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(Her change fate)

Terri Savage ?️

Chapter 5





? Sophia’s POV

My whole body was weak and I really found it hard to stood up.

Everywhere was totally dark, I don’t know if it was night or day time, my mom is no where so I have no one to ask if it was night or day.

The rain had drenched me, it has stopped but the chilling breeze was really sending shivers all over my body.

I was finally standing up but I couldn’t move my feet.

How can I move when I don’t know what or where I would be heading to.

The silence around me was really scary and I couldn’t stop my tears.

I was afraid to cry, who knows I may end up making my presence known to some bad boys.

I stood still like a statue shedding tears wishing my mother would just come that moment.

Just then, I heard some footstep from afar, I could also hear some group of boys talking to themselves.

” Who is that girl? ” I heard a voice.

Fear gripped me and I turned my face to the other side praying I wasn’t the one they were talking to.

” Wow, what is a pretty lady doing here under the cold weather.. Guess she is in need of some hot round ” The voices came closer.

My legs wobbled as I spread my palm to know if something was on my way.

” Come here !!! ” One of them growled and I took to my heel.

They chased me without knowing i was blind.

With full force, I hit my head on a wall which I hadn’t seen.

The pain that I felt can not be compared to any other thing.

It was so much excruciating that as I fell, I couldn’t move any part of my body.

My whole body went numb as I stared at the darkness which was all I could see.

I wish to die but death isn’t coming, all that is coming my way is pain and anguish.

I need a quick death, that would stop all these suffering, I solemly pray that this boys would kill me.

” How couldn’t she see that wall?, is she that fretful ” They laughed as they got closer and closer.

” So you couldn’t see that wall? ” One of them asked but I didn’t even say anything.

” Can’t you talk? ” I heard a growl and before I could even know it, one of the boys grabbed my gown and tore it.

” If you can’t talk then I guess you can scream or moan ” They laughed.

I was still and didn’t struggled a bit.

I can’t even see anyone but they were removing my cloths one after the other.

I was to be raped but I am happy and I pray I would die from this rape.

My life is worthless, no one to run to.

Everyone is gone, my dad hates me so badly, my mother who was my only source of solace is gone, the only man that made me laugh and smile happily is also missing.

This is the time I needs these people most, I need them to make my life have a little meaning, but they had all disappeared.

A blind girl without a helper… do you know how I feels to be covered with darkness for years.

You have eyes but can’t see, everyone around you hates you so badly,

You are had been confirmed a mom had left and now I am suffering because she is gone,

Tears couldn’t stop falling down freely, my heart was beating very fast, I wish it wouldn’t be painful but that was a stupid wish.

They drew me roughly to a corner with laughter,

There was nothing I could do anyway.

My mind was even far away from what was about to happen, I was really feeling great pain in me.

Pain of the heart, pain gotten when people who supposed to love and care for you couldn’t show you any love instead they all disappeared when you really needed them.

The boys drew down my under wears and widened my legs,

I never knew how rape feels like, I am a virgin who doesn’t even know how it feels like to have s*x.

I shut my eyes as I waited for the worst.

A thrust into my p*ssy made a very loud shrill of pain escape my lips.

No oooo!!!!!.


It was so painful that I thought I would die instantly.

They forced their selves in me furiously ignoring my screams, I had never felt this kind of pain in my life.

It was so terrible that my heart couldn’t stop bleeding, some liquid substance was rolling down my legs, it dawned on me that I had lose my virginity with deep pain.

My legs shivered and my whole body turned sweaty, I shook every part of my body to rescue my self from the pain but it was impossible, the men pinned me down.

Everyone took his round and when they were done, I couldn’t get myself.

I was left there in the deepest darkness which was all over me, nowhere to go, I can’t even stand up.

Terrible pain filled my whole body, I was whimpering but couldn’t cry out loud.

No word can be used to express how I felt as they left, I felt wasted, I felt like a trash, being raped could be better if you aren’t a virgin.

