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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

ROYAL LOVE – Episode 33



. Royal’s Love

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Episode 33

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Prince Ariel gave Jared one last stare after the maids placed another cup of poisoned tea in front of them

“I’m sorry for being a bad father to you, in our next life, I will make sure to correct everything.”

Prince Ariel then picked up the tea and gulped it down at once before Jared could stopped him

He wanted to be the one to die first, he do not want another child to die before him

It’s not long he started to feel pains down his stomach

He groaned, rubbing his stomach and few moments later, his lifeless body laid on the floor

Jared felt tears welling up his eyes staring at his father dead body

How did it turned out to be like this.?

Their family just fall apart like that

At that moment, he knew it’s the end, he picked up the tea and gulped it down his throat

Not long, his body laid next to his father

It’s time to behead the other traitors who’re Prince Ariel followers

Moon couldn’t watch anymore

He left quietly, to the gargen and sat down alone

The satisfaction he thought he will feel, after prince Ariel death didn’t come at all

Instead, he felt more grief in his broken heart

“Ryan.” Lena called touching his shoulder

She had seen him leave, and also followed him

Ryan turned his head, and stared at her

She removed her hand from his shoulder and sat down beside him

“You don’t look very happy.” Lena heaves a sigh as they stares at each other

“After how everything turns out, how can I be happy.? He asked rhetoricallly

“I understands you, but you just have to let it go, and we move on. ” She advised

Moon forced a small smile. “Yeah, thank you.”

Lena smiled back, and hold his left hand rubbing it lightly

“You’re alive all these while, why didn’t you come back earlier?… I saw you at Rithfold city, what were you doing?.. ”

There have not been time for them to talk ever since he came back, now that they’re alone together , she couldn’t help but ask

“I lost my memories.” He revealed briefly, which left her bewildered

So that’s why..

“So how did you plan everything and come in time to save everyone?”.

She was so curious

“Damien found me and brought me back. When we came back and saw the poster stating my father will be abdicating the throne, we knew something’s off, it’s Damien who took me to the army base too, I couldn’t remember since I’ve forgotten my memories, so we planned everything carefully.” He explained to her

He must have gone through a lot, she still have a lot of questions to ask him but she knows this was not the right moment

She’s really happy he came back and that’s all that matters now

“With time you will heal, everything will fall back in place. You should be looking forward to your coronation now as our new king.”

Lena comforted still rubbing his hand, and he just stares at her blankly

(A week later)

After being in greef of the previous dead king, and already dealt with the traitors

It was the day to crown the new king which is Moon

They couldn’t delay it any longer

After all the rites and rituals, Moon came forward to say his vow

Raising up his right hand, he began ” I Prince Ryan who’s being made to be your king today, I promised to perform my duties as expected of me and will always remember my status as protector of the people, the father of the land before being the father of my children and the husband to my wife, I hereby made my vow.” He raised down his hand and everyone began cheering

They all have hope again

He picked up the jug of wine, pouring it in a big bowl, he drank and passed it to his mother

His mother drank and passed it, till every members of the royal and noble families had a taste

The Queen, who’s now the Queen Mother, stood up, picked up the crown and placed it on his head

Everyone immediately bowed down. “May you live long. Your majesty. ”

“You may all rises.” Moon said and they all stood up

His mom smiled staring at him

She’s happy she’s strong for her son

And now witnessing him being made king

Though the death of her husband really weigh her down, but she knows she need to move on like everyone else

And be strong, especially for her son

Now it’s time for everyone to feast on food and wine


(3 hours later)

Prince Mitchell, watched as his mother began packing her belongings

He’s already done packing his, which is outside already

After she was done packing, two maids came and took the luggages out

“Let’s go out.” His mum said after seeing he’s standing motionless in his position

“Mum, are you happy leaving with me.” His questions made her somewhat surprised

He’s told her days before his decision of leaving

He didn’t even ask of her opinion

Now that they’re leaving like this, his heart aches a little

His mom then smiled seeing the worry in his eyes “I’m really fine with leaving, I want a peaceful life too. I’m tired of the royals struggle and fight for power. I want a happy life outside, I’m really happy with your decision ”

He smiled back and hugged her lightly. “Thanks mum for understanding me, you’re the best mum in the world.”

She’s willing to throw away the life of luxuries to leave with him

She chuckled and reciprocates his hug

After a while, they unlocked from embracing themselves

“We should go now or else, we’re going to be late.” His mum said giving her room one last stare

No doubt, she will missed her room

Over the years, she’s been used and comfortable with it

Anyway, it’s all for the best

They goes out and was surprised to see Moon already in front of their door waiting

The carriage was out too

“You’re set to leave now.” Moon asked Mitchell, immediately he sighted them

“Yes! My king.” He bowed , answering him with respect

He would have leave after Prince Ariel death but he wanted to witnessed his brother coronation

“You don’t have to be so formal with me.” Moon said.

“You’re the king, it’s only right that I should respect you.”

Now that he’s the King, he should be accorded with more respect than when he used to be crown prince.

Moon didn’t comment further on it, he’s not here because of that anyway

“Mitchell, do you really need to leave. If you stay, I have no problem with it.”

Moon said, trying to persuades him

“Brother Ryan, I understands you but I really want to leave , It’s not because of you but on my own will, I and my mother already decided.”

Moon then nodded, not dwelling on it any longer seeing his mind was made up

“I wish you happiness wherever you’re then. If you need my help , you can always come to me ”

Jared then smiled. “Thank you so very much brother.”

The two then embraced each other

After unlocking from the hug, he bids them farewell and Prince Mitchell mum entered into the carriage

Mitchell wanted to hop on his horse, when a lady suddenly ran to him, stopping him.

She was panting very hand, she had ran just now

“My prince, please let me go with you.” she pleaded.

Mitchell recognized her immediately, she’s Marie, a young maid who worked for him

He’s dismissed most of his servants since he would be leaving, and she’s among the one he dismissed

He’s only bringing 2 female maids and 2 male servant with him

He couldn’t believe she came back

“Why did you return?.. You should go back.” He said staring at her

“My prince, please. Let me go with you.”

She insisted.

“I’m going to a far away place, you may not be able to keep in touch with your families, and it might not be all rosy there like it used to be here.” Mitchell said.

“I don’t mind at all, I don’t have any families too, my mother who’s my only family died last year, so I’m only a poor orphan.” She said, looking determined

Prince Mitchell sighed, hesitating to take her along

“Mitchell, let’s bring her along.” He suddenly heard his mom voice from inside the carriage

The young maid was also very happy to hear this. “Thank you very much, My lady.”

She’s worked for Prince Mitchell for 3 years, she’s secretly loved and adored him.

She’s really happy she could leave with them now

Prince Mitchell then hopped on his horse and they started moving.

Soon, they’re out of sight

Moon watched them the whole time

Damien was already standing behind him

Seeing the look on that girl face, he knows she loved Mitchell

She wouldn’t even mind leaving with him as long as she’s besides him

That’s what love is

He suddenly thought of Irene

How is she doing now?

His heart aches as the thought of her clouded his mind

He missed her.

Her smile.. Her everything.

Does she ever think of him at all

“My king, we should go, you have so many things to attend to.” Damien reminded

Now that he’s the king, he have so many responsibilities on his shoulder

“Yeah! We should go.” He said and turned around.



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