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Chapter Twelve

? Rose ?

Rose POV

It has been two whole weeks, I have Miss lecture, not that am complaining, I took those weeks to heal and aunty Beatrice will not let me out of the house until some bruises have fade, maybe physical but not emotional, I still have nightmares of those guys raping Evey single time I close my eye

Aunty Beatrice have been ignoring me , she scoff whenever she sees me

Aunty Beatrice ask me to go to school today, because Mr Dean has been calling her to ask of me and because she doesn’t want fingers pointing at her

Mr Dean was such a good and kind teacher not like the other that run after the rich kids at school
I quickly brush my teeth and showered, I put on my hoodies and went straight to the kitchen, I went through all the cupboard but nothing as usual, I don’t even know why I bothered to check when I usually finds nothing

I collected my old bag form the table and was heading towards the door

” Rose” aunty Beatrice called out to me, this is the first time she is speaking to me since the incident

” Yes” I answered and turn to face her, I don’t know why I can’t just hate this woman, maybe it because she is all I have and know all my life

” Take this…get some food and eat” she said giving me some money

I hesitated a little bit, the last time I collected money from her it end pretty bad for me

“Take this f**k money, I don’t want it to look like am not feeding you” she said pushing the money into my hand and went upstairs

I can’t even remember when last I ate something in this house since this pass weeks

I left for school, I trek all the way to school it was far from our house but I have gotten use to it

By the time I managed to get to school, I use my hoodies and cover my head hiding my face behind it as usual before stepping inside the school

Everybody was now looking as me, this is the reason why I hate coming to school

” Weirdo” I heard one of the hottest girl in our school called me as I pass them, laughing along with her friends

Am using to it but am a human being it still hurts, I pass them and enter my for the day class

I have to suffer the stare and humiliation

” Why is she always covering her face” one of the girl in my class ask her friend

I wanted to shout at her to mind they business, but I stayed calm

After we have done for the day, I pack my books as I was about to leave the class

” Rose, come see me in my office” Mr Dean said


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.