I’m allowed to shoot my shot and you’re not allowed to interfere.” He added to the quiet Max

Max find this very familiar

He felt he had brought this preposition before

Yes to Moon.. That guy

“You’re keeping me waiting.” Moon smirked, seeing the odd look on his face

He’s using his own words against him now

“Okay, i agree.” Max nodded, he’s never a coward

He’s not born one

And he’s not gonna leave Irene in the hand of the psychopatic king

“Good that you do, meanwhile, during that period of three days, you and i are not allowed to get close to her or talk to her, so stay away during that period.”

“And also, after i win, i will be removing my mask.” He added with a smirk and walked to Princess Nita table

Irene was lost as he stares at the two men bargaining not asking for her opinion

Meanwhile, Moon had already gotten to Nita table

“It’s been a long time.” He said to her

Nita looked around to be sure it’s her

Is he talking to her right now

“Let’s stroll out for a while, i have many things to ask.” He added and Nita stood up even though she’s damn confused.

Others stares at them in awe too, didn’t he said he only wanted Irene

Why is he talking to Princess Nita again?

It’s not long they got out and was soon out of sight

Kira was so angry, he talked to both of her sisters but embarrased her

It’s no one but that Lena

She must have fed him with lies

Max turn to face Iene after the psychopatic king had gone with Nita

“Don’t worry, i will do my best to win him, i will not let him have you.” He assured and Irene replied with a nod

She’s just having weird feelings about all this

Nita was getting more confused after she sat down with the king in the garden

He’s insisted they come here

“Princess Nita, you still don’t know who i am.” He smiled, however she couldn’t see that smile because of the mask

Princess Nita confused eyes changed to that of shock.. ” It could’t be you’re Moony right.”

His smile widen. ” Smart.”

He them loosen the mask and placed it on his lap

Princess Nita began laughing. “So, it’s you all these while.”

No wonder, there’s so much drama today

Anyway this guy go, he had the ablility to stir up a drama

Moon was happy she didn’t feel uncomfortable and still talking with him casually. “Yes, it’s me. How come you’re not surprised to see I’m the king, aren”t you curious at all.”

“Of course I’m very curious, did you go to Terra and forcefully take the throne or what.” Nita had a serious face

“I’ve always be the crown prince of Terra.” He revealed

No wonder, she always felt this guy Wasn’t ordinary

“I was attacked by my father uncle bandits who tries to kill me, so he could take the throne. That’s how i landed here with memories lost and Irene found me….. ” He explained, everything patiently to her

Even Nita was moved after she heard everything

And she feel so sorry for Calla, who had to die

“Anway that’s in the past, how’s rithfold be? Did anyone gave Irene problem while i was away.”

“Everything was peaceful, nothing much happened.” Nita responded.

He began to ask her other questions and two of them chatted away, as time flies rapidly



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