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My parents picked me up on the way to the
wedding, which was a three-hour drive (five
for them as I was at a college two hours
north) and they figured we may as well
take only one vehicle. Plus, with first
semester finals done, I would return with
them back home for Christmas break.
Which was perfect for me as I was in
college and perpetually broke. We even
decided to share a hotel room, which may
seem weird, but we were a pretty close
family and sharing a room with two queen
sized beds wasn’t really a big deal. We’d
done the same a couple years ago when
we took our east coast road trip.
Plus, I really enjoyed spending time with my
parents who were still quite young… and
truthfully wilder than I was (they still had
parties at their house and did the weed I
They also were still very sexual towards
each other… both in front of me and in the
bedroom. I jerked off many times listening
to them f–k… my Mom very animated,
vulgar and loud in the throes of passion. Or
at least I assumed they still were, they
certainly had been while I was still at home
and in high school.
This was only enhanced by the fact that
although my Mom was pretty plain (no one
ever called her a MILF), she had big b—–s
and amazing legs which were almost
always encased in nylons… like they were
right now… she was already dressed for the
wedding even though it was a five-hour
drive… a wedding just a week before
Christmas… which seemed rather stupid to
me, but whatever.
She was also the sweetest woman in the
world. She was actually a stay at home
mom, unheard of these days, as Dad made
excessively good money and thus she did
things like chair the PTA and organize the
graduation ceremony.
I should also note we had both seen each
other naked… although not at the same

In my senior year I’d come home early from
a party on a Friday night not feeling well
(not drunk, the flu) and when I walked in
Mom was in the kitchen, completely naked
except for a garter-belt and stockings,
getting a drink of water.
I stared at her body for a good ten seconds
before she turned around and realized I
was there and dropped her glass (only into
the sink and fortunately it was plastic) as
she covered her b—–s and v—-a as best
she could, crying out my name, “Wade!”
I explained, “Sorry, I came home early
because I wasn’t feeling well.”
I quickly left the kitchen, my c–k hard and
my mind carrying away an image that’s still
imprinted in my head.
I worried about what she would say the
next morning, but she acted like it was no
big deal and life moved on.
I, on the other hand, had a new recurring
fantasy… one where things had gone very
differently that wonderful evening when I’d
walked into the kitchen and encountered
my nearly-nude mother with her
voluptuous, touchable b—–s with their large, deep red, hard n—–s and her slender
figure, round hips and glistening, hairless
p—y beckoning me to look more closely.
(As you can see, my fantasy always began
larger than life, and there was no way my
hot fantasy mother was going to cover
anything up!)

This was a fantasy I’d carried with me
when I went to college and I’d shot
hundreds of loads, recreating my memory
in a variety of ways.
-She turns around, sees me, walks over,
drops to her knees, fishes out my c–k and
sucks me.
-I walk up behind her, cup her big b—–s
from behind as she moans, ‘Ready for
seconds already, Eric?’ (Eric is my father’s
name). and I respond, ‘Sloppy seconds’ and
slide my c–k in her from behind and she
gasps, ‘Oh yes, Wade,’ as I penetrate her
-I walk over to her, spin her around, guide
her to her knees and shove my c–k in her
shocked open mouth and hold her head in
place as I face f–k her.
-I walk up behind her and surprise her by
simply sliding my c–k in her p—y. This
fantasy goes either of two ways: 1) where
she discovers it’s me and joins in eagerly
liking the idea, or 2) where she is shocked
and tries to stop me until I dominate her
and then she still joins in eagerly but this
time calling me Master… this version
coming to mind because I’ve heard her get
dominated by Dad many times when I
Of course, in all of these versions of the
fantasy I magically begin with pants and
underwear or not, whichever works best in
the scenario.
And that was what I was fantasizing about
a few months later during reading break
before finals when I came home for the
week, imagining f—–g my naked Mom in
the kitchen one way or another, when my
real live Mom walked in on me.
I was on my bed, jerking off while watching
p–n on the laptop, an incest scene where a
son fucks his mother, when she walked into
my room.


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