They had broke me up forcefully, right now, my legs are numb.

I can’t even shake my legs.

More tears rolled down my cheeks as pain swept my whole body..l

” Please I want to die, please death, I plead..kill me and stop all these pain, please ” I muttered to myself as shivers ran through me.

What kind of life is this?

Every single second and minute of my life is filled with nothing other than anguish and pain.

I took a deep breath and tried rising to my feet, it was very hard but I have to.

I need to walk into my death, I wish I would walk to the middle of the road and get killed.

I don’t even know where I was, there was no one talking to me, every where was silent with only little faraway murmurs making me doubt if there was anyone living around there

Finally, with the last strength I had, I stood up slowly.

Great pain circled my whole body from head to toe, my legs wobbled and I felt dizzy.

My heart was heavy with sorrow as I recalled it was my father who pushed me out in the dark.

I was really hated by every single human around

I cried, cried and cried to myself, myself alone, there is no one to cry to so I cry all to myself as the pain grew more intense.

I took a step forward and my head spined.

I took another and felt like I was dying, everywhere was turning around, my head was pounding so badly, my legs was very weak that it couldn’t carry my body.

I tried taking another step but couldn’t, everywhere went wild and I
found myself falling hardly on the ground.

I grimaced as more pain rushed in.

I couldn’t bear it any longer, I guess it is over, I closed my already blinded eyes before everything black out.

I pray I’m dead.

♦️Richard’s POV

” Why are you not asleep? ” I heard Claire’s voice.

” I’m restless, I feels it deep inside me that Sophia is in pain, I don’t know how possible it is, but it seems so real, I can even hear her cry ” I said with my eyes getting wet immediately.

” Rich… Are you okay? ” She asked gawping at me.

I took a deep breath and jolted up from the bed.

” What are you doing? ” She asked and I took her hand and placed it to my chest which was beating very fast.

” Do you feel it?, do you see how it beat?,, please take me to her. I don’t know the way ” I pleaded and she rolled her eyes.

” Never!! ,, stop saying that, I feel like breaking your head for saying those stupid words ” She seethed.

” If you wouldn’t take me to her, it is fine. I don’t know why you can’t be a little bit compassionate, you had lived here for some months now and it is clear you have know of her. why wouldn’t you have mercy on that suffering soul and save her from pain and hunger ” I purred with emotions as my mind recalled that day I met her.

It was so much for me to bear, a young beautiful lady in darkness, not seeing a single light, it broke my heart and made me want to even give her my own eyes.

I felt like shedding tears right now. My instinct is telling me she is in pain, I want to go and meet her but I don’t know the route, Claire is the only person that can show me the way but she wouldn’t agree.

It was night but everywhere is brightened by the street lights.

” Claireplease take me to her, if she is fine, I’ll come back here without wasting a single minute” I pleaded.

” That part of the village is for the wretched and not for a prince like you, c’mon ” She soothed and placed her hand on my shoulder.

I don’t even know what prompted me, I pushed her away from me

“If you can’t do this for me, then just know I am hating you ” I growled and she sighed.

” Okay I’ll take you to her house ” She breathed and my heart leaped for joy.

I grabbed her closer and kissed her lips

” You will go with my personal guard, he knows her house ” She said and put a call across.

A young hefty man came in immediately.

” Take him to that blind girl’s house, he wants to see her ” she said dryly and plopped down on the bed.

” Thanks you ” I squeaked and rushed out with the guard.

? Claire’s POV

” Richard is coming to her house, what should we do? ” I asked the person I just called.

” Ugh? what really happened? ” She asked

” It’s not time for questions, what should we do? ” I asked and a brief silence eloped us.

” She would be put into the dry well all through this night, the next day, we would send some of our guard in disguise to kill her mother right there in her house before bringing Sophia out of the well ” Her voice sounded leaving a wide smile on my face.



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