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I felt like taking her home, I felt like being with her every second, I don’t want to leave, it seems like I wouldn’t get the chance to come back here again.

I sat on my bonnet with my gaze still on that building.

There is no doubt Sophia needs someone to love her, she needed someone to make her feel happy and that person is me but I can’t be with her now..

Not long after, the guard came and I was driven home.


?Sophia’s POV

The smile on my face vanished the moment he left, he was leaving and I felt my heart getting back to its former condition, the condition of pain and anguish, wishing to die.

” Why is your face growing pale? ” My mum asked and I sighed and lay on the bed.

” Do you know who that man is?” I asked

” No, he is a stranger who took interest in my pathetic condition and decided to help the little way he can ” She replied and I breathed.

” Would he come again?” I asked

“I don’t know, he said he would come but I don’t think so, he would later get to know about us and would definitely stay away from us like other people” she answered and sat on the bed

Her word made me drained me

I just wish he doesn’t leave us, I can’t wait to hear his voice, I want him to seat beside me like he just did today, I want him to feed me again.

I can’t tell why I want him, but I just feel good with him around me.

” Start eating ” My mother said as she fed me with the snacks

I just wished it was him feeding me again.


I can never forget that name, even if he doesn’t come again, the name would never leave my memory, even his voice would also be in my memory.

♦️ Richard’s POV

I had just finished meeting my parent and was going back to my own house with Claire my girlfriend who wouldn’t just stop talking, she is never tired of talking but less did she knew that my mind was very far away from anything she was saying.

I was thinking about the blind girl, it pains me that I couldn’t stay with her.

” You seem to be thinking about something else why I talk to myself ” I heard Claire’s voice.

” I wasn’t thinking about anything, keep talking ” I said with a stupid smile making her gawp at me.

“Just make sure you aren’t thinking of another woman” she said and I laughed

She just said it right..

I’m thinking about another woman and the woman is Sophia the blind girl I just met.

” Do you know of any blind girl in this place ? ” I asked and she sneered at me..

” What do you have to do with the blind ” She asked suspiciously

” There is a girl named Sophia I met her on my way here, she is a blind girl, I really felt pity for her ” I said not knowing I was making a great mistake, a mistake that would cost a lot.

She stared at me for some moment and suddenly went silent.

I shrugged and kept on riding.

We finally reached and she alighted..

” You don’t seem okay? ” I asked

” I need to use the restroom, I would be back ” She said and dashed in.

?Claire’s POV

” He met her ” I said to the person I just called on phone.

? What!!!!!.. how? ”

? He told me he met her while coming down here, what are we gonna do now? ” I asked confusedly.

?Leave it for me…the blind girl and her mother would experience the greatest pain from tomorrow and just make sure he doesn’t go near that slum ” The voice said

?Okay ma,, he doesn’t even know the route, I would make sure he doesn’t find his way there ” I said with a sigh.

?Okay, I will inform you on any new development ” I said

? Thank you ” I breathed and hung the call.

He must not meet that blind girl again.

?️Stella’s POV

How did prince Richard see that blind girl, what had made him go to that slub. I can’t let him see that girl again, thanks for that information Claire gave me, I will now have to plan very well on how to stop them from meeting again.

?Claire’s POV

I came back and sat back on my chair opposite Richard who was on call with his friend. I had to put a fake smile on my face, I was glad I called the King’s sister and told her.

I can’t really tell if I love Richard but he’s has been my childhood friend and lover before he left for USA.

Am feeling jealous deep inside my heart cause its looks Like he likes her at first sight with the way he’s talking.

Prince Richard finished making the call and he cleared his throat.

” What took you so long? ” victor asked me and I felt like slapping him for asking such nonentity question.

How could he ask me such a question? I titled my eyes

Elsewhere, he’s expecting me to be alright when its seems he likes another lady.

” Claire I am talking to you, what’s wrong with you? ” Richard asked obviously getting upset at her behavior.

He just prayed he would be able to cope with her when he get married to her, she’s becoming so…….he didn’t even know a perfect name to give her.

” What do you want me to say, must you get every hint of what I do, please don’t bother me ” I said hissing loudly.

” Really are you the one saying this ” Richard said obviously upset at her stupid behavior.

He tolerated the behavior before going to the states but he’s not so sure he could tolerate such behavior of hers again.

” Nope am not talking to you but your twin shadow, I don’t know what am still doing here talking to you ” I said angrily, walking out on him.

I could hear him shout my name but I don’t come back once I walk out on someone whether it’s my parent or anyone.

I expected him to run and beg me like he always does but he did none of this.

♦️Richard’s POV

How dare she walk out on me while I’m still talking to her beside I didn’t ask a bad question that could make her react this way.

I walked out angrily as I entered my car slamming my car door, she just succeeded in getting me upset.

I would never come back here to see her again cause I don’t think I would love to be embarrassed again like this.

I had to just control my anger so I can Concentrate while driving, I was still driving when that blind beauty smile came into my memory.

She’s such a beautiful girl despite she’s blind, her beauty is so stunning and her eyes posses a special charms even if she can’t see.

Her lips were one in town and I felt pity in my heart again.

I just couldn’t understand why such a great beauty could be blind, she’s just too beautiful to be blind. I could remember the sorrows in her voice and that made my heart bleed so badly.

I wish to see her again everyday and I love the way she talks.

She talks with such great wisdom that am sure listening to her would be better than listening to that my chatterbox proud girlfriend of mine.

Comparing both of them together shows that the blind girl is better than Claire in everything both knowledge and wisdom.
Am sure I’m gonna help her, I need to help her.



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