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♦️Richard’s POV

Her eyes fell on mine and I took a deep breath feeling exhausted.

“So what do you intend to do? ” I asked and she shrugged

“I’m going to meet her, it has even been long I wished to see her face, I’d love seeing her now” she said and I shook my head.

“You may get to see her but may not live to tell how she is…that lady is more cruel than you can think of,she is damn ready to take your life, that would be the only reason why she took your mother and ordered for your presence only ” I explained but she shrugged again and stood up.

“Richard…I would have to meet her, my mother’s life is in danger so I got to do the required” she snapped leaving me dumbed.

I guess she doesn’t really know claire, she isn’t aware of how she is..a lady who could kill without thinking twice, I can’t let Sophia meet her, what if she kills her?

My phone beeped and she took it and jotted down the address that was sent.

” Richard, I’d be going ” She said and turned to leave but I quickly held her hand.

“Just like that? are going to meet the devil just this way? had no plan? setup? you even know what she has in stock for you, try to understand…this is the lady who wanted to injected that poisonous substance into your body to make you totally blind and be in coma” I explained breathing heavily.

“But what about my mother?..who knows what she would be passing through?..I need to end this all once, let me meet her and know the reason why she is this way to me..she needs to tell me where I actually wronged her because I can’t remember ”

” And you think she would tell you? think she would sit down and start explaining it to you…she won’t, instead, she would either take your life or make you blind again” I sighed

” You said again?..does it means she was the one who…made me…blind the first…time?” She spluttered

“Your father said it ” I breathed and plopped down the couch

“What? father!” She exclaimed

“Yeah, before your father died, he said it ” I breathed and her eyes got wet.

“So my dad is even dead, what killed him and how? ” She arched her brow..

I opened my mouth to say another word but couldn’t as my eyes fell on the notification that just popped into my phone from Claire

I took it clicked on it anxiously.
It was pictures of Sophia’s mother crying in pain as Claire teased and played around with her hair.

I got infuriated and wish could get hold of that witch but I had no choice than to bottle up my emotions so Sophia won’t see this.

? Keep on wasting time and she would be paying for it, I know you are the one still holding her, send her to where I sent and release her mother from further torture, don’t try to play smart… I’ll not hesitate to kill her ”

I read.

I think I need to report these messages.

My eyes popped out as the messages deleted by itself, all the message she had been sending just erased automatically.


How can I then give evidence of what she is doing, oh gosh!!..she is really pulling a smart move.

I looked up and Sophia was still staring at me.

“You have the address right? can go so your mother would be released, she wants to see you” I breathed and she nodded

“But are you sure she would release my mother if I meet her?”She asked and I nodded even when I am not sure

A deep sigh escaped my lips as she left the door..I quickly took out my phone and dialed a number.

I am very sure Claire would find out if I ever send the cops or go with her, she would even be aware if anyone followed Sophia, the place she sent for her to come has CCTV cameras all over the place both the route that led there

She just have hacked into the system and must be watching meticulously.

I don’t just want to put anyone in danger, I don’t want Sophia or her mother to be hurt.

? Hello ” I said to Jaden I just called.

? Find Stella and kidnap her ” I said before cutting the call.

I hadn’t seen or heard of her all this while so I’m sure Claire wouldn’t think of me striking from that angle.


Just an hour later, the door of the sitting room sprang open with Stella being bundled in.

Her eyes widened as she saw me, I could see pure fear in her eyes..that is really what I wanted.

“Tied her to the chair and torture her ” I ordered with a smirk as she pleaded vehemently.

? Claire’s POV

A wide grin escaped my lips as I saw her walked into the building through the surveillance camera

Yeeyyyy!! last she would be finally in my grasp, I was very sure no one was following her, one of my men brought her up to the room where I sat, there was no need covering my face, she should see me and kill herself in shock.

I don’t care, all I know is that she would no longer be seen after today.

I may not be able to kill her but…I can cause her excruciating pain and cage her up.


This is getting really interesting…I quickly ordered for Sophia’s mother to be released.

Stella would send her men to take her again the moment she gets home, in that way the prince won’t say I didn’t played my part in the deal.

The door opened and my long time friend walked in…she still looked so beautiful like then.

Her jaw dropped as she gasped in shock seeing me, her hand was placed over her mouth as she tried understanding if she was seeing reality.

“Hi friend ” I greeted with a smirk but she made no move, it was damn shocking to her.

“ this you? ” She stuttered and I stood immediately…

“How dare you call me claire?..don’t you know how to refer to a princess ” I growled and slapped her hardly making her fall freely on the floor in pain.

“Why are you doing all this to me?..why?” She cried.

“Tie her up and begin the torture, I can’t wait to hear her scream in pain” I laughed taking the wine on the table.

Wow!.. Claire can’t be a loser….Never.

Just then my phone beeped, it was a video call from Richard

I laughed as I took the call.

“Darling…you called to check her state right?..what if I say she is close to death” I said with a hysterical laughter.

“Have you tried checking on Stella?” He asked and I sneered at him.

“She must have….” I paused as I recalled she hadn’t called me to update me how things went.

“So what about her?” I asked

“She has decided to expose all your secret to the world and cops after some torture ” he smirked and positioned the camera to where she sat with blood over her body, bruise and cuts.

“What!!! ” I screamed as I saw her.

My heart got tensed as I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“She..she..want…to..” I kept stuttering

“Release Sophia’s this moment or else we would be heading to the palace now, I am even about to put an ordered for all the top officials and men with power in the town to assemble, there she would spit everything and you know what that means….you would be hunted down ” He growled and I shivered for the first time.

I could imagine what would happen to me if my secret is known.

“How did you get her?” I asked gnashing my teeth.

“I don’t have your time, just release her quickly, I give you a minute ” He stated with a stern face.

Oh no!..not again.

“So how would I believe that you would release her when I also released Sophia’s mother?” I asked

“Just the same way I believed you would release Sophia’s mother if Sophia comes alone ” He smirked and hung the call.

Oh shit!!!

What is this again? Now when I was just winning everything turned around

I looked up to my men who were waiting for my order.

I hissed, sighed, gnash my teeth

“Release her and take her back to the Prince house…make sure you cover your face and don’t let anyone find out what you did” I ordered with a deep sigh of anger.

I can’t believe I am just releasing her just the way and time I took her.

Gosh!..did I just lose?

Just some minute after my men took her away, I remembered that she had seen my face and I didn’t inject her with a memory loss drug.

What the hell!!!

I’m I really losing??



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.