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💟By Authoress Pinky💟

💓Chapter Twenty_Eight(28)💓


Subtitle: {Our Story🤜🤛}

★Ella’s Pov★

“Four eyes…” He called out softly as he stood up to his feet, his gaze holding mine. God, how much I miss that nickname. I was suppose to be happy. I was suppose to be glad that he was here. That my idiot was here after a whole one year.

But I wasn’t….

I felt angry. Angry about how he left me. Angry about how he made me miss him like hell. Angry that he never called for one day to see how I was doing. I was angry about everything relating to him. But I was more angry at myself.

I tried forgetting him. I tried to move on but I felt stuck. I even wanted to drop out of college because I couldn’t take it anymore. The apartment smells like him. Everyday, each memory of him comes into my head. I can’t forget him. And I hate that. I hate the fact that I love him so much. I hate it.

I clenched my fist tightly as I felt the tears threatening to fall. I don’t want to cry in front of him. I can’t be vulnerable. I was glaring at him now. He hurt me and here he is, standing in front of me, smiling as if nothing happened.

If not for Jasper and his girlfriend, Dara who stood by me. I wonder what would have happened to me. They helped me. They supported me and I owe them for that.

And Sonia?…well, we aren’t that close as we were before. Everything changed ever since he left.

“Wha…what are you doing here?” I breath out as I continued glaring at him.

“Happy Thanksgiving?”

What? This guy has a lot of nerves. Happy Thanksgiving? Is he serious right now? Does everything look like a joke? Does he think I’m going to pull him in a hug an kiss him everywhere, welcoming him back? Or does he think I’m going to just forget how bad he had hurt me?

I can’t take this anymore. I can’t. My chest feels heavy. I’m so hurt. I quickly spun around and ran out of the house. I could hear another feet running after me but that didn’t make turn around as i just kept on running as I started crying.

I waited for him for a long one year and now he is back acting like nothing ever happened? I suddenly felt arms wrapped around my waist and I was pulled into their hard chest. My heart started beating fast. For two reasons; for the fact that I had been running and secondly, the arms wrapped around me. The effect it had on me was so strong. Yeah, I recognize that arms.

“Four eyes, why are you running?” He asked from behind.

I forcefully pulled away from the embrace and turned to him. “I’m running away from YOU!” I yelled angrily as I kept glaring at him.

“What? Why?” He asked, confused.

“Why? Did you just ask me, why?” I scoffed. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you why? Why did you leave? Why did you leave without at least saying goodbye? Why didn’t you even give me a call to see how I was doing? I even tried calling you but your number was unreachable. Why did you go? Why did you hurt me? Why? Why?” I asked, crying.

I could see the hurt in his eyes over those words but I cared less because i was more hurt. My heart aches each time I think about him. An now seeing him in person….it hurts like a bitch! I shouldn’t be using cuss words…but I’m damn hurt!

“I left because i thought that was best for both of us. I wanted you and Owens to be happy and I don’t want to be the third party in you guys relationship. I just wanted you to be happy.”

“and you think leaving like that would make me happy! You think I’m thankful for what you did?”

“I don’t know…that was the only idea I could think of.”


“DO YOU THINK I WAS HAPPY LEAVING? DO YOU THINK I WANTED TO GO? OF COURSE NOT! I MISSED YOU EVERY DAY. MY HEART ACHES WHENEVER I THINK OF YOU! I WANTED YOU TO BE BY MY SIDE. I MISSED YOU LIKE CRAZY!” He snapped. I was a bit taken aback by his outburst. I just stared at him with my mouth hanging open. “When I got to Texas, I came to hear the truth of that woman, I got to know that my father wasn’t the one at fault here. I hated my self for having treating him badly. I couldn’t take it. I felt shattered. Shattered in million pieces. I wanted to come to you. I wanted to hug you and never let you go but four eyes…I thought about you and Owens. I wanted you both to be happy. So…I left. I left for Canada after asking my dad for forgiveness and his wife. He forgave me. So I went to study in Canada. I studied business so I could take over my dad’s business. That had even been his dream. For me to continue from where he stopped. I wanted to tell about everything going on in my life. But I just couldn’t.” He sighed as he pinched the breach of his nose. “I came to realize that you and Owens aren’t together. Sonia told me that you gave them your blessings to start a relationship together.

Honestly, I was happy. I thought I had a chance to win you over but your words came flooding back into my head….in this every place where we are right now…” I look around an came to realize that we were standing at the every same beach where I had told Ryder to stay away from me. “…you had told me that even if Owens wasn’t in the picture that you wouldn’t still end up with a heartbreaker like me. So i locked up. And I’m sorry for making my decisions without even thinking about you. I’m so sorry.” I could hear the sincerity in his voice. I could see it in his eyes.

