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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

ROYAL FVCKER … (18+) … Part 1

Royal Fvcker

Theme: A Bride For The Prince

Rated 18+

© Muhammed Mulikat munay berry

“She’s here your majesty “my personal bodyguard said and bow in respect.

” Send her in ” I said coldly and dragged my cigarette .

she walked in shortly observing the whole place , that’s what they all do .

“Your majesty am honored” she said extending her hand for a handshake but I ignored.

“What’s your name” I asked first.

“Carrie sir” she mumbled
“Sit down do you want a drink?” I asked calmly.

“Yes but I want the one you drinking ” she said and took the one on the glass table
I smiled as she sipped from it if only she knew I added boiled weed to it.

She moved from her side and sat down on my thighs.

She fondle with my thick black hair as she planted kisses all over my face .

“Let’s take it slowly shall we ? Take the elevator upstairs to the third floor go straight by your right enter the first room there ,I will join you in a moment” I said sternly.

She stood up without saying anything and went towards the elevator .

Sorry for not getting to introduce myself .

I’m prince Phillip knights the second , first son of king Vick Phillip of England and stephlana Vick the queen of England.

Talk about wealth am fucking rich , I have my own business empire , a notorious business tycoon .

Age 33 a sex addict ,I fuck whosoever I want with no feelings attached .

Haven’t really dated before I feel it’s not necessary when I can have all the fun whenever I want
They refer to me as the sexy Demi God capable of making any lady scream my name in bed all night long.

That’s enough detail about me for now.

I stood up and walked after her .
Got to my room and found she was already naked.

“Come to mama ” she said seductively

I smirked and pulled off my shirt revealing my masculine figure.
I crawled into bed and kissed her down to her neck area as I fondle with her boobs.

I suck em equally giving them their rights too.

She moaned as I did that .

I brought my lips down to her v and teased her with my tongue as she moaned like the crazy bitch she is.

Inserted one of finger in at the same time sucking her .

She’s quite a screamer tho as she made me get a hard on.

She helped me as I pulled off my shorts and turned her over making her Stand on her fours
I inserted my massive cock into her v as she moaned softly.

I thrust into her roughly and grabbed a handful of her short fake hair . I made sure my beast hit the right spot .

I fucked her in an aggressive manner till she began making funny sounds and begging me to stop.

” Please..PL..”

I wasn’t done yet as I pulled out of her v and inserted back in to her asshole fucking the hell outta her.
I felt my orgasm building up ,I pulled out and emptied it on the bed sheet.

She was breathing so fast as she laid down on the bed.

I stood up and walked into the bathroom to have my shower.
After a warm section in the shower I came out only to meet the room empty but her stuffs were still on the floor .

She had better not go close to my kitchen cause am gonna kill her.
I specifically told my boys to also tell them ,it’s a one night stand nothing much .

They come I fuck them and they go , they’re not allowed to go close to anything in my house.

I walked quietly to the kitchen and there she was trying to cook something.

She’s so dead today.

“What do you think you doing!” I groaned.

“Cooking ofcourse , I don’t know about you my prince but after that round of hot sex am famish I needed to eat something” she said still holding my pot.

” If you know what’s good for you Just get outta my house ” I said calmly.

” What’s the problem my prince am just tryna be nice” she said getting me more upset.

” I said get the fuck out!!” I growled but she didn’t move.

I guess I need to try something else .God she’s even putting on my shirt

What nonsense ..

I opened a drawer in the down cabinet and pulled out a pistol.

“Get the fuck outta my house before I blow your fucking skull off bitch!!” I spat pointing the gun at her.

She shook like a jelly fish and ran out of the house without picking her things.

Where did Alex gets all this stupid bitches from??


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