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? Sophia’s POV

Pain surged through my whole body as I lay on the floor, I could feel a liquid substance coming out, I guess it was blood, I shut my eyes waiting for death, waiting for it to take me away, I just pray to open my eyes and find out I’m floating, just want to open my eyes and find out I am already Dead

Yes!..that’s what I need, I am not destined to live, what is the essence of being alive when nothing good comes out of you, all that keeps emanating is anguish and pain..

” You can’t keep hurting yourself..there is a reason why you are still alive ” I heard my mother’s voice purred, there was no doubt she was crying, there was no doubt her heart is really bleeding, I can’t see her face but I can feel it, I can sense the hurt..

” If you keep doing this, I would be hurt the more, hurting yourself leave my heart shattered than you can ever think of ” She sulked helping me up..

I groan at the pain I got from the region where I hit on the floor..

” Am I still alive? ” I asked with tears flowing down

” Yes dear, you can never kill yourself ” She said and I took a deep breath

” So you are happy passing through all are glad right?..why are you even doing all this for me, I may be your daughter but I’m not worthy to be one, I am not worthy to be called a daughter when I can’t help, I can’t do anything to make life easier, please take my life and I would be very grateful..” I wept and she took my hand and led me to the bed without saying any word.

” If you keep trying to kill yourself then I would be forced to tie you up with a rope, do you think it was a mistake that you were born?.. hell no..there is a reason ” She sighed and I lay on the bed flatly gazing at the ceiling which I can’t see.

I wish all will be well but it just seems like my prayer isn’t answered, maybe God also hates me for being blind.. I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t have mercy, in have really passed through a lot..

I would have to go now and struggle for this night..someone may be willing to help.

“What time is it now? ” I asked

“I can’t really tell but it is around 4:00..I have to go..” She said and I sat up.

” Do you know if you leave here and my step mom or dad comes here to maltreat me, I may be forced to take my life, you can’t really understand my plight because you aren’t blind, you don’t know what it seems like staying all day without seeing the light..only darkness ” I said

I sobbed and she wrapped my body into her chest while I sob..

“I have to go or we would go hungry, your dad had promised to give me some money only if I eat it alone and abandon you.. but I can’t ” she sulked

“Why? ” I asked

” Because I love you ” She replied

“You don’t love me, if you love me, you would have end this pain I am into by killing me, if you can’t, give me a knife, I will do it myself ” I said with a bitter heart.

“Have you ever thought of having a reason to smile, someone out there is possibly your would enchant him once he meets you ” she said and I was pushed to laugh at her stupid talk.

“Enchant who?..with what??..closed eyes?..stop giving me baseless hope and state the fact..I have no future!” I breathed and she took a deep breath and stood up..

“I have to leave please before it turns dark ” She said and left.. I lay back on the bed in darkness.

Every single minute of the day is night for me… So painful.

♦️ Richard’s POV

” Hey babe, I’m close by right now, where are you? ” I said to my troublesome girlfriend.

” Where are you right now?” She asked and I looked around trying to figure where I was..

How can she expect me to know where I am when this is my first time coming here..

” It looks like a market…I…”

” Would you bring down your a**s from the car and ask questions about where you are and also find someone to lead you here ” She scoffed and I chuckled

” You are still that girl I knew before ” I said amidst laughter as I hung up.

I really love her even if she is rude.. I got down from the car and stood beside my car..

Many kids were staring at me, some young ladies were even stealing glance at me with murmurs..

Who would I ask now?? I sighed and looked around and my gaze fell on someone walking to where i stood, there was no doubt the woman wasn’t in her right senses, she was walking but her mind and thought isn’t stabled..

She walked haggardly looking unkempt, I could even see tears in her eyes.. I was even surprised that no one was concerned about her… They all scorned and scowls anytime she passes them.

Like seriously, that is queer.. I walked up to her but couldn’t even reach where she stood before she diverted into the major road..

A car sped to her direction, there was no doubt she would have been knocked down if I didn’t drew her off the road.. She gasped in shock as she suddenly regain her senses.

“Omg!! That car would have knocked me down ” She squealed with her hand crossed over her chest..

” were lost in thought..what is really your problem? ” I asked..

” Please can i get anything eatable from you? ” She begged with tears..

“I got some biscuits in the car..are you that hungry or do you have a memory problem? ” I asked staring at her from head to toe.

” My daughter is hungry please, give me the biscuit so she can eat something ” the woman begged bowing her head..

“I would like to see your daughter…take me to her ” I said not even knowing when it escaped my lips .

Why would I even want to see the daughter of a strange woman who looks deranged..

” I’ll take you to her but please promise me you would do no harm and would equally give her something to eat ” she said and I nodded feeling my heart heavy all of a sudden..


We finally got to her house and she led me into a small chamber.

“Here she is ” She said directing me into the small room..

Right there in front of me was a beautiful and stunning lady with her eyes open but stable.

It wasn’t moving, she was looking at our direction but couldn’t see anyone, a stick was beside her and it dawned on me that she is blind..

” Someone came to meet you, he promised to help us get something to eat tonight ” the woman who I guess was her mother said and she turned to me even when she couldn’t see me, she was able to detect where I stood.

Her sparkling eyes fell on mine and I felt my heart miss beat, I couldn’t remove my face from her as I found myself totally pinned on a spot…. My legs wobbled and I felt tears drop off my eyes..

My heart became heavy and for some moment I couldn’t move.. I found myself getting really attracted to this blind beauty.


Blind beauty ?


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.