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ROYAL LOVE – Episode 32



Royal’s Love

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Episode 32

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Prince Ariel was led out of the cell, by four soldiers, two in his front, and two at his back, as they walked strictly behind him

It’s not long they reached their destination, the execution ground, so many people were present, including the Citizens who’re there to witness the execution of a traitor

All of his accomplices were already there, kneeling, as their hands were tied to the back

Jared was the first person on the roll

Jared on sighting him, shouted. “Father. ”

He was dragging it with the soldiers as they forced him to kneel

However, he couldn’t win against so many soldiers, especially when his hand were tied, so he could only stay still

Before the sooldiers could led him, to kneel beside Jared on the execution ground

The citizens started to throw hard stones at him

“Bad man, die die now. ”

“You deserves a thousand deaths.”

“You want to be the king when you don’t even care about human lives, you think human are animals whom you can kill at your own eyes. ”

“People like you should be stoned to death.”

“You killed our one and only dear king, you shall rot in hell.”

The People released their anger on him as they continue to throw him stones

Most of them were also present on his coronation day

They also witnesses how he makes his soldiers surrounds everyone, he do not even care about them

If that man were to be their king, his tenure will be worst

As they throw these stones, he didn’t even sheided his body, he just let the stones him him

Blood was already oozing out from every part of his body

“Stop now, stop throwing stones.” Jared shouted furiously

The people smirked and then turned to face him

“You’re the product of this wicked man, then you’re no different, You will be just like your father.”

They started to diecet the stones to him too, hitting him hard

The soldiers quickly ran forward to stop them

“Everyone, stop now.” They said as the people finally stopped

They’re satisfied as they have been able to unleash their anger on both the father and son

Prince Ariel was then led to kneel, besides Jared on the frontline

His eyes met with Moon, as one of the ministers came forward, to read the royal scroll that states their offence and punishment

“Because of your greed for power, you caused havoc, panic and disorderliness in the kingdom. You made so many lost their lives including the king. However you shall not escape punishment even if you have the blood of a royal, Death is the punishment.

And for the accomplice, you allows yourself to be used, and betray your own kingdom thus contributing to the anarchy, you shall also be punished with death. All of the accomplices shall be beheaded. However, Prince Ariel and Jared will be punished with death by drinking poison tea.”

The minister took his seat, after reading.

The maids then brought two cups filled with tea in front of Prince Ariel and Jared.

They’re expected to drink the tea which is actually poisoned

They’re not gonna be forced to drink it, anyone punished by this method is expected to drink the tea on his own willingly

After drinking, they will feel some discomfort in their stomach and then died.

Their hands were then loosen so that it could be easy for them to pick up the tea and drink

Prince Ariel picked up one of the tea, and raised it up

Jared pushed it off his hand, as it litters on the floor completely

“You must not drink it father.” He said as he pours away the one in front of him too

If they think he will drink the poisoned tea willingly on his own, they must be joking

Prince Ariel stares at him for a while and then took his eyes away

“Before I drink the poison tea, I want to see my daughter cemetery.”

Prince Ariel demanded.

Mitchell stood up staring at him with hatred and anger. “How dare you requests to see her cemetery?… You’re not worth.. ”

Before he could complete his statement, Moon had walked forward

“Follow me if you want to see her cemetery.”

He said facing Prince Ariel

Everyone were quite surprised to hear this

“My Prince, you shouldn’t.” One of the soldiers try to stopped him

“Step aside.” Moon gave him a cold look and he did as told, Prince Ariel then walked forward

“You don’t need to follow us, it will just be I and him, we will be back soon.” He instructed the soldiers, who were reluctant to stay

What if he tries to use that opportunity to harm the prince or escape?


Moon watched as Prince Ariel stares hard at Calla’s cemetry

He’s a little bit far from him, because he wanted to give him enough privacy with his daughter

However, he could still see everything he’s doing

Ariel sat down besides the cemetery with a smile

“How are you doing.” He asked as if she could hear him

“I guess you must be doing fine.. Don’t worry, I and Jared will be joining you soon, you’re not going to be lonely anymore.” He heaved a long sigh and paused.

He then continued after few moments of silence. “I guess your biggest regret is having me as a father, and I know in your next life, you don’t want to cross path with me anymore. However, i’m still selfish because I want you as my daughter again in my next life, I hope I will be able to correct the mistakes I made, and do everything a good father should do, I hope we will live in peace and happiness, un bothered about anything.”

He smiled and heave a short sigh.

“I guess I’m talking too much.” He then stood up and scurried towards Moon, who’s just watching him silently

“Are you done.” Moon asked, when he finally stopped in front of him, Prince Ariel nodded to his question.

“Death by poison tea, you dissapointed me, I was expecting a death by thousand arrows. Is it because you promised Calla.” Prince Ariel suddenly Muttered, as they walked back to the execution ground

“Even if I gave you a cruel death, will it bring back my father and Calla, will it change anything.” Moon said In a low tone

Prince Ariel chuckled with a sad smile. “Indeed, what matters is I will be dead at the end.”

Moon gave him a short stare and took his eyes away again



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