PUSSYMANIA … (18+) … Part 1

The city of Abuja is a nice place to live, excellent taste of life, lovely landscape and most of all, Streets full of Sexy women! That would have been my dream life but as all dreams you have to wake up back to reality and Work ur ass off!
My name is Alex, a graduate in Engineering! A 4point student and second class upper graduate, well its a good qualification but that doesn’t count, you also have to have money and fame! Inside life!

I’ve searched for jobs but with no luck, but I didn’t give up I tried and tried and I will still keep trying but instead of wasting my time, doing nothing, I started working on my own, I fix anything mechanical, well the pay is not much, but I’ll get to eat.
I lived in a nice small compound, friendly neighbors and a clean environment, all of my neighbors are married except me, I fix the mechanical stuff in the compound and I get paid, life goes on but things were about to get really really interesting!

Though, being the only one not married, I don’t get out most often, I stay in my house, the men usually go out early in the morning and come back late at night, so they don’t give their wives special attention, That’s where the problem starts, These women give me food sometimes even their husbands don’t object, so they used these opportunity, to come to my place i n pretext of paying a friendly neighbor visit.

The first lady that started this, was Mrs Susan her husband is called Emeka, well she’s lovely, fair and her stuffs are still ripe, but I couldn’t do that to her husband, she has four children with this man already, I tried to resist but every time, she adds more pressure, so one day it finally happened!
One Saturday afternoon, I was bathing because there was heat, as usual I heard a knock! I came out and wrapped my towel around me and opened the door and behold, she was standing with a foodflask in her hands.
Susan Afternoon oo Alex!
Alex Susan, how heat now?
Susan Hmm, heat dey oo, ehn I don bring food for you.
Alex Okay, come in..

She came in swaying her hips, she dressed attractively today, God, this lady’s ass is big! She bent down and dropped the flask on the floor, as she bent, she began shaking her ass, my d–k started bulging out, it was hard now, so I used my hands and covered it, She noticed the reaction and played on more, she stood up and pretended to fall, she landed to words me and we landed on the floor.
Susan Sorry Alex, I don fall for your body!

Alex No problem
Susan Alex, wetin be this? ur d–k hard oo
She touched my p—k and it became more harder, I couldn’t control myself anymore, I grabbed her and kissed her, she warmly accepted, she removed my towel, she gasped when she was my d–k.

“Alex na so ur d–k big like this, My husband no reach even half ur size ”
She massaged my d–k! She bent down and s—-d it, D–n, she was good, she s—-d me good, my brain went out completely, I felt like I was floating in the sky, she swallowed and gulped down my d–k, she s—-d like she was a pornstar! Soon I came hard on her clothes, I was still hard, I raised her skirt and penetrated her p—y, we f—-d on the floor, she p—y was a bit tight, I pounded her ferociuosly, she wrapped her legs around my waist, urging me to f–k her, I ripped her clothes and her boobs came out flying, I s—-d on them, they smelt nice, I drilled her p—y hard and fast, she was moaning, screaming her husbands name, she tapped my ass, and told me to f–k her harder, I drove my entire s—t into her, she was moaning and drooling, we kissed as we f—-d, After some minutes, I came inside her……..

She adjusted her ass for penetration, I plunged in hard in her ass, I spanked her, ferociously pounding her behind, she was shouting so I covered her mouth, her ass cheeks clenched on my ass tight, she was crushing my d–k, I pressed her hips and pounded her hard, After a while, we both came, we were both sweating because of the heat, Susan put my d–k in her mouth and s—-d my d–k clean!
“Ahh, Alex, you fit f–k oo, my husband no dey f–k me like this, this ur d–k na the real stuff, later”
After that she went out, but she wasn’t walking properly, after that I realized there was more from that came from!


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