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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

ROYAL LOVE – Episode 1

Royal love 💂‍♀️ ❤️


Princess Irene is a lovely and kindhearted princess but was the daughter of a footbath maid which made her the subject of bully

But doesn’t stop her from being kind hearted and strong

What happened when she left the palace to the market square one day and bring in a mysterious homeless man

Who is the mysterious man?

Find out!!!

Royal’s love
💂‍♀️ ❤️

Episode 1 ✌️

Princess Irene P. O.V

” Princess, are you going out ” Diana my personal maid said , surprised 😲 to see me dressing up

” Of course I am, today is dance festival, it is going to be a lot of fun, I can’t miss it ” I said full of smiles

” But you can’t leave the palace, don’t tell me you’re sneaking out again” she said trying to stop me from going

” So I should stay in this prison all time without doing any tangible thing, just stay in the room all day bored and miss out something fun ” I said hesitating, no one can stop me from going, I’m really determined

” You can stroll around, if they found out you’ve been sneaking out, you know the penalty, why can’t you just stay here, it is meant for the people not the royal members, you will never give me rest of mind” she said worried and I smiled

” Don’t worry, no one will find out, don’t worry about me, I don’t have visitors anyway and it is not like anyone care about me and ever noticed me in the palace ” I said which I see made her uncomfortable, that is the truth anyway, no one really cared about me but I love it that way, I don’t like much attention anyway and i rather love myself unnoticed

” This is what you say that makes me angry all the time, who told you no one cared, I do, so even if it is just for one person, you should still be careful for them, others who are surrounded with many, how many really cared about them” she said in a serious tone and I smiled jokingly ” C’mon just a joke uh, you take everything serious, I know you care as much as I do, stop talking and get me my shoe” I said and she said in a low tone enough for me to hear ” always making joke of everything “.
Well, i’m always free with my maid, I never treated them like one, they are like family to me, she brought me my shoe which i put on quickly and was satisfied checking myself in the mirror

” I’m coming with you ” she said and I agreed ” Sure, I don’t want to have the fun alone “, I opened the door and step out to be stopped by my personal guard
” Where are you going ” he said and I giggled, I only have there servant in my quarter, he is the only male and my private bodyguard, other members of the royal family have tons of servant their quarter, well I love mine like that, I don’t like too many people around me

” Just going out ” I said not waiting for his respond followed by Diana, we walked to the gate and was stooped by the palace guards

“Princess, where to? ” the guards asked blocking her path

” I just want to get something in the market ” I said becoming uncomfortable

” Have you receive an audit or a permit from the king to let you out” he asked her, these guards are just full of unreasonable questions disturbing her peace

” No, he had been busy and can’t see anyone now ” I said hoping it will buy them

” Why don’t you send your maid instead, that will do” the other one said, useless guards, will I give her my eyes 👀 to help me watch the dance and have all the fun alone, she had known what to do, of course she knew they will disturb her and she had what to deal with with, she dipped her hand in her pocket, winked at one and dipped something into his hands, obviously money to bribe them, I know how to get them, trust me

” Hmm Princess don’t be late, maximum 2 hours please ” he said and I nodded ” 1 hour is even enough ” I said and finally breath a sign of relief when the gate finally opened and I hurried out
” Beautiful fresh air, finally out of prison ” I said hugging myself happily while Diana looks at me with her horrible eyes, who cares? Let’s have some fun

Authour’s P. O. V

Everyone were gathering around a set of clowns displaying their funny comedies, everyone were laughing at the jokes and skills they display, princess Irene was not left out, she was having so much fun, the show ended and it was time for dance, diffrerent maidens participated to show off their skills, they were all really good but there could only be one winner, some are betting on who they think will win the princess was really enjoying herself

” Who do you think who win, let’s bet with a coin” Diana her maid said

” Hmm, I think the one in red will do, she is amazing ” she said with a satisfied look

