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“Yes! It’s him” Rebecca nudged her mom, letting out a relieved breath.
“Oh..” her mom mouthed. She took the bag that had her coat from Jeremy. “Hold on, I’ll go get your money” she said and walked away.
Rebecca stared at him briefly and as if expecting to see it, she found the music box resting across his neck and the pods hanging on his shoulder. It brought a lopsided smile to her lips that vanished almost immediately when she caught him staring at her.

“Of all things I never thought of you as a drycleaner” she said, adding a sarcastic emphasis to the last word.
Jeremy saw it but waved it aside. “Well your thoughts about me doesn’t really matter,” he replied her with a grin. “And I see you’ve been talking about me to your mom” he said and Rebecca’s expression instantly went blank.

“I-I don’t talk to her about you, I just told her about the the new boy in my class that I find very annoying and wish he’d just get infected with a permanent disease that would make him stop coming to my school” Rebecca replied.
“Really? Cos I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have mind me listening to that if truly you told her that about me, so I think you’re lying” he said.
“Well your thoughts about me don’t really matter” she gave him a knowing look and walked to the table at a corner of the large living room, she sat on the chair.
She turned on her computer, going back to her unfinished work.

“What are you doing?” Jeremy asked, walking to her side but she gave him no response, he hadn’t really expected one anyway.
“Do you want to create a web?” He asked when he saw her input in the Google search box.
“Obviously” she replied, uninterested, going through the result her search brought out. She exited the app and began the web creation process.
Jeremy watched her for a while as she went on.
“That’s wrong” he said when she made a wrong move with the mouse.
“Oh..” she mumbled, moving the mouse awkwardly and confused on what to do next.
“Let my show you,” Jeremy bent to her level and took the mouse from her.

She tilt her head towards him and their faces almost collided. Caught unaware, she cringed.
“Don’t be scared, I won’t bite you” Jeremy teased after her body gave a light shake and Rebecca quickly moved her head forward.
“Yeah whatever!” She scoffed and as he pulled closer to control the mouse well, Rebecca found herself shifting uncomfortably and feeling sorta nervous. She gulped and tried leaving her gaze on the computer screen.

She watched him work on creating the web and explaining it to her as he made every step.
“And done,” he tapped a side of the mouse and dropped it. “Now you just click on this space and put in your desired web-name and you have your web created” he said, his breath falling all over her face. He stood straight.
“Okay” Rebecca said, quickly put in the web-name and turned the computer off before standing up.
“That should be thanks” Jeremy corrected.
“Yeah, thanks” she said plainly.
“You’re welcome” Jeremy said, not expecting her to have agreed to his words that easily.

Rebecca walked to her room when her mom returned.

“Oh sorry, I took so long. Here’s your money” she said.
“Thank you ma’am” Jeremy collected the money from her.
“So since your Rebecca’s classmate, I hope you’d come around often?. You see she doesn’t really bring her friends home and she’s kind of lonely around here and-
“Mom?” Rebecca walked down from the stairs. “What’re you doing?” She asked staring from her mom to Jeremy after she had seen her whispering to him.
“Oh..I was just telling Jeremy here to come around often to visit you”
“Why?” She asked, walking to them. “I didn’t say I need anyone to come here, especially not him” she said.
“But he’s-” Rebecca gave her mom a deep frown and Mrs McCoy stopped herself from completing her statement.
Rebecca sighed in relief and led Jeremy out of the house.
“I need to get something at the store, I’ll be back” she told her mom who nodded and she walked out with Jeremy.

They walked side by side in quietness out of the building until they got out.
Jeremy plugged in one of the earphones and fumbled on the buttons on the box to play a song.
“You seem to take that everywhere you go?” She said.
“You mean this?” Jeremy asked referring to the music box and Rebecca nodded. He gave a slight chuckle. “It’s easy to carry around and a perfect companion so why not?” He said, turning his attention back to the box.
“Perfect? Is that how you describe JD’s music?” She inquired.
“Yeah..” Jeremy nodded. “And speaking of JD, you said this music stuff automatically downloads every new song she produces, right?”
“Yeah?” Rebecca replied.
“And I recall seeing DECISIONS lyrics in your diary. Could the other song lyrics be that I didn’t recognize be JD’s upcoming songs?” He asked.
“Yeah” Rebecca answered plainly.
“What?” Jeremy paused instantly on his track. “Seriously?”
“Yeah” Rebecca nodded, stopping and staring at him with all seriousness.
“B-but how? Is she like your family or something? I mean how come you have all her songs, even the one that hasn’t been released?” He asked, his brows narrowed as he gave her a confused.
“That’s because I’m her” Rebecca answered him simply.
A frown creased Jeremy’s brows. “Wait.. you’re what?”
“I’m her” she replied him, maintaining her expression.
Jeremy stared speechlessly at her for a long while, his feet suddenly stuck to the ground. He shook his head, unbelieving.
“Her who?” He asked, unsure.
Rebecca stared at him in the eyeball before replying.
“JD. I am JD”
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