He was right. I had told him that. I had brought this upon myself. I had hurt us both.

“I never meant any of those words, Ryder. I only said that because I was scared. I had a boyfriend but it felt like I had feelings for someone else. I was just scared that I might hurt Owens and that was what made me say those meanful words to you.”

“Wait. You had feelings for me at that time?” I nodded my head. “But…but…how? I mean, you hated me like crazy. So how did you come to have feelings for me?”

“I don’t know…I just did.” He took some steps closer to me, still holding my gaze. “i’m sorry. I only just thought about my feelings that I became so blind to see that you were also hurting. I’m so mean, right?”

Ryder cupped my cheeks and leaned his head closer to mine until our lips were touching. But we weren’t kissing.

“You are not mean, Four eyes. You are just a kind, caring, gentle and unique girl. You are the best girl I have ever met. I’ve come to live girls that wears glasses. You made me love them. But I love you more.” And with that he pressed his lips further against mine.

I shut my eyes closed and kissed him back. No, the story didn’t change. The bad boy didn’t just fall for the good girl. But the good girl also fell for the bad boy. We were each other’s comforter. We were each other second chance.

We slowly pulled away from each other but we were still in each other arms.

“I love you too.” I said in a whisper. This time around. I wasn’t scared to say it. I was more than happy to let him know about my feelings for him.

Ryder smiled and pulled me into his arms for a very warm embrace. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head against his chest and shut my eyes closed.

Yeah, this was me letting go of my past. This was me accepting the life I’d tried to deny. This was me. The real me.

“Happy thanksgiving day, four eyes.” He said in a whisper as he dropped a kiss on my head.

I grinned. “Happy Thanksgiving day, idiot.”

“Go and get the chicken, Ella. Hurry.” Dad said. I quickly got up to my feet and left for the kitchen. I grabbed the tray of full chicken from the counter as I turned around towards the door, I came face to face with Sonia who was grinning at me like I child who had just been given an ice cream.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked. Did I mention the fact that Sonia and I aren’t close again? Well, I guess I did. Although, we aren’t that close but that doesn’t change the fact that she was still my best friend. I will forever be grateful to her and Owens for standing by me when I thought I was alone.

She shrugged. “I’m here to help my best friend out?” She sounded so unsure. I guess she feels awkward calling me her best friend after a while year of not being in contact.

Oh, you guys might be confuse. I mean, we both attend the same college so how come are we no longer close again? Well, here is the reason. She left as well. But at least, she informed me about going to start up a makeup studio.

And as we speak. Her studio is one of the best in New York. Yeah, she travelled to New York alongside Owens. Who is also doing well in his studies. Owns decided to do an online class. He said he can’t stay a day without Sonia so he had to leave with her.

I practically became alone in college but all thanks to Jasper and Dara who helped me make new friends and all that. And now, I’m close to graduating from college.

I smiled. “Best friends…” I repeated slowly. “I thought you had replaced me.” I said sincerely.

She rolled her eyes and collected the tray from me before sitting it down on the counter where I had lifted it from.

“i can never replace you, Ella. Never. You will forever be my best friend. Even though I travel far away from you, you will always be in my heart. U love you more than anything in this word. You are like a sister to me. A sister I never had.”

“Sonia.” We both hugged each other with tears in our eyes but had a smiling face on. She was right. Nothing can ever break us apart. Nothing. “i miss you.”

“I miss you more.” Today wasn’t just for Thanksgiving, it was also for reunion. It just remain one person I have to meet.

The day went by very fast. Okay, maybe it wasn’t so fast. Maybe it was just the fact that none of us were watching the time that we didn’t even know when it six thirty.

Everyone were just talking about one thing or the other. Even Winnie tried to contribute but too bad that none of us understood what she was saying.

And now, here I was standing in front of the cemetery where my mother had been buried with my ex roommate by my side. We were holding each other’s hand. Ryder had insisted on coming along with me to visit her.

“Are you ready?” He asked me now. I let out another deep breath and tightened my grip against Ryder’s hand. He noticed my uneasiness and turned to look at me. “you will do great, Four eyes. I know you will.”

“i…I don’t know.”

He kissed the side of my cheek and that made me calm a little. “well, I do.”

We both made our way into the cemetery. This was the first time for me to enter this place ever since my mother got buried. I didn’t even attend her funeral.

