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OGA LANDLORD … (21+) … Part 19



Boy: I don see am say you like to ask mumu questions as people take talk am, no try am with me oh!
Simeon: who talk say I dey like to ask mumu questions and wetin I no suppose try with you?
The boy was so angry that he cursed Simeon and walked away, I couldn’t hold my laughter. The boy would have realized that Simeon turns everything to question.
Me: Vero, I no be mr right for you. As you fine well well, na Dangote pikin and politicians children you suppose date. I nofit pay you that kind salary no vex, I dey beg you.
Veronica: Cynthia no lie at all, you too stingy. I never see person wey stingy like you for my life.
After she is done talking to herself ’cause I wasn’t listening to her at all, she left and I was alone with Simeon.
Simeon: oga landlord oh, that girl fine oh, she fine well well… Ermmm you dey reason her?
Me: I know say you dey mad, but wetin dey surprise me be say your father never send you to psychiatric.
I left him out there and went inside the room, the next day I went to the shop. Emeka wasn’t at his duty post as usual. I thought he has gone to service our business neighbor till Fatty ran out of her shop with her phone in hand.
Fatty: Emeka don kill me oh, Chidimma and Emeka have finish me oh. Ewoooohh! she sit down for ground shaking everywhere
Me: wetin happen? This one you dey shout like person wey her husband die?
Fatty: Emeka has killed me oh! Haaaayyyt!! I carry my ATM card give Emeka, em transfer all my money. Emeka I no see, and I no see Chidimma as we dey talk like this.
Help me call them oh!!
For trying sake I called Emeka line luckily it went through, and he picked the call.
Me: Emeka, Fatty dey fine you oh she got up from the ground immediately where you dey?
Emeka: forget that thing oga, I dey road dey go my state.
The call ended and I tried the line again, the voice of MTN lady told me the line has been switched off. I entered my shop and left Fatty crying like women of Owu outside. I was happy that I won’t pay Emeka’s salary for that Month.
I went inside my office and started calculating the money I made for that Month, I didn’t know when Olamide entered inside my office.
Olamide: oga good morning.
Me: thirty thousand naira!………….. You no sabi knock, how you take appear here?
Olamide: I dey knock since but you no tell me to enter, Oga na today you dey always pay my salary.
Me: ehem, which money wey you want my pay? Go collect am from Make More Money na. No worry me, I dey calculate serious something here.
I pushed the paper he wrote my details on it some days ago towards him on the table, and continued calculating what I was calculating. He didn’t move instead he stood scratching his head.
Me: wetin remain? You want my borrow you legs too before you go waka commot from my office? I nodey suppose am now oh.
He left my office afterwards and I busied myself calculating what I was doing, after I was done. I came out of my office to inspect my goods. Then a man with soldiers behind him and a slender lady wearing hijab entered inside my shop, I didn’t recognize the lady at first…. Jesus!


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