🌺🌻Psycho Billionarie🌻🌺

(Mr Arrogant👤)

💘💘Author Jenny💘💘


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a greek god and a billionarie ,they city sweetheart is a gay?

What a waste right

Well yes that was the case here

He was a huge playboy before and all of a sudden he changed and told the whole world he is a gay ,if not a psycho part who would say such a thing

As if that wasnt enough he was caught kissing a guy in public

And that was when the whole world knew he was serious

What happened and why will a player turn gay over night ?

Find out in the story

A young beautiful and charming girl who is also psycho,troublesome and ask questions alot

She is a journalist who work in a small company

Well that is what people thought she is, not knowing she was a big time call girl

It is only rich men that calls her when they need her service

Faithfully a billionarie needed her service and he called her but to her greatest surprise it was the psycho billionarie who told everyone he is a gay

Being a journalist she was happy that she was going to tell the whole world what she discovered and by that she will be famous

Do you think she will ?

Find out in the story

Mira pov

“what the hell” i yelled angrily looking at my car

“Am so sorry miss”the young man replied

“Is the sorry going to repair my damaged car or changed the fact that you crashed my car”i yelled at him

“what can i do miss”he asked

“You have to pay”i replied

“Fine can you follow me to the hotel i lodged in ,its at the begining of the street am going to give you your money there”he said and i nodded

I entered my car and he entered his and began driving

Son of a bitch he started driving on speed and to a different direction ,increased the speed of my car and followed him

There is no way i will let him run away with my money

i was familiar with the street so i followed another root and blocked him at the front

He was surprised ,i brought out my gun and pointed it at his direction

Dont worry guys its a toy gun 😂 i normally use it to scare people who refused to pay me or looks for my trouble

I walked towards him ,and he lifted his hands in surrender

“Please dont shoot me ,please i will give you any amount “he said while i laughed within me

i dragged him by his trousers and lead him to my car the drove straight to the hotel

“Get down” i yelled and he flinched

I pointed the gun to his waist

“If you misbehave i will shoot ,now take me to your hotel room and act normal”i said and he nodded

I moved close to him so that nobody will see the gun and soon we arrived at his hotel room

“Were is my money “i asked rudely

“Check the drawer close to you ” he replied

I opened the drawer and took some bundle of dollars and stormed out of the room

“Good morning mira” my colleagues kept greeting but i totally ignored them

Some days are like that ,one minute am happy one minute am sad ,my mood swings are the worst ,typical female behaviour

I sat down in my call office when a text message popped in my phone

“Meet me at the green house by night”i read and smiled ,the message was from my manager

Okay i know you guys must be wondering who am i right?

My name is Mira Johnson ,i came from a poor family and we are 5 in number including my parent ,my parent are old and they look up to me for everything even my junior ones school fees

I am a journalist and i work in a small company ,well working in the small company is just a cover up

I am a call girl ,the money i make from my call girl business is what i use in taking care of my family

Talking is my hobby ,i am troublesome too ,well i dont look for trouble but if you come close to me i will give you what you ask

I have this massive figure eight shape ,plump lips,v face and long hair,i can say i am very beautiful ,well thats what people say i am but i dont see anything when i look at the mirror

The person that texted me was my manager he runs the call girl business and am his best ,i dont go for poor guys anytime am being assigned to any client it will be a millionarie who pay really well and those kind of client only comes once in a while

After work i head straight to the club were my manager stays

“You came late “he said sternly

“I know ,whats up” i replied

“A multi billionarie asked for our best thats why i called you “the manager said grining

“Who is he”i asked

“No idea too,he wants his identity to be kept a secret” the manager replied

“Then are you sure he isnt a scamer or those who do women trafficking ” i asked

“okay fine i will tell you,the truth is that he is a very good friend of mine ,i normally send girls to him and after one night he complained of their service and send them back ,he is highly demanding “my manager said and i nodded

“So recently he asked for the best of the best and thats were you come in ,he want to travel out for a month and he need someone to accompany him”the manager added

“what you want me to follow him for a month what about my job “i yelled

“Calm down , you can just tell the company you will be off for a month ,bribe the director and thats all”He said

“how much is he paying “i asked

The manager whisphered the amount in my ears and my jaw dropped

“You mean he is going to pay that huge amount just for a month”i asked and the manager nodded

“He already sent half in my acct ,if you agree then you will receive an alert in your phone asap

Gosh this is tempting ,with that kind of money am going to put an end to this call girl job and live a better life with my family

“Am in “i said and the manager smiled

“But he has certain rules ,he hates noise ,he dosent like it when people ask questions and you must not tell anyone who he is ,the whole stuff is between two of you and thats all

“he hates noise ,does he wants me to have mouth odour?


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