💜💜Pastor Bayo and his members 18+.💛💛

(She said sex is a part of healing)

(Part one)

I am so horny that sunny afternoon so I decided to satisfy my urge with Sister Anita.

I am pastor Bayo, a minister at God’s wonder church at Obajana kogi state.

I heal with the mightest hand of God. I love girls so much especially those with big back and front. I cant wait to pour holy sperm into their holes.

I sat down in my church as usual because its a day for bible reading. I am busy waiting for my members.

I thought its over that day because past 6pm already until I saw a shadow entering the church. I raised my head up and I saw sister anita.

I have been longing to have my dickson into her. She had big boobs and big butts wow thats my choice I smiled to myself.

Anita- Good evening pastor
Me- evening dear, how is family?
Anita- hmmm well mom and dad are fine.
Me- okay dear.

She sat down in front of me. The chair is slightly pushed behind my table that I can see every part of her.

She was smiling at me I wonder what she need right now that continue making her to laugh. I can’t help than joining her.

It became that obvious, until I saw something special. Chill, holy spirit is at work.

I saw her widening her leg and eventually landing into revealing of her red p**ts. I become very horny.

I continue staring at her leg while she continue smiling. Men, hope she is not testing me well that’s her business.

My dickson risen big under my p**t, holy God is at work. I continue using style to shift so as she wont understand the contract.

I was shifting the chair back small and little Gosh……i thought she finally get me because she started laughing loud and was at same time setting her leg wider.

She stood up and walked to my seat. She stood by me and was rubbing my head which increased my sex urge. During this time I don’t think I can hid anything again.

My dickson had risen in my trouser it stood very strong and erected.

Me- sister anita……that’s the work of devil.
Anita- I know that pastor that’s why I want you to cast it out.

Chai, she finally hold My dickson and started stroking through my trouser and I moaned out slightly.

I cant help that resting my head on the church. She zip down my trouser and brought out my rod.

Anita- wow, it looks very big. I will want to have it my wet p—-y right now.

I smiled at her and she also do the same. Fantastic as she inserted my dickson into her mouth and she started sucking the heck out of it.

Me- yea……baby….I love it yes olly god is here.

Lols, she was licking the side and was also sucking the cap rapidly than I expected. I thought she was via holy not knowing shes extra ordinary being.

I held her head very tight fro and I was f—-g her mouth very high, rough and passionately.

She started coughing out that I had to stop not to commit crime. After all I owned her now so I had to start from level to level.

She inserted it back and continued sucking the hell out of me while I shifted the bell and bible to the other side so that she can suck here and there.

I finally released my holy seed into her mouth. She swallow every drop on her hand, face and eyes.

She smiled at me and I wondered the action i am gonna display with her holes today.

She hold the table, then I raised Anita skirt and I slides her p–ts to the second side. Then I inserted my long dickson……………


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