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(Her Change fate)

Terri Savage 🖊️

Chapter 1




🎼 Should have kissed you

🎼 Should have touched you

🎼 Should have hugged you

🎼 You mean everything to me

🎼 My joy, my perfection, my sadness lessen anytime you’re around

🎤 Sophia’s POV

” Where is my stick? ” I asked no one in particular as I stop singing, I felt no joy singing but I just did to keep myself busy.

I can’t see anyone anyway?

I’m clouded with darkness, I can’t tell if anyone was hearing me, I don’t know if there was anyone around.

” Can someone help me find my stick, it just dropped off my grip now ” I bawled with tears forming in my eyes as I moved my hand all over the floor in search of it.

You can’t tell how frustrated I am right now.

I think my mom isn’t around because she is the only one that hears my cry, she is the only one I have.

My dad and step mother are the thorns in my flesh, I don’t know how anyone of them looks like but I can tell their voices and feels it whenever I’m with any of them, with their shout and baleful acts towards me, I would know they are the one.

Not one of them likes me a bit, they don’t mind beating me together,

To them and most of the people around, I’m cursed.

I was hated not just by my family but most of the people around

I had stopped school when I couldn’t bear the scorn anymore.

It was real hell, hatred was all that surrounded me.

The only person that loves me is my mother but she doesn’t stay around always, she is always striving for what we would eat

I can’t say I have a dad because he doesn’t feed us anymore..

All these plight are as a result of my blindness from birth.

” You are a disgrace to me and I feels ashamed to the fact that you are my daughter!!” That has always been my father’s word to me.

I feel like taking my life but I wouldn’t because my mom still needs me.

I would have committed suicide if she isn’t in my life because without her, my life is useless and I’m better dead than alive.

“Please someone should help ” I screamed with a heavy heart.

” Who is that blind bastard making noise around the neighbourhood ” The growl of my step mom resounded in my ear sending shrills down my spine..

“Please where is my mom?” I asked

“Are you asking me?..like seriously, you are asking me where your mother is, I’m I the one who caused your blindness?.. please I should hear word in this house..” She scoffed.

” Erm.. please help me find my stick, please ” I stupidly asked even when I knew she would never do it.

“Okay ma ” She said and I was happy and surprised that she wanted to help.

“Take ” She said and I started waving my hand over the space.

“Where is it? ” I asked frustrated.

” Take it here ” She said with a giggle and I kept moving my hand searching for where she was but couldn’t touch anything.

She burst Into a hysterical laughter and that was when it dawned on me that she was just pouring scorn on me.

I sighed and pushed back my tears then located a seat with my hand.

I made to seat down but she dragged the seat away making me fall on my butt.

” Why are you doing this ” I squealed with my heart aching badly

You can’t tell the kind of hurt I feel right now, not just from the fall but from the fact that I was been maltreated by someone who should help me.

” Stay there on the floor till your wretched mother comes back,, disgusting fellow ” She spited and stomped out.

Tears fell off my eyes as I felt totally drained, when would all this end?

When would I regain my sight?

When would I be loved by the people I meet.

You can’t tell how pained I am.

Words can’t explain it.

” Omg .. Summer, what are you doing there on the floor ” I heard my mom’s voice cooed.

She hastily, helped me up and lead me to the bed.

” What happened? ” She asked with her voice cracking with emotions.

” My step mom is at it again.. but please mom I’m very hungry ” I muffled

” Open your mouth ” she said and I obliged.

She pushed in a substance into my mouth,

I don’t even know the name..

It was sweet so I munched it and opened mouth to get more but nothing came into my mouth.

” I’m sorry daughter, that’s all I could get, no one helped me, no one wanted to have any thing to do with me..

” They said i was a cursed mother because I bore you ” She said sniffing back her tears.

I can sense pain and hurt in her voice.

” I’m no more hungry, stop crying ” I said in a cracked voice..

She was really going through a lot cos of me

I know how it could be like having everyone turning against you.

” Please manage that, I promise tomorrow would be better ” she cried and I nodded with a smile.

Just then, my stomach made a grumbling sound..

” Oh you are really hungry, I think I need to go beg your father for some money ” She said and I held her.

” No..no ,, I’m sure you are aware he wouldn’t, you are going their to receive scorn and insult and possibly beating ” I said pitifully and she sighed and fondle my cheek.

” I don’t mind taking all that for you, who knows he may have mercy ” she said and left.

I sat there feeling sober.

I hate my life, there was no single thing to make me happy.

Pain, anguish, sorrow sadness ,all these are all that keeps looming all around me.

No one shows me love a single bit, I don’t know how I look, how human looks like is even vague in my memory.

I hate my life like mad, I wish death would take me away at this moment, I don’t want to try killing myself again but I want to die.

Maybe when I die, my mother’s sorrow would decrease.

The only advice she had been receiving from everyone was to kill that curse which was me.

They keeps telling her to kill me so that they would accept her back, I was like a burden to her.

Many time, I had tried killing myself but someway somehow, she would still save me.

I had once walked out of the house without my stick or assistant praying something would hit me and I would die.

It was just like death dreads me a lot because it couldn’t come near me.

I wish for death but it isn’t coming even after the depression and torture from my dad who seem to hate me more than anyone else.

I was still in thought when i felt my mother running to where I was.

” Mom is that you?,, what? ” I couldn’t finish my statement when something hit my head so hardly that I felt blood dripping out.

” Omg!,, why did you do that , Oh gosh, you are so wicked ” My mother cried as she helped me up.

“You got to tell me how you came here and what your mission is, you are not a human… You are a curse and have been my reason for every single badluck i had gotten all through my life” I heard the voice of my dad growl.

That voice I dreaded a lot.

Pain was all I felt but it wasn’t compared to the one I felt when he slapped my mother.

“Don’t you ever come to me for money to feed this badluck and misfortune, next time you try it, I’ll make sure I skin you alive ” He yelled and stomped out.

” Mother please kill me, please” I pleaded with tears flowing like a stream.

” I would be the most evil monster to do that, if you should die then death should take you away, I would never kill my daughter ” She sobbed.

” If you don’t, I will do it myself..one day, I will get hold of a knife or any sharp object and i will rip my heart heart with it ” I said in tears and pain.

” I’ll never allow you do any harm to yourself ” She cooed hugging me tightly.

” Can we leave this place? ” I asked and she sniffed.

” I would have take you away from here if I could ” She cried more bitterly making the urge to kill myself increase.

” Why would I be a burden to an innocent soul, a child was suppose to be a relief to the mother but here I am making her get much more torture and agony ” I said

” Seat down let me dress your wound ” she said moving her hand to my head.

I quickly shoved her hand away angrily.

” Let it bleed, leave it, let me bleed to death ” I bawled with tears.

” Shut up and seat down ” She half yelled and I held my shoulder to direct me to the seat but to her surprise, I held her hand and shoved her away from my body..

“Allow me to die ” I screamed and ran away to where I am not seeing.

I can’t wait to hit my head on the wall and die.

” Noooo..no..stop.. No ” Her voice hitched as I slammed my head on the wall and fell flatly on the floor.

Death please come, I f*cking need you now.



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