We slowly made our way to a tombstone with a name written boldly against the stone. A name I recognized immediately. A name that i can never forget.


“mom…” I choked out after a long silence. The place was so silence. I dropped the flower I had brought for her down and smiled. “How are you?” That was a foolish question. Because I mean, how was she going to answer. “I hope you are doing okay. I know you are mad at me for not coming for your funeral. I know you are also mad at me for never stopping by to visit you until now. And I really sorry. I’m so sorry….” I paused. “i just couldn’t bring myself to see you. I felt so guilty. If I hadn’t forced you to dance in the rain with me, maybe you would have still be alive. I’m sorry, mom. I’m sorry. But mom? Can I at least, have a better life now? Can I live my life the way I want without feeling guilty? Can I?” I was crying now. I slowly took out a framed picture where I had drew a picture of her, smiling. I could still remember her face like crazy. I placed the frame down in front of her tombstone. “i couldn’t give it to you in person. But at least, I’m giving it to you now. Please accept it. Please. I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry.”

Ryder wrapped his arms around my shoulder and pulled me against his body. I had even forgotten that he was here with me.


“Will she ever forgive me? Huh?” Suddenly, there was lightning and before I knew it, the rain stared pouring down. It was raining now.

“I think she has forgiven you.” Ryder said and that brought a smile to my face. He slowly pulled away from me and cupped my cheek as he stared deeply in my eyes. “Not very raining day signifies had luck. Sometimes, good things happen on a raining day just like how bad things, sometimes happens on a sunny day. That is how life is, Four eyes.” He smiled. He turned to stare at my mother’s tombstone. “I don’t know your mother in person. But I do know one thing, she was a great woman for having a great lady like you.” He turned back to look into my eyes. “And that’s why I can’t afford to lose you again. So I’m asking you now, Ella….my cigarette….my four eyes….will you be my girlfriend and my roommate again?”

“Roommate?” I repeated, confused.

He nods. “I’m getting transferred back to my original college.”

I smiled. “Yes.” I replied. “Yes. I want to be your girlfriend, and your roommate again. So yes, yes, yes.” He took out a ring and knelt down on one knee. “Oh my God.” I squealed as i stretched out my left fingers to him.

He chuckled as he slide down the ring Into my middle finger. “You make it sound like I’m asking you to get married to me.” He said, getting up to his feet.

I rolled my eyes as I playfully beat his chest. “You are such a joy killer.” We both started laughing. I look up at the sky as it kept on raining. Ryder was right. Sometimes, good things happens on a raining day.

I look down at my mother’s tombstone. Just like now.

This was my story. A story about my roommate and I. It was like that story mom had told me when I was a kid about a girl who grew to become a maid for a prince and then ended up to be his queen.

I wasn’t a queen. I didn’t end up becoming one. And neither was Ryder a king. But we were Just roommates. If I hadn’t got stuck with an idiot like him then I wouldn’t I fell in love with a perfect guy like him.

Yeah, it was my story.

I suddenly heard clapping. I spun around and found my friends along their way towards us. Along with my dad and Nancy and Winnie. I hugged my father as soon as he got closer to us. I introduced my friends to my mother. Sonia told mother about how we both became best friemds And if mother was alive, then she was have been very happy to know that I am living my life to the fullest.

I stared at everyone of them with smile on my face. On our faces. As the rain poured down. Ryder held my hand and I smiled at him. They were my friends, my family. And Ryder? He was my boyfriend and my roommate.

I adjusted my glasses. Now, I think I need to rephrase in my word….this was our story. And now, this is the end of….

“Ella! Come on.” Owens and Sonia said as they all headed out of the cemetery. I stare at my mother’s tombstone once more before running towards them. I caught up with them. I wrapped my arms around Ryder’s waist and wrapped his around my shoulder.

“I can make love to you now, right?” He questioned.

“You are so naughty.” I said in between laughter.

“I’m always naughty for you, four eyes.” I smiled. “At least, you are mine now. My four eyes.”

I blushed over that. And for once. He was right about something.

Yay!!! And of course, I meant this squeal this time around. Double yay…..


Just for fun: Which couples is ur favorite and why?

  1. Joshley~ Josh and Ashley in 30days with the superstar.

  2. Raylie~ Raymond and Charlie in Faking It

  3. Josie~ Joshua and Jessie in 30days with the superstar.

  4. Owenia~ Owens and Sonia in Roommates.

  5. Rydella~ Ryder and Ella in Roommates.

  6. Kyany~ Kyle and Tiffany in 30days with the superstar.

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