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♦️ Richard’s POV

I headed home with Sophia’s mother, I need to show her my house here, she need to have a good rest after being treated, she had really gone through a lot at this age.

She need peace of mind and soul.

” Are you the real mother of Sophia?” I asked as we both sat on the couch in my house in India.

She sighed deeply and bowed her head.

“I know it sounds queer but I don’t really know” She replied and I arched my brow

“How?” I asked

” This is the secret I said earlier, it would have no sense saying it to you now, Sophia has to be here ” She said and I breathed heavily.

” This is making me wish Sophia would regain her sight sooner, I need to hear all these secret, it’s so much now” I sighed and she smiled and held my palm.

“I may not know everything about you but I swear, you are lucky” she said and I gave her the “explain” look.

“If you had gotten married to Claire, I feels that there would be great terror in the land, the worst thing that would ever happen to the prince is to marry the wrong lady” She said and I took a deep sigh.

“It’s still confusing, I don’t know what to think is it possible that Claire isn’t the right wife?” I wondered

It was clear to me and everyone, we all saw it.

How can it all be a lie?

” There is much you don’t know about, there are many secrets Claire is hiding, wish you would get to know it all before it is too late” She said and I stood up and head to the window looking into the city as my mind clouded with different thoughts.

If Claire isn’t the real princess then how did she got to make the Oracle point at her.

How was it even possible?..I’m sure there must be a lot I don’t know, I had been in darkness for so long.

Fate brought me to Sophia because she was the woman for me, now I see why Claire hates Sophia, she has something she is hiding and that is connected to who really is the real princess?

Why didn’t I even saw it earlier, Sophia did nothing to Claire, she was just a poor blind girl but Claire suddenly hated her so badly, that shows she is having something beneath.

I shrugged and turned behind to see Sophia’s mother already dozing, I smiled as I saw the resemblance.

She was just like Sophia in every part.

My phone rang and I picked it.

?We have got him and he is already tied up, about to begin torture just wanted you to know” He said and I smiled

?Eager to hear what he has to say, make sure he spit it all ” I breathed and hung the call.

Sophia please get your sight quickly, it is really needed.

?Claire ‘s POV

” Assemble all the guard and search all the community for Samuel Sophia’s father, make sure you find him…you must find him, don’t come back and tell me he isn’t found, I’ll kill you all if you say so ” I growled to the head security who bowed his head lowly

“Okay ma” He said and left.

“Stella I’m leaving for india, I need to find Sophia, I have a feeling that she is under going surgeries, what if she eventually sees?” I gritted moving my palm over my hair in exasperation.

“That’s one of the thing that should never happen, she would regain her past memory the moment she sees Richard they would start loving themselves and that would leak our secret ” She cried

” We have to take the risk of killing her, she may have the royal blood but I don’t care anymore, let the curse befall me while she dies and get forgotten” I fumed

” No…don’t destroy your life that way, there is still option, we can find where she is and take her away, she is blind, we can take her away and lock her up ” She said

” how can I even find one person in a whole country, this would be the most stressful work ” I sighed

“I have an idea ” Stella said and I smiled

“I know you gets the idea any time it becomes complicated” I complimented making her smile

“You would forge a fake medical file, no one knows you in India, you would appear as a nurse and meet Sophia in the hospital” she said

“I don’t know the hospital she is now if really she is in a hospital ”

“I’d find out her location from the last place recorded from the chips before it was crushed, just needs some time, I have friends across the world who can dig into systems, they would get her in no distant time, when we gets it, you would forge a CV and get a job in the hospital” She said and I took a deep breath, I’m not liking the idea, not only that it was a long process, it was also risky..

“It’s too risky” I lamented

” Okay, I think we should sneak in with some random family or maybe meet with some doctors and talk them into showing us where she is ” She said and I smiled happily.

“Yes, that’s better, I would fly to India while you handle the case of Sophia’s father, make sure he is killed immediately and…don’t forget to send the name of the hospital to me and the address, after that then come up too…we have to end this once and for all ” I said sternly and she nodded with her face grim.

” Sophia must not see Richard please ” She muttered and I fumed at the fact that Richard was really getting close to Sophia which is really bad.


It was morning the next day and I am already sitting on a seat in my jet heading to india.

I was damn happy because Stella had gotten the location of the hospital more quick than I had thought.

It seems like all hope isn’t lost like I had thought, Richard wouldn’t know I had already gotten her location, before he knows it, I had taken Sophia away.

Don’t ask me how I would do it, just watch and see.

I thought it would be so hard not until I found out that one of the doctor in charge of Sophia treatment is that same doctor who had carried out a mission for me years ago.

I couldn’t be happy less, I think I’m destined to win, he would help me take Sophia away.. I would succeed in bringing her to my grasp and shatter all her hope.

