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Chapter Twenty-six

? Rose ?

Rose POV

I wake up when I heard my phone ringing, I didn’t even know when I slept off, I didn’t even shower or remove my cloth

I pick up my phone from the bed beside me and check the caller ID it was unknown number, I check the time it was 2:pm midnight

Who could be calling by this time

” Hello” I said immediately I pick the call

” My angel.” I recognize the voice Immediately,happy smile light up my face, his voice was just like a Melody to my ear

” Who is this…” I pretended not to know who was on the line

” Am hurt that you.. don’t even recognize my voice” he said with a sad tone

If I look at myself in the mirror, I would have see how am smiling like a fool ” are going to tell me or not” I said

” Is me your one and only Alex” he said

“I know, i was just pulling your legs” I said

” Naughty…my naughty wide card” he said

” Can you tell me why you wake me up by this time” I said with a fake annoying voice

” I just can’t help it I miss you, special your sexy smile” he said

I was smiling too much making my cheeks to hurt, I started playing with my hair, tossing around on my bed like a child, any trace of sadness and sleep have left me,I don’t know what’s special about this man, but he made me happy and comfortable with him, for Godsake I just met the man today

” Really..” I ask him, blushing as if he can see me

” You have just manage to capture and arouse my feeling, just today…how did you do that?” he ask sounding surprise

” Wow…is this how you deceive all the other ladies” I ask

“” he said

I don’t know how he managed to get me so interesting in him, I have promise myself never to date or married any man, I only see men as cheat and disgusting people

But just a day he manage to change my thinking

” Are you there…or did I make you speechless” he said

” Yes” I answer

” Please permit me to see you tomorrow and please don’t say know” he said immediately

” And if I say know” I ask him , not that I will say know

” Then…you will see me at your house tomorrow morning with a bunch of flowers, kneeing down and begging you to go on a date with me” he said

I started laughing ” Mr, you are too dramatic” i said

“So…?” He ask again

” I will go on a date with you” I said

” Yesss!”

” Can I sleep now” I ask him

“Dream about me ,cause I will definitely Dream about you” he said, Causing me to blush again

” Good night” I said immediately cutting the phone


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.