Day 1

Wife: Tilly come take ur breakfast it’s getting cold.

Tilly: I wanna take it with dad together on the dinning table.

Dad: Tilly baby, I’ll soon join u dear, go start it.

Tilly: okay daddy.

Dad joins Tilly no sooner after she got to the table.

Tilly: Dad, my tea is too hot.

Dad: Sorry dear, let me cool it down a little for u.

Wife joins from the kitchen.

Tilly: Mum are we going to school tomorrow?

Wife: No baby, u will go to school soon but not now OK.

Tilly: Okay mum.

Wife goes to the kitchen to pick something.

Tilly: I love u dad, u are not like the uncle who comes here when u go to work. He does not eat on the dinning table, he eats with mum in your room.

Dad in shock, stops taking the breakfast and sighs.

Wife: Honey u ain’t eating your food, are u OK?
Why the sudden mood swing?

Dad: I’m good dear I just lost appetite.

Wife: should I make something else for u?

Dad: not really babe, I think I’ll eat later. (He leaves the table)

Tilly: Mum, why did daddy stop eating? Is he sick?

Wife: Daddy is fine, he needs to do something inside.

Later that evening, Dad was watching TV in the hall.
Tilly runs to him.

Dad: Tilly baby, have u taken your bath already.

Tilly : Yes daddy.

Dad: good girl. So tell me, do u know the uncle who comes where any time I go to work?

Tilly: Yes daddy, one day he left something on the table so I took it and use it to play, it’s in my school bag.

Dad: Go and bring it.
( Tilly brings a voters 🆔 that fell from the said Uncle’s wallet)

Tilly: This is it dad.

Dad: Good girl, is that the only thing he left here?

Tilly: yes dad

Mum walks in from the bedroom.

Mum: Daddy and daughter, what are u guys discussing.

Dad: Quickly he replied, we are watching movie and discussing it.

Mum: Smiles and asked Tilly to come for her medicine.
Day 2
Dad woke up from bed but didn’t give wife the usual good morning peck on her forehead.

Wife: honey, my good morning kiss😌

Dad: stares at her for a while and walks away in silence.

Wife : Honey are u okay?

Dad: I’m fine!

Wife prepares breakfast but Dad refused to eat.

Tilly: Mum it’s like daddy is sick, call the Doctor.

Mum: Smiles, Dad is fine my dear don’t worry.

Dad: Tilly baby! Tilly baby!! he called out.

Tilly: Yes daddyyyy.

Dad: how are u

Tilly: I’m fine daddy but I know u are sick. U are not happy, I told mum to call the doctor for u ok😊

Dad: smiles, picks up Tilly and taps her at the back, saying I’m fine my dear. I don’t need a doctor OK.

Tilly : OK daddy then smile for me😊

Dad: 😊😊😊.

Wife gets closer and joins the conversation.

Wife: Tilly, how come u and dad are both smiling 😊, what are u talking about.

Dad: We are talking about my health.

Wife: that reminds me, honey we need to talk.

Dad: About what?

Wife: I think we should go inside.

Dad: Alright then. (Tilly, go watch TV in the hall I’ll be with u soon OK.)

Tilly: OK daddy

Wife and Dad begins conversation.

Wife: Honey, I’ve realised uv Bern behaving weird since yesterday after u abandoned my food on the dining table.
What’s the problem?
Have I done anything wrong.

Dad: Hmmmm, I’m sorry dear. It’s just about the lockdown and how I’ve been idle doing nothing. It’s getting me boring.

Wife : Is that enough reason to abandon my food? Honey the lock down is affecting us all but u shouldn’t make me feel I caused it by abandoning my food and acting weird towards me.
U refused me of the usual good morning peck on bed this morning, what about that?

Dad: I’m sorry love. It won’t happen again.

Wife: Honey, Thia is the time u got to spend with your family, I’ve always been all alone with Tilly whenever u leave this house for work.
I’ve missed u and this is the time I have u, old make this moment lovely for me.

Dad: I understand babe, sorry for my actions 🙏.

Wife’s phone rings.

Wife picks.
Wife: can I call u back pls?
On phone : I miss u dear pls do call me when u are done with whatever you doing kk.

Wife: OK bye.

Dad: who was that?

Wife: Colleague from work.

Dad : Alright. So as I was saying, I’m sorry for everything OK.

Wife : OK dear. U still owe me that peck😊

Dad: smiles and pecks her on the forehead as he whisper I love u to his wife.

Later that day, mum was in the kitchen, her phone was on charge in the hall then a text came in.

It reads ” hello baby, I know he was around that’s why u couldn’t speak to me, I’m sure he has always been around u that’s why we can’t talk, but I still think about u all night. Our last meeting was a blast. How I wish this pandemic is over so u ride me again like a polo horse😋😋. Take care baby, and don’t let him enjoy it all alone it’s mine too bye’

Dad: takes a shot of it with phone and sits to watch TV.

Tilly goes to the kitchen.

Wife: where is dad

Tilly: He is watching TV in the hall.

Wife: Go get me my phone dear, it’s on charge in the hall.

Tilly brought the phone and mum saw the text.

After meals.

Dad: Honey, have I done anything wrong that u didn’t tell me?

Wife: No honey.

Dad: Are u sure? I wanna apologize if I have.

Wife: Come on honey, u have done nothing against me, what I wasn’t happy about, we resolved that in the morning. I’m cool now.

Dad: Okay babe. But don’t forget I love u.

Wife: I love u too.

Moments later dad went out to have some fresh air outside.

Wife makes call with the number that texted her in the noon. Tilly hears part of it and goes out to ask the meaning of statement from dad.

Tilly: Dad, what is the meaning of banging, and I lost my period?

Dad: Shocked, where did u hear those words?

Tilly: Mum was telling someone on her phone so I want to know the meaning.

Dad: They mean nothing my dear, they are words u will understand when u grow okay??

Tilly: Okay daddy.


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