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Chapter Twenty-five

? Rose ?

Rose POV

I waited until Alex car disappear before turning to go inside, I feel empty coming back here

I just hope that aunty Beatrice is either sleeping or not here, I don’t want to face her at all

I open the door with my key and close it, I turn to head towards my room only to see the devil herself standing in front of me with a bottle of alcohol in her hand

” And who was that” aunty Beatrice ask

” Nobody..” I said as I walk pass her

” Come back here you bitch” she said pulling my hair hard from the back

“Argh!!” I scream and struggle to free my hair out of the her hand

” Who the f**k do you think you are, so you have started to entertain other men behind my back, you ungrateful bitch” she yell at me, as she pull my hair more

Her hold on my hair was so strong, and it f**king painful

” Aunty.. please let go of my hair” I said trying to free my hair

She immediately push me down
” When I f**king ask you a question, you better answer, now who the fuck is he”

I have had enough, I will not allow her to be the boss of me again and if she thinks that I will tell her anything about Alex she is fucking dreaming

I quickly get up from the floor ” if you ever touch me again,I will forget that you are my elder and beat you up” I yell at her

The look on her face was priceless, she was so shock that she left her mouth open, she never excepted me to talk to her like that

I have had enough, how dare her after all she put me though, for Godsake I have ruining my life for her and to think that she decieve me

” Are… you talking to me?” She ask

“Yes I am.. don’t ever try that shit with me again, am no longer the naive and stupid Rose” I said now crying

” How could you, after all I have done for you, you bitch” she said trying to hit me again

I immediately hold her hand and push it down ” am warning you” I said

” What the f**k, you think because you got yourself a rich man, you can now talk to me any how…I made you Rose, he will just use you and dump you, cause you are curse, you are a whore” she started shouting

” That is a lie!.. am not curse, you fucking deceive me into whoring myself for you…I hate you and for your information you never did anything for me, you just use me” I said running upstairs to my room

” Nobody will ever love or accept you” she shouted after me

I use my hand and cover my ear, she is lieing ,am not curse

I immediately open my room door and lock it


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.