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(Her change fate)

Terri Savage ?️

Chapter 27




♦️Richard’s POV

“Richard!!!” Sophia screamed and I rushed to her and covered her with my body.

“What are you doing!!!” She shuffled

“Let me be your shield, Sophia, let me die alone please, let me die, you don’t have to also die!” I bawled with tears rolling down freely.

“I should live while you die?…what kind of life would that be?..would my life have a meaning?!!” She also cried as we move to the extreme of the room dreading the sight of the smoke which was really coming.

It was poisonous and we could see how it kills any living being.

I was too afraid to even think of anything, my heart grew heavy, I was damn shocked.

How would I and Sophia survive this, Claire really pulled a clever stunt here, did she really wants me dead?

We watched in horror.

“We can’t die Richard but this would weaken us so much, I guess that’s when Claire would strike us” Sophia sobbed

Her words made me recall we had the royal blood, it is true, Claire wants us weak so she would strike ”

Oh no!!!

I quickly tore my cloth and hand it to sophia so she would use it as a nose mask.

“That won’t do any good, it…….” The smoke came on us making breath seize from us, tears filled our eyes as we watched each other in pain.

Tears filled our eyes as it turned red, I could feel my nostril cover up sending sharp pains through me, my lips whimpered.

Slowly I move over to Sophia who was already dizzy and losing consciousness, I was damn weak but I need to stop the smoke from going into her again, I fear she may pass out.

Successfully, I covered her whole body and face before we both fell on the floor.

Next we heard was a long laughter from no other person than Claire, I could hear her mockery voice which really taunted me and made me look like a weakling.

“Two fools trying to play smart!!” She laughed again, her voice was faint to my hearing due to my weakness.

She must be wearing a nose mask, I could even sense the gas evaporating away slowly.

?Evelyn’s POV (Sophia’s mother)

With pain all over my body, I found my way to the palace.

I am just fed up of all this secrecy, its time to make the king and Queen know something about what is happening.

I don’t know the state of Sophia and Richard but I think the battle isn’t an easy one..we need the king power in this.

I’ll tell them many evil about Claire and Stella, I think it’s high time they keeps guard before their son loses his life.

I finally got there, after much struggle, I was let in.

“All greetings your royal majesty, I’m not here to take your time, you know me as Sophia’s mother and I guess you even hate me for that ” I paused to catch some breath.

They both stared at me.

“My daughter Sophia can now see so she isn’t curse neither I’m I..just want to inform you both that Claire and Stella is in battle to take over this throne, she wants to kill both your son and Sophia all because they are the heir ” I spited and they both jolted up in shock.

“What are you saying woman?” They chorused

“I’m in the hospital because of what Claire did to me, they also wants me dead, I took all this pains to deliver this message, it’s time you stand and fight for the live of your heir to this throne before darkness rules after you!” I breathed and groaned in pain

“Is this the nightmare I had been having recently!!” The Queen stated

“Really, then we need to call him right away!” The king breathed and quickly put a call through..

It didn’t went through and that left me more in anxiety, what if something had happened to them?

“Guard!!! ” The king called and three of them rushed out.

“Arrange my car, we are going to visit him today ” He ordered and sighed

“Woman, you said your daughter is the heir?” He questioned

“Yes your highness, you can check yourself, she has a royal blood in her, Claire knows of this that’s why she made her blind…very soon you would know the real truth ” I sighed and stood up weakly

“We are all going together!” The queen said and we all headed to the car


?Claire’s POV

“Now tell me what should hold me from killing that trash beside you!!” I chuckled playing with the pistol in my hand.

“You….bastard..don’t try it!!” Richard growled cuddling Sophia who was alive but so weak to talk.

“Can you now see I’m wiser than you?” I laughed before cocking the gun pointing it to Sophia immediately.

“Die you shit!” I cursed with detest before pulling the trigger.


I cursed as Richard moved to the spot taking the bullet.

He shrilled in pain staring at me with a heavy breath.

“That won’t stop me from killing her!!!” I grunted and targeted her head, Richard was now so weak to even move, blood was pouring out, I don’t care if he dies or not this time, I would still be the Queen if he dies, so no worries about that.

The Oracle pointed at me after all.

I cocked the gun ready to shoot before my guard outside rushed in.

“The king and Queen are here ” He announced and I sprang up with full force.

Oh no!

I turned to Sophia to shoot her before escaping but I couldn’t because I was already hearing foot steps in the sitting room.

My guard broke the window and I shot a chemical pill into Richard and Sophia back, that would make him and her forget what happened here.

I quickly dived out.


My guard couldn’t fly out before he was caught and drew back.

Shit!, f*ck it!

I’m dead!..does this means that they would find out I was the one who did all that?


Geez!!!..I think I need to go into hiding now, I would be wanted no sooner from now.

Well…I still have a little hope, the guard may not say the truth before dying, I’m sure of his reliability, he would surely prefer dying than spiting the truth.

Just pray, I win..

Stella is no more, its my time for me to end this all and be the Queen.

I quickly ran off but just then my eyes caught something up on a pole.

A surveillance camera, it has been capturing me all this while.




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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.