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ROOMMATES – Episode 27




💟By Authoress Pinky💟

💓Chapter Twenty_Seven (27)💓

Subtitle: {Letting go☺️}

★Sonia’s POV★

“I…I should leave now.” I said getting up to my feet. My legs were shaking, my hands were also shaking. And so was my hands. I can’t believe what Owens had just said right now.

What? He loves me? How about my best friend, Ella? What was it he had for her? Lust? Or what? I don’t get it. Or does he want to sleep with two friends and see who is more better on bed?

Yeah. Owens was my friend. He was also my best friend’s boyfriend. Well, ex. But this….this was crazy. He can’t just break up with one and then come to the other. What will people think? What will Ella think?


I pulled a hand to his face indicating for him to stop taking or get kicked in the ass right now. He took the hint and stopped talking but never took his gaze off me. For a minute I saw sincerity in his eyes and I’m so stupid for even looking at his eyes.

“Please don’t say a word. What? You love me? Are you kidding me right now? You are my best friend’s boyfriend for Christ sake!” I practically yelled the last sentence.

“was.” He corrected. “Yeah. I’m Ella’s ex but trust me. We are both done with each other. Ella loves your brother and I…I love you.”

“Enough, Owens! You don’t love me. You are just heartbroken, that’s all.”

“And how would you know that?”

“It’s obvious, Owens. I mean, you just broke up with my best friend. You just broke up with Ella. You can’t obviously be in love with me now. You can’t.” I said shaking me head continually.

He reach out for my hand and held it in between his. I could feel the tears threatening to escape my eyes. I had just found out the truth about my mother and now this? I can’t take this anymore. I can’t.

My heart felt heavy. My legs were numb. My lips were trembling. I was trembling. I was afraid that I might give in to him and fall for his lies. For his tricks. Truth be told, I like Owens. I’ve always liked him but what can I do when I know fully well that he belongs to my best friend and not me? Of course, I pull away. I give them the space that they need. That they deserve.

At first, I had always thought that I fall for Lewis. I mean, he was my brother best friend and also the first guy to have kissed me though my brother doesn’t know that or else, Lewis would have been 6feet under the ground. But I was wrong.

Owens was the guy to capture my heart. I’ve always been the wild type. Always going to club. Always drinking. And always looking for a guy to get laid. That was just me. But everything changes when I got to meet Owens.

When Ella had told me about the friendship date. I felt a pang of jealousy. I had thought; I should be the one going on dates with him and not her.

But then I reminded myself that it was my best friend I was talking about so, I dealt with my feelings. Yeah, I still have a little feelings for him which I’m close to getting rid of….Tsk, who I’m I kidding?

Yeah, I still love him. But I can’t be with him! I just can’t! It will look like I’m hurting my best friend and I don’t want to hurt her. I seriously don’t want to hurt Ella.

“look at my eyes, Sonia.” Owens said. And i could swear that I heard the pleading in his voice. But I refused. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him in the eyes. Because if I do, I will fall for this thing that can never last. I don’t want to hurt my heart. My mom betrayal has left a huge scar in my heart already, I’m not looking for another scar.

“Sonia, please look at my eyes.” He insisted again.

I shook my head. “I can’t.” My voice sounded so weak. Geez, I hated this. Being friends with Ella, had taught me one thing….never be vulnerable. Well, I learnt that from her and I must say, I’m quite enjoying it now.

“why can’t you just believe me, Sonia? Why?”

I pulled my hand from his grasp, looking at everywhere but his face. “because this is all a lie! It’s all a lie! You don’t love me, Owens. You just want someone to replace Ella so you wouldn’t be in so much pain. And I’m so sorry about you and Ella. But I can’t replace Ella. I can’t. Please Owens stop bothering me and take care of your broken heart but please don’t drag me in the mess. please.” I turned from him and walked away. Away from him. Away from the big circle covering us. Away from the lies. But I didn’t just leave like that. I left leaving half of my heart with him.

Can i ever forget about him? Can this feelings ever fade into the thin air. My phone buzz indicating I have a new message. I stopped walking and look down at it. It was a message from my brother.

My second🖤🖤: Hey sis, I will be leaving for Texas tomorrow. I need to hear the whole truth from mother. I still don’t believe that old man and that whore. Wanna come along?:)

This was going to affect Ryder if what we were been told was the truth. I shut my eyes close for a while and took in some deep shaky breath. Yeah. I needed to know the truth as well. They were my family too.

I opened my eyes and texted back. ME: Yeah. Sure. Pick me up from my apartment on your way:) It’s time for me for me to face the truth.

I partly turned to stare back at Owens. He was still standing in the same spot where I had left him. Maybe after I had faced the truth. Maybe after I had let go of the past. Maybe after I had talked to Ella about all this….I will make a decision on what I want. Concerning Owens and I.

But for now, I need to know the truth.

