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Chapter thirty

? Rose ?

Rose POV

” What will you do” I ask her, I can’t let her see that am scared of what she might do

” You don’t want to cross me Rose, you better stop this madness” she said glaring back at me

” You can’t do anything” I said as I turn my back at her to go upstairs

” Does he know that you are a whore, that you use your body to make money ” aunty Beatrice said before I could climb the stair

I slowly turn and face her again, I was so mad now,I seriously want to smack away that smirk on her face

“You are the most selfish and wicked woman I have ever seen in my life”I said holding myself not to cry before her again

I did this all for her even when she knew very well that she lied.

“If you don’t want the lover boy to know about your secret, you better stop this nonsense before it goes far, because I promise you that you will be the only one to get hurt” she said

“If you think by threating me will make me become your whore again you are mistaking” I said with a shaking voice

“Am giving you a week, you know what I can do” she said,walking away

I have to do something, I was not planning to keep my past from Alex ,I know that I will have to tell him someday, not now it is to Soon

But I know that aunty Beatrice will do anything to make me whore for her again but I will have to act fast

First I will start looking for a job, and pack out of this curse house, she said one week, I had no time ,I will have to tell Alex sooner it will be better if he hear it from me

Just by thinking of this got me scared, I doubt that he will stay and even if he chose to leave, I will never go back and whore myself for aunty Beatrice again, my job hunt will stay tomorrow

My phone was ringing inside my bag, I quickly put my hand into my bag and bring it out thinking it was Alex
Unfortunately it was Mr Philip

I choose to ignore the call, but he continued called I then switch it off

It such a long day,.I decided to remove.the bad memory of aunty Beatrice and replace it with the one I made with Alex today

I smile remembering how today went

I quickly went and shower before falling on my bed and slept off

After I have finish showering I pick up my phone to call Rose but her phone was switch off,how I miss her already

Just this two days she managed to take hold of my heart and thinking

So this is how love at first sight is,I tried her number again it was still off

I slept off with frustration


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.