PATIENCE DOES NOT PAY … (18+) … Part 2


*Continuing with Ronnie’s side of the story

I added the number to the group and immediately inboxed her.
I was trying to capture her attention before presenting my manifesto.
After some days of continuous conversation we were becoming good friends but after serious thought of it I realized that making her my best friend would complicate everything.
I asked her to join me on an evening walk the following day but she had a busy schedule from early morning to midday and the rest of the hours she prepared for the lectures. She said that we could possibly meet in campus on Saturday after the discussion.

On Saturday evening we were done with our discussion and we decided to go to the guild canteen for an evening jazz.
We ordered for some coffee and some snacks and the story went on successfully but I had not told her the heart of the matter.
As we were still going on with coffee, I passed my hand underneath the table and held her hand which comfortably lay on her laps and said to her,

“Aidah, it will make no difference if I keep hurting my heart yet we can possibly be the solution. I look complete but I am incomplete without a companion in life. I look up to you; could you please take control of my dear life?”

She said,
“Ronnie , this is what I expected to hear but I am sorry, I can not afford that.
You see I am a broken soul. I still have wounds of a heartbreak. My heart is still bleeding, and I don’t want anyone to step in the injury. I need time to recover and perhaps I will be ready.
Ronnie I Will say this but you may not understand me: It’s a dark room inside me. I don’t want you to be a scapegoat of other people’s circumstances.
After my Bachelor’s degree, I got a lover. We loved ourselves. We made a lot of empty promises to each other. He promised me heaven but I forgot that we were on Earth.
I gave him the whole of me but he messed up with my life, by the time I realized it, he had really ruined my life.
I decided to gather the broken pieces of my heart but I believe some pieces went missing because my heart feels incomplete up to now. I have phobia for men.
I cannot embrace any relationship at a moment.
Ronnie just be patient and if we are meant to be, we shall be.”

She uttered the last bits of her words with a drop of tear in her eye but she was quick enough to wipe it before it could roll to her cheek.

“Tasha, things come and things go.
People come in our lives and people go. Some of them come uninvited but they leave us at the moment we need them the most.
I promise I will heal your wounded heart. And if some pieces are missing I will really surrender mine to fill up your heart because I want to be your happiness in times of sorrow, and your light in times of darkness.
You said you have a dark room Inside you, allow me introduce an energy saver bulb to that room.” I tried to forge that propaganda but it seems my words were just pissing her off, she just told me that she was leaving.
She did not finish her coffee from the cup. She bid farewell and left.
I remained frozsen in a warm chair with a rapidly pumping heart.

Late in the night she called me and said,
” Ronnie,may you please go online, I have something to share with you!”


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