” No no, the one in pink is more good ” she argued not agreeing with her

” Okay then, one coin for me and one for you ” they said and also participated in betting, no one knew her Identity, the winner was later decided, the one in red as said by Irene later won the competition, and was given her price

” Wow, princess you said it, you’re really good ” she said to the princess who in turn smiled ” I told you, believe me when I speak a word and don’t call me princess here ” she said into her ear slowly feeling satisfied, she got back her money double, they watch other shows such as horse riding competition 🏇, and arrow shooting, the hours she was given will soon knack so they have to go back to the palace, she wished not to return, lot of enjoyment here and now she is going back to prison, if there is someone who could trade position’s with her, she will be more than happy

” Princess let’s return now, you’ve had a lot of fun ”

” As if I am the only one who had fun, you enjoyed yourself than I do,shhh ” she said ready to go now

“Can we go now”

” Hmm one last thing, I’m hungry, let’s get sweet rice cakes and we can go ” she said walking up to the shop while she followed behind, she ordered for her sweet rice cakes and tea 🍵, one for her and one for Diana, she was eating in peace when the owner shouted on a man who she said she tried to steal food from her shop

” You thief I will teach you a lesson today, you will be beaten well, lazy fellow ” she shouted and Princess Irene on seeing the pale man who was looking so weak and hungry walked up to save him, she was hit unknowingly by the woman who wanted to hit the guy

” Young miss, why do you come in the way, I need to punish him so he could learn how to work and never steal again ” she said angrily ready to devour him

” Don’t punish him, I will pay for it, give it back to him” she said preventing the woman from hitting him

” You should not do this, allow me to punish him, I have been here working myself out and someone can just come here to steal from him, lazy fellow” she said not keeping calm

” I apologize on his behalf, help me sell to him, I will pay for everything for him ” she said and the woman hesitated for a while before agreeing and giving him food

” Don’t ever show your face in my shop again, thank this young miss that saved you today ” she said and drop food in front of him, he ate and devour the food hungrily like he had not ate for years

” Relax, it is all yours, not running away so eat slowly ” Princess said smiling at him, he looked at her for a while and started eating back his food, she gave him water which he gushed down immediately, he looked satisfied, she pay for everything and take a look at him again, the cloth he was wearing were torn in different places, she walked over to him giving him money ” you should take care of yourself, by good clothes and eat good food ” she said but he didn’t collect the money

” Ungrateful fellow, you didn’t thank her and you refused her money ” Diana said looking at him in a horrible way

” Let him be, we are different ” Princess Irene said turning back and going with Diana following her, the mysterious man started to follow them

😍Princess irene😍
” Look, he is following us, why is he following us now” Diana said to me while I looked back to see him following us, I stopped and walked up to him

” Why are you following me, you want anything ” I said but there was no reply, all i got was look that look strange to me, he is totally unkempt, he looks like he didn’t bath for a week

” Do you want the money now ” I said raising it to him but he stood there motionless, I turned back again going and he continued to follow us, I stopped again and walked up to him” what do you want exactly?, why do you keep following me ” I said with impatience but he only gave me that look, the look I’m tired of

” I think he is deaf and dumb” Diana said and I nodded

” What about your family, do you have any” I said hoping he could talk but he shake his head which means he doesn’t have family, he finally reply even though he didn’t talk, he must be dumb but is not deaf

” So how about friends or any relatives ” I said and he shaked his head, how could someone not have family, friends or relatives, that is weird 😕

” So what do you want from me now? don’t follow me go back, don’t follow me” I said turning and going again but he continue to follow me, is he insane, helping him put me in trouble now, is it wrong to have helped

” We are really late, we need to go back now, this man is wasting our time” Diana said running out of patient and I walked up to me in anger this time

” What do you want, don’t you have a home ” i said and he shooked his head, everything about him is no, how could someone not have a family, friends or a home, this man is really mysterious

” so you want to go with me to my own home ” she said with signs while he nodded, what? He really want to come with her, she can’t take him to the palace, no stranger is allowed without the king order and there’s no way he would give the permission but she really felt pity for him, she wish she could take him with her but what will she do now? 😖