★Ryder’s Pov★

It was morning, around six am. And she was still sleeping like a baby. I smiled at her sleeping figure before dropping the tray of hot coffee and a painkiller drug by her bed side.

I stare at her once again. I should do this. I should do this for me. Her. Sonia. And everyone. I should do this for my future. And my present. I stared down at the later I had written for her just in case she wakes up and doesn’t see me around. I don’t want her to panic. I don’t want her to hate me again. I don’t even know if she still hates me or not.

I leaned down towards her and kissed her softly on her forehead. She moved a little but didn’t open her eyes. I slowly dropped the letter by her side and smiled. Maybe I should give her the space that she want.

I can’t force her to love me back but I can only wish her to be happy. I pulled out my phone and took some pictures of her sleepy face. Aww, she looks so adorable and so cute.

Why can’t sh be mine? Why can’t i have her as my girlfriend? Owens was one lucky guy.

*You are broken. And I’m also broken…so how about we have a drink together. Like you know, two brown hearts. Um…can you have a drink with me?” She had said.

I guess she only said that just to take me to the club. And for what she had said at the hospital? I don’t know…maybe I was only just having a dream or something.

“Live well.” I turned to leave but didn’t take another step out of the room. I turned back at her again.

Talk things through with your dad. And with your mother. Try to let go of the past. And the pain. And do not hold anything in…do not hold the past. Don’t repeat my mistake. Because that is the worst torture ever.

Her word of advice echoed in my head. That was what I’m going to do now. I’m going to face my fears; The truth. I’m going to let go of the past. I’m doing this for her. I carried my bag and left the room.

I walked to the sitting room and memories flooded in.

You don’t peek through people things!

And you don’t just hit people on the head with a fry pan!

You brought it upon yourself.

If you don’t respect me, at least respect this apartment!

Who is this bitch?

What bitch? Did you just call me a bitch because obviously, you are the bitch here.

You are an idiot, you know that, right?

Thanks for helping me out earlier today.

You should have told me that you were an asthmatic patient.

So your father is Mr Edward…

How about I be your cigarette for today? Come on, I have a place to take you to.

I smiled over those memories. I never wanted to be here in the first place but k won’t deny the fact that I’m thankful to have come here. And to have met a girl as beautiful as her. A girl who changed me for the better.

I headed towards the door. I don’t know where I was going. Or what might happen after now. But I do know one thing. I will live a better life. A life that she and my little sis will be proud of. A life that I will be proud of.

And with that, I left.

I entered my car and drove off to the beach where she had taken me too. They were my memories. Our memories. I say down on the spot where we had sat the first time we were here.

I stared at the ocean and memories came flashing into my head. Again.

I respect people privacy. Everyone has a secret to keep and that includes me.

  • But you can still tell me if you want to.*

Can I be your cigarette?

I don’t share my cigarettes.

Staring at the ocean like this always keep me at ease. Whenever I have a lot in mind, I always stare at the ocean.

Congratulations on becoming my cigarette.

Shouldn’t we have done that before?

It just crossed my mind, okay? Come on, are you going to bump my fist or leave me hanging like this?

We are really getting use to this fist bump of a thing.


Really? Saying hello to the ocean?

Yeah. Try saying hello to it and trust me it’s going to help relief you. Come on, try it.

“HEEEEEEELO!” I yelled at the top of my voice, following her advice. I yelled over and over again. But it didn’t help. My chest still felt heavy. The tears slowly slip through to my face. I was going to leave this environment. I was going to forget about her. I was going to give her the life and happiness that she deserve and it hurt like a bitch.

I started hitting my chest as I cried. I was going to leave. Forever.

★Ella’s Pov★

I toss to the other side of the bed before slightly opening my eyes. I was welcomed by the sharp pain in my head. Geez, my head.

I slowly sat upright. There was a tray of coffee and Painkiller drugs at my bedside. I grinned. I’m sure Ryder had left it there. I collected the drug and took tablets before gulping the whole coffee in the mug.

I can’t believe I had gotten drug last night. I can’t even remember anything aside from asking Ryder out for a drink and drrinking like a crazy person. God, I’m never going to drink again. Never.

I had also remembered something from last night. But it feels like a dream.

….I love you. I wonder if that was real or just a dream.

