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ROYAL LOVE – Episode 34



Royal’s Love

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Episode 34

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(Six months later)

How time flies, in the twinkle of an eye, it’s already half a year

Half a year since Moon became the king of Terra

He performed his responsibilities so well and brought Terra back to it’s stability

He’s really been a good king

And now.. The damage caused by Prince Ariel is all gone now

Moon was sitting alone in the garden, enjoying the fresh air, circulating in his body

For the past few months, he have been busy with a lot of responsibilities on his shoulder

He tries all his possible best to do his duty as expected of him

He’s relieved his hardwork is paying off already

Now there’s only one thought on his mind

Which is to go back to Rithfold for Irene

He couldn’t help it anymore

He needed her

He loved her


He missed her so much

He do not know if she still remember him, but he wished she do

How he wished she’s here

She’s the only woman he wanted as his Queen

He was so lost in his thought, that he wasn’t aware of Damien presence

“Your highness.” He tapped him lightly.

Seeing the look on his face, he must be thinking of that woman he loved

For the past six months he’s by his side now

He already told him everything about Irene so he knows how much she loved her

Once in a while, he will sit alone, thinking about her

“Yeah.” Moon said, staring at Damien

“The ministers are here already, it’s time for the meeting.”

“Oh! Let’s go then.” Moon said, getting on his feet

His ministers have requested for a meeting three days ago, and they’ve picked today for it

Now that they’re here, he shouldn’t keep them waiting.


The ministers bowed, immediately Moon entered, and sat on the throne.

They then rised, all ready for the meeting

One of them began. "Your majesty, we are very happy with your tenure, everything is going so well, you're indeed a blessing to us. However, it's been six months you've been on the throne but the Queen position is still empty, you need a woman to stay by your side, relieve your stress and gives you heir, the kingdom also needs a Queen."

Another one picked it up from there."So we hope you can work on that quickly, maybe we should gather the noble ladies and you can pick the one you like. "

"There is no need for that, I have a lady in mind already." Moon said

"That should be lady Lena. You should send a marriage proposal to her family on time, her father is also here." One of the ministers muttered and others smiled in agreement, staring at Lena's father who also looked pleased

Soon, he will be the king father in law

"The lady is not Lena." Moon revealed and all the ministers were stunned

Who could it be then?

"But she's the only lady closed with you." One of them disclosed.

"Yeah she is, I don't dispute that fact, but it doesn't mean I have her on my mind." He said to the displeasure of everyone

Their purpose today is to set him up with Lena

"So who's the lady you have on mind? " One of them questioned.

"She's princess of Rithfold city." He revealed, shocking them all

If he do not want Lena, they could accept it as long as he married a lady of their kingdom

But he wanted a to bring a lady from another kingdom as their Queen

It sure did not go down well with them.

"My king, I don't think it's a good idea to marry from another kingdom, how can we worship a foreigner as our Queen when there's so many ladies here too. Moreover, Lady Lena sacrificed a lot for you, even when we think you're dead, she still went out of her way to search for you." One of them said and they all nodded

"I really appreciates everything she did, she actually left with Damien, my bodyguard to search for me. I shall give her the title of the lady of virtue to honor her, I shall also rewards her with many gift."Moon said

"My king, that's not enough, you should marry her as the Queen, you can then marry the lady on your mind as a concubine, that will be better. "

This statement got Moon so angry, he's been watching their drama and tries his best to stay calm

Now, they really trigger his anger

"You're not the one to rule my marriage or tell me who to marry, if it's not going down well with you, you can resign as a minister or I give the throne to you, you can then crown a puppet king you can control his life." He asserted firmly with authority

He speaks with so much anger that nobody could raise up their voices to talk anymore

"I will be appointing two envoys tomorrow to deliver my letter to Rithfold, a letter that states my desire to marry one of the princess. When they come back, I will then leave to bring her." He said, and the ministers only stares at each other

"The throne is going to be left empty." It was Lena father who talked this time.

"My mother will be regent the little time I will be away." He said, while they keep mute

"Since, we're done with this meeting, I will be leaving." He stood up from his throne, not even waiting for them to leave first


Lena smiled, after she sighted her father

She then scurried towards him swiftly

Still smiling, she asked. “Father, how’s it?”

She knows of the meeting he went for

For the past six months, Ryan became the king

She will always go to the palace to keep his company often

However, she doesn’t understand why he’s not propose marriage to her yet

She do not see him with any other lady except her

So she concluded he was shy to let her know of his feelings

She had convinced her father to bring his marriage up in a meeting, maybe then he will finally let out his intention of marrying her

After constant disturbance, her father agreed and called upon the other ministers so they could bring it up together

“Why are you not talking.” She questioned, wondering why he’s not responding to her question

“Well, he has a princess in mind from Rithfold, and he will be going to bring her here soon. So you should also forget about him now. ”

Her father words shattered her completely

Could she be the princess he talked to her about

Whenever she goes to visit him, she would always tell him to tell her how he lived in Rithfold

After constant nagging, he told her a princess saved him

That’s all he revealed and she couldn’t get anything out of him

She do not think much of it too, turns out he already loved her

What about her?

“Father, I will be back. ”

She turned around, running off to the palace instantly.

Her father opened his mouth slightly to stopped her, and then he closed it back with a sigh

This girl, she’s so much obsessed with him


Moon stood in front of Calla’s cemetery with Damien behind him

He bent down and placed his hand on her cemetery

“How are you doing?… It’s been more than six months you left now, are you happy.”He paused and stares for a while

He continued. “I know you’re doing fine, So Calla, you told me to be happy, now I want to be happy, I want to let of the bad past, and only embraces things that will make me happy, I will go after the woman I love now because only she can complete my happiness. Continue to rest in peace, you will forever be in my heart. ”

He remembered how she died in his arm

How she struggled to gives out her last weak smile

How her body became lifeless

He remembered it all

He stares for a long while, and Damien stood there not disturbing him

After a long while, he finally stood up on his feet

He then turned to Damien “let’s go”


Moon entered his quarter surprised to see Lena waiting

Lena on sighting him also scurried up to him swiftly.

Damien also left, giving them privacy

“Ryan, you’re finally back.” Lena said

Though he’s the king, but when they’re alone

She still calls him by his name, Moon doesn’t takes it a big deal either

“Why’re you here? Have you wait for long.” Moon said, staring at her feet

“It’s not been that long.”she stated.

“So why did you come?…” Moon asked.

“Ryan, is it true to you’re going to marry Rithfold Princess.” Lena asked, glaring intently at him

Moon didn’t answer her immediately, thus, keeping silent for some few minutes

He would be a fool if he’s not aware of her feelings towards him

Maybe when he haven’t met Irene, but now that he knows what Love is and how it feels to be in it

He’s very much aware of her feelings, he feel indebted to her and do not want to hurt her feelings

But unfortunately, he fell for another woman already

“Yes! It’s true.” His reply was short and brief

“That princess that saved you.” She said and he nodded.

“Can I go with you when you’re going, you know I’ve been in Rithfold for a while too, I missed the place, I will just count it as vacation.” She requested

She actually want to see this lady that captures her Ryan heart

Moon hesitated. “No, you should stay here.”

“Please Ryan, all I ask for is to take me with you.” She pleaded pitifully

“Okay, i will.” He agreed and she smiled, hugging him tightly

“Thank you so much.”


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