” just go back young man, we live in a sacred place, go back and stop following us ” Diana blurted at him with anger but I made my decision “I will take him with me, follow me” I said to him while Diana widened her eyes ” How will he enter, you can’t sneak him in, what are you doing” she said while I replied calmly ” Who said I’m sneaking him in” I said and stopped her from saying another word while the man follow behind , we got to the palace gate, the guards frown on seeim him

” Who is he, does he have the permit to enter the palace ” one of them said

” No I will go in and get it from the king ” I said, this time bribing will not work, no one can be allowed in the palace just anyhow especially a stranger ” You should stay back here with him ” I said to Diana, I was let in and I walked to the king’s palace quarter, his maid and eunuch were outside his quarter
” Announce my presence to the king” I said while he frowned” I’m sorry, the king already let out an order he is not seeing anyone today as he needs rest ” he said which disheartened me

” It is very important, can you inform him first ” I said dissapointed

” I’m really sorry, I can’t disobey the order ” he said then we suddenly heard the king ‘s voice from his royal chamber ” Who is there ” he asked
” Princess Irene your majesty and I told her already to go back ” the eunuch said while I felt like punching him

” Let her in” I heard him say which makes me so happy, I was allowed in and I bowed bowed head in greeting, I don’t usually go to see the king, I never called him father, not even once

“Have your seat “he said and I sat down, I’m not always comfortable around him but now, I needed his help

” How is your health your majesty ” I said looking down, I did not want to jump into the real reason I came

” As you can see I’m good, what brings you here? He said probably wondering why I came, he knows I don’t usually come to visit him

“Actually your majesty, at the market today I saw a hungry looking man, I fed him and I later learnt he was homeless”. I paused for a while

” So I should give him money or what”

“No, I brought him here, please let him in, he can stay as a servant in my quarter, that way we are reducing unemployment and crime rate here, people like him will go around stealing to survive, we reduced them one by one, please your majesty ” I said praying he will grant my request

” Even if you help him, it doesn’t reduce the rate of homeless people, they are increasing day by day, we do our best but can’t do all, if you had said I should give him money, I can do that, no one can just be let in anyhow, do you know if he disguised himself and just want to enter the palace for evil act ” the king said but she doesn’t think he could have evil plan

” No sire, he Is just an helpless man, if you give him money, he will spend it all, not easy to build a house and the house rent is not a small money, let him stay and he could keep out of his monthly salary ” I said hoping he could just listen to me

” And how did you get to know him, you should be in the palace, how do you go out, you have been sneaking out ” the king said, i finally landed myself in trouble

” No, the thing is I was a bit lonely today so I thought going out will ease the loneliness, I will accept any punishment ” I said bowing my head, who will accept punishment? I’m not ready to at all but it is said when you offend any royal family member esoevially the king and queen ” it is just a slang, I don’t want punishment, what am I to do when the palace is boring, this man finally got me in trouble, I am being find out now” I thought within myself

” I will let it slide this time ” he said and I finally breathe a sign of relief, who noticed me anyway, I mean my present, so why should I stay in the goddamn palace, so now I have to stay in the palace, I can’t be caught again

” Please give me the permit sire ” I finally blurred out

” I will give you because this is the first request you made of me but you will promise me he won’t makes out trouble in the future and if he does you will be hold responsible ” he said and I nodded, I can’t believe I’m putting myself at stake for an unknown man but I felt pity for him anyway, he wrote the permit for me which I helded happily thanking him and hurried out, I got back to the gate happily while I saw Princess Kira, I hate this goddamn face but I always keep calm, smile and hold myself back despite her harsh words, to me she Is just a spoilt brat and a troublemaker who always get what she want and she think it will be like that forever, anyway I have no business with her, i sighted Diana still waiting with the man and Princess Kira walking up to thier direction, I seriously don’t have time for her right now, I will show the guards the permit and go to my quarter with them



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