I was going to stand up from the bed when my hand hit a paper by my side. I sat at the edge of my bed and grabbed the paper before reading through it;

Hello, four eyes. You are such a sleepy head. I can’t believe you got drunk on me. I thought you said you will help me out but instead you got drunk on me! Anyway, I’m still thankful for your help and your support. I’m really grateful. By the time you wake up, I will be on my way to Texas to hear the truth from my mother. I still don’t believe anything said to me by that old man and that whore.sorry to have use those words those describe them. I’m doing as you’ve told me to. I’m trying to face my fear, my past and my agony. I’m trying to let go and I will want you to do the same. Let go of the past, four eyes. Stop blaming yourself over your mother’s death. Things are meant to happen. Things are meant to be lost….just like how I’ve lost you. Yeah, I love you. I got to realize the feelings I have for you… I got to know that I love you. I fell in love with my four eyes roommate. I think the story has been changed for once, the bad boy fell for the good girl this time around. Haha, funny, right? Well, that’s the reason I’m going to do this. I won’t be coming back again. That old man had forced me here and I’m trying to look for the real me. I’m going to do what I love most. But I don’t think, going to college is what I want. But hey, I won’t do anything that you wouldn’t do. Thanks for being a roommate with a jerk like me. You don’t need to look for any roommate, the apartment belongs to only you now. Lucky you. And hey, I’m sorry for the shit I might have caused you and Owens. Have a life full of love and happiness with Owens of course. I will always be rooting for you in my heart. And don’t cry. You probably won’t. In fact, you will be more than happy to know that I’m already gone. Forever. Thanks once more for coming into my life. Thanks for being my roommate. I hope when we meet again, we would someone be someone better. And please let go of the past. Thanks for everything. You will forever be my cigarette.

Always love you,
Your idiot😉.

I read the letter over again. Wait. He is gone? Ryder is gone? He left? I quickly got up and ran out of my room going Into his room. He wasn’t there. I tried calling his number but it was unreachable. I tried Sonia’s, hers was also unreachable.

Ryder was gone. He has left me. Forever. I fell to the ground and started crying. I’ve lost him.

👉🏽One year Later👈🏽

“Winnie! Stop running.” I yelled at the top of my voice as i chased after it. Winnie kept on running without turning back. “WINNIE!” I yelled more loudly but she still kept on running.

I’m going to kill this dog one day. I stopped running as I tried to catch my breath. I sighted Jasper smiling as he sat on the bench, smiling at me. Winnie was by his side. really? Winnie had ran her way to him?

“and when did you both became such close friends?” I questioned as I sat beside Jasper who handed me a bottle of chilled water. “Thanks.” I mumbled as I opened the water and gulped down some water into my mouth. Now I feel so relieved.

“Since. Don’t you know?”

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up.what are you even doing here?”

He shrugged. “I came to invite my girlfriend for a football competition. I’m going to be playing. So will you be coming?”

I grinned. “How can I miss my boyfriend’s competition? Of course am coming.” We both laughed. I got up to my feet. “Join us for dinner. Dad and Nancy made us dinner.”

“Hmm, don’t you think Nancy and your father might end up getting married?” Jasper asked as we walked hand to hand to my house. Winnie was ahead of us.

“Tell me what I don’t know.” And we both laughed again. “Ah, I can’t believe it’s thanksgiving.”

“Neither can I. And next year…. it’s FREEDOM!!!” He practically said that loudly. We got few stares from passers by. I just gave me an apology look and slapped Jasper across his head. “Ow! That hurt, bitch!”

I hit his head over again. “call me bitch and get hit again.” I threatened. He just fake glared at me but said nothing afterwards. “Good.”

“we are home.” I said as we walked in. I was hearing some voices from the dinning room. I guess we have some visitors.

“I’m home!” Jasper yelled. I just shook my head ignoring his stupidity. How did I get a boyfriend as stupid as him? “you are thinking about me, aren’t you?” He whispered in my ear.

“I was thinking about how unfortunate I am to have a boyfriend as stupid as you.”

He fake glared at me again. “Well, good thing i am not your boyfriend.” He said and walked past me into the dinning room.

Yeah. And good thing I’m not his girlfriend because I would have squeezed his neck every blessed day.

Wait. You guys didn’t actually think Jasper was my boyfriend, did you? Of course, he isn’t. He was just a guy I grew so fond after what happened. I still miss Ryder every day. I can’t seem to get him out of my mind. He was still in my heart.

I got to see Sonia. We talked. And she told me about how everything their father had said came to be true. She said Ryder almost it but got to pull himself together. He left Texas and went to Canada to continue his studied.

That dick. I thought he said college was not his thing. Tsk, liar. Sonia asked me about Owens and i ask to go out with him if she wants. I seriously don’t have any problem with that. Yeah, I let go of the guilt. And the past. But I still don’t have the courage to walk into my mother’s cemetery. But I will soon be, very soon. After I get to draw a picture of her, of course.

I was at the doorstep of the dinning room when I heard that voice. That voice that always send chills to my body. That voice I came to love. My idiot’s voice.

I walked in and froze into place. He was here. He was really here. After one year. He was here. He was here to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. With my family. He didn’t leave. He was here.

“Four eyes.” He spoke softly as soon as he met my eyes. God, how much I miss that nickname. TBC.

A/N: who actually thought that she was already going out with Jasper🙋.? Well, I almost believe that myself.

Question: Do you think Rydella is going to work out? COMMENT!


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