It would be a great shock to Richard, he wouldn’t know what struck him.

He may hate me if he likes but there is no doubt he must marry me, the Oracle has spoken.

When he marries me then I’ll complete my mission, the only person who can stop me is Sophia and I have to take care of her case before getting Richard.

” Sophia must not see Richard” That voice resounded in my memory.

Something that happened a very long time ago.

That was the last warning from him.

Ohhh, I need to be fast, I rather kill Sophia than allow her regain her sight.


♦️Richard’s POV

I sat glumly beside Sophia, she had regain consciousness but the bandage all over her face hasn’t been removed, she would be undergoing another surgery which would be the last one to decide her fate.

It’s either she regains her sight or lose it forever…this is the reason why my mind is restless and I feel like crying..

Her palm was into mine but she can’t talk or see me, I could feel her pain.

She had heard the words of the doctor and would really be in fear now, fear of the worst happening.

What if it happens that she would never see?

I don’t just want to think of that because I may start shedding uncontrollable tears.

” Sophia ” I called and her palm grasped mine more.

“I’m so sorry for what you are passing through, who would have known that you aren’t who they think you are, you look worthless outside but inside you lies greatness…You are the lady for me that’s why they want to take you away, but who can change what fate brought together, you are my princess, the woman to rule the land with me ” I purred and she moved her head sideways to my direction..

There wasn’t any doubt she was shocked and has a question for me but she can’t do any of that.

I could sense her plight and It was really hurting me, I wish I can change it immediately.

Her palm folded around mine giving me a tingling sensation, I couldn’t help but kissed it.

Just then, my phone rang.

I took it out and saw the caller was Claire.

My face contorted into anger on seeing it and I really wanted to cut the call but i felt I need to hear her out.

I’m not yet clear on who the real heir is…if the oracle known for truth could point at her, how can I doubt it even when everything around me says she isn’t the one.

I needs more concrete evidence to clear my mind.

?Hello my love, Richie..please tell me my crime, why do I deserve all this..I didn’t call you since so you would call and tell me the reason but you didn’t care about me ” She sobbed immediately I answered the call.

?Is this the reason why you called? ” I seethed and I could sense she was shocked

?Just when I wanted to change for a better woman you left me, you abandoned me, what about our marriage?.. Richard think of this, Sophia can be from the evil trying to bring down the royalty, tell me why you fell for her if she isn’t…”

?Shut that smelly pit you called a mouth…if there is any evil here..then count your self as one…for the moment, stop calling me till Sophia regains her sight, we would know the truth later b*tch” I snapped and hung the call.

Sophia has her gaze turned to me even tho she couldn’t see, she could hear the phone call.

Her fist was clenched and I wondered why?

Was she from the evil?

Was that the reason I fell for her.. Claire words looked a little bit true because that was another reason that could make me fall for someone different from who the Oracle ordained.

I plopped down on the chair totally devastated and befuddled, I don’t know what to believe now.

I was about thinking through about Sophia being evil when a call came in, it was the man I sent to get Sophia’s father.

?Hello any improvement?” I asked with my heart beating fast.

?Much improvement, the man couldn’t even bear pain, he spited it all in less than a hour of torture ” He said and I felt joy surge through me.

?So tell me, my ear is itching ” I said impatiently

?The secrets are really unbelievable and shocking ” He replied

?We recorded his confession..listen ” He said and an audio began playing.

” Please ..I’m not Sophia father in fact I don’t know who her father is..I was employed to cause her pain and the person who employed me was Claire….”

My heart flipped at that statement.

” She and Stella planned it together, they wanted her dead but can’t kill her because she has a royal blood in her vein..she was made blind to cover the past from being revealed…”

My heart was thumping as those words came out.

” Richard the Prince was someone they never wanted to come near Sophia because of a reason I can’t tell…”

I heard the sound of beating and shrill of pain.

“Tell us the reason ” I heard a voice in the background.

“I don’t know, I was never told…all I know is that Sophia wasn’t blind from childbirth, she became blind when she was 17 years and I guess her memory was washed….I don’t actually know what happened ”

” There is a secret she knew but can’t say it till she sees Richard with her eyes…that’s why Claire and Stella wouldn’t want her to see instead she was left in the world of pain and anguish so she would die in it ”

The audio clip stopped and I heard a gun shot.

?we killed him after that because we got report that he is being searched for” I heard Jaden’s voice, the guy I sent for the mission.

I couldn’t reply him…I was dumb at the moment

What other evidence do I need now? Everything is clear.

Claire and Stella made Sophia blind so as to hide the truth.

Now I know really that the enemy here is no other people than, Claire and that b*tch Stella



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