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Chapter nine

? Rose ?

Rose POV

” Please…..have mercy” the more I cry, the more he enjoy hurting , he kept thrusting inside of me, I pray for this to stop, am not a believer but I pray for miracle

” You can’t cum inside of her” the tattoo guy said stroking his penis up and down staring as he friend rape me over and over again

” I Cummings……f**kkkkk argh!” The fair guy moan as he withdraw out of me and cum on my stomach

” F**k she is Soo tight…I can’t get enough of her” he said rubbing his dick on my stomach getting hard again

” Is my turn” the tattoo guy said coming closer to the bed

” Yes, it is” the fair one said getting up from my body

” Please….I can’t take it anymore” I pleaded with them ” please…. show mercy” I said trying to get up from the bed

” Argh! ” I scream, my Virgina was on fire,I feel so much pain there as if it was tore up

” You really f**ck her very well” the tattoo guy said to his friend both of them started laughing… watching me struggle to cover myself

The tattoo guy push me down on the bed as I managed to get up and climb on top of me

” I can’t… more please…” I said crying

He hit me on my face again, I can’t even feel my face again, I hurt all over

” That is for hitting me on my dick” he said as he push my leg open and immediately thrust into me

” Argh!!” This time it hurt ten time more than his friend own

” I have to…make sure that you worth the money we paid to you slut aunty” he said as he withdraw and enter me again as I scream again

” You are our whore for today” he said as he kept on thrusting inside of me

” Please….” I beg until I couldn’t feel me voice again, I can’t believe what he just said aunty Beatrice could never do this to me.

I cried and cried until there was no tear left, I lost count of how any times they took turn raping me

I just wish that I could die or faint , maybe is just a dream, but it was neither of those things, I was up thoughout.. watching them taking turn without doing anything

After they where satisfy, they left me on the bed all in pain and left the room

I lay down there,I couldn’t move all my body was aching especially my Virgina

I feel so dirty and use, I was 17 year old girl that prayed for a better life, was I praying for much, is that why am being punished

I lay down not moving as I hear the door open again

Have they come back to finish me I think to myself… it not better


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.