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Chapter eighteen

? Rose ?

Rose POV (one week later)

I have gone back to my room am now getting myself, the stitch in my Virgina is now healing slow and coming off

Aunty Beatrice has not been home for one week now, she left me hungry, she does even care when she knows every well that she is the reason am in this condition

There are times that I would want to ease myself but know one was here to help me, I could hardly stand on my two feet, I end up urinating on myself

I have gone hungry for weeks now, nobody to help me to clean myself

But now am getting better, I can now stand and support mybody , the first thing I did was to shower, i paid more attention to my private part that was beginning to smell,I wipe it gentle with the small towel I could find in her bathroom when I was done showering, I took one of her gowns and put it on and clean her room before returning to my room

I have made up my mind to leave from here, there was no place for me here, she left me to died without caring

Even after all she did to me, I still loved her but now I have had a enough, I have to think of my well being, I don’t know where to go but anywhere is better than here for now

I slowly limp to my wardrobe, and started packing some few of my cloth that are still good, when I am done

I remove her cloth and place it on my bed, and put on my hoodie before proceeding to leave

” Where do you think you are going” I was startled, i didn’t know when she came back ,I slowly turn and look at her, I was a little sacred, I don’t know how she will take this

Aunty Beatrice looks like a mess, she was drinking and smoking, her eye was so red,I wonder what is wrong with her, where have she been all those time

” Am… leaving” I said stammering

She started laughing like a lunatic,

” And where would you go, to the foster care or what” she said

” Anywhere but here” I said

” Too bad…you are not even 19 yet, you can’t live me when am still alive, your parents left you under my care am your legal guardian” she said standing up and coming towards me

I started moving back out of fear

” Get this in your stupid skull, you are not leaving, until you are 19 according to the law, Rose I own you” she said hitting me

” Argh!no!…. please …I can’t stay here”

” Too bad you have no fucking choice ,now get inside” she said

With the way she is looking now , defiling her will cause me pain, I turn back and head inside with tears


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.