Dana asked, her tone dripping with naughty
innuendo, “Gary, did you get a hole in one?”
I thought to myself,I got two!
Gary shook his head, “What’s gotten into
“Not your golf club,” she replied as she
smirked at me.
“This isn’t the place,” Gary said.
“I wasn’t saying you should do ithere, you
silly man, we’d never live it down,” she took
the ball and ran with it, still looking at me.
Did Dana know I wanted her? It seemed
she did, and liked the idea.
“Anyways, new topic,” Gary said, and he
changed it to sports.
Mom and Dana whispered to each other,
while Dana’s quiet daughter Becky ate, still
in silence, either amused or disgusted by
the conversation… I couldn’t tell which.
As we waited for dessert, Dad and Gary
went outside to smoke cigars, which I
declined to do even after some goading
from my uncle to be a man (even as I
thought to myself,Bud, I plan to be a man
for your own wife very soon).
Dana told Becky to go ask Emily if she had
any chap-stick and I was suddenly alone
across the table from Mom and Dana.
Dana grabbed two gingerbread men, well
one was a woman, and placed the man
between the legs of the woman, all while
looking at me steadily.
Mom asked, “Honey, are you hungry for
some sweet dessert?”
“Definitely,” I nodded, looking at Dana.
Dana added bluntly, “When she says
dessert she means do you want to eat your
Auntie’s c–t?”
“Before or after I pound my Auntie’s p—y?”
I bluntly questioned back, wanting to make
it clear I was the man.
“You choose,” she shrugged, just before
Becky returned and said, “She didn’t have
“Fine, I’ll go to my room and get some,”
Dana said, looking at me the entire time.
“I can go get it for you,” Becky offered.
“No, I need to go to the washroom and
freshen up anyway,” Dana said.
“Okay,” Becky said, oblivious to her
mother’s intent.
Dana walked away, slyly dropping a key on
my lap.
I excused myself a minute later and headed
up to Dana’s room.
My c–k was already hard as I inserted the
I walked in and she was already out of her
dress, sitting on the edge of the bed, her
legs spread to give me a clear view of her
p—y with just a small patch of hair above
it, in just her nylons and a bra. I asked,
“Why are you still in your bra?”
“Because I want you to take it off for me,”
she answered, as I walked to the bed.
As soon as I reached her, she was
unfastening my belt as she said, “I hear I’m
next to the last to get a good look at this
big c–k. For once I get a treat sooner than
Mistress Tiffany.”
“MistressTiffany?” I questioned.
“As you’ve probably heard, all my sisters
and even my nieces and daughter are my
Mistresses. I love to serve, but it means
that almost always I’m the last one to

“Better late than never,” I responded, as she
fished out my c–k.
“Delicious,” she said, as she took my hard
c–k in her hands and then into her mouth.
“Oh yeah, Auntie, suck my c–k,” I groaned,
as she bobbed back and forth.
And for a couple of minutes she s—-d… and
I watched and enjoyed… there’s something
really beautiful about a woman sucking c–
k. Her lips wrapped around a d–k is hot,
but her vulnerability when she has no idea
how sexy and gorgeous she looks, is
equally hot.
Finally, I wanted to f–k her. I pulled out and
said, “Get on the bed.”
“How do you want me?” she asked.
“On all fours,” I decided, always loving d—-
e style and both the fact I could really f–k a
woman hard in this position, and also I
could have her really join in on the f—–g.
Once she was ready she demanded, “Hurry
up and f–k me Wade, we don’t have a lot
of time.”
“We’ll take as long as we need,” I said, as I
got out of my pants and underwear and
moved behind her. “Is that clear?”
“And dominant too,” she smiled, looking
back at me. “You got it. Take as long as
you want with me.”
I slid my c–k inside her and reached out to
unclasp her bra as I did.
“Oh yes, so much bigger than my
husband,” she moaned, as I filled her
completely and let her bra drop onto the
“What a great a-s you have, auntie,” I
complimented after a couple of minutes, as
I slid in and out of her c–t.
“You should feel how tight